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Me wearing shorts and a hoodie
Tell me what you think. :)
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Webcam UK Weather forecast: 24th March 2019
Webcam weather forecast going over the week ahead forecast and the long-range weather charts for the UK over the next 7-10 days. Check out the computer screen version as well.
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Weather Forecast for the week ahead - Mon 17th Sep to Sat 22nd Sep
I decided to do the weather forecast and see how it goes..... Forecast is for the north west of England and the UK in general for the rest of this week.
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Channel 4 Weather - More Snow on the way - 06/02/18
After a very cold night, more snow will arrive to parts of the UK tomorrow.
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Jon Snow narrates the Channel 4 Weather: 17th December 2018
Jon Snow narrates the Channel 4 Weather in place of Liam Dutton. It's a mild outlook but with a few showers at times.
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Clouding over from the West - Weather Diaries (02/09/18)
Sunny with blue skies overhead, completely cloudy a few miles to the west. Weird! Sunday 2nd September 2018 was a very warm day with temperatures reaching 23.5° here in North West England. It eventually clouded over by mid afternoon however.
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Channel 4 Weather - Sunshine and Showers - Mon 29/01/18
Turning Colder with Sunshine and Showers.
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ITV Weather - Granada Weather - John  (30/09/18)
Cheery old John doing the ITV Granada Weather as usual on the evening of the 30th September 2018.
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Oregon Scientific Weather Station Overview
Demo video showing you the features of the Oregon Scientific Weather Station.
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Snow Radar - 1st March 2018
Live radar from the UK snow event of the Beast Of The East 1st March 2018.
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The Simpsons - Helicopter Scene
Funny Scene from the Simpsons where Homer is being hunted down by the army. A miniature helicopter then flies into his house and chases him around. At first he thinks that the helicopter is in the distance but he soon realises it is not..... Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Copyright belongs to Fox Corporation. I do not own any of this footage and this footage is for personal use and entertainment purposes only.
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Monday 4th June 2018 - Weather Diaries: Warm and Cloudy (Part 3)
A cloudy but warm day. Temperature was around 16-18 degrees and it was also quite humid.
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Approaching thunderstorms: North West England (26/07/18)
Temperatures reached 29c in the North West of England today.
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Slowest Laptop Ever Made!
Hello guys. I believe my windows vista laptop is the slowest laptop ever!
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Letting my Cats out
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Is being glued to a screen really bad for children?
The answer might surprise you.....
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Me wearing grey jogging bottoms and a black hoodie
Let me know what you guy think. :-)
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Me wearing grey Adidas shorts and a black hoodie
Let me know what you guys think. :-)
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Overcast Windy Weather
Overcast windy weather in January, UK. Recorded 27th January 2018.
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Weather Diaries: Light Cloud with Sunny Spells (17/07/18)
Tuesday 17th June 2018 was a fairly benign summers day and cooler than of late with temperatures of around 19 or 20 degrees. The day was a mixture of light cloud and sunny spells, and it stayed dry all day. T B Recorded in North West England on 17/07/18.
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Middle of Winter.
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Snowy Day Timelapse (10/03/19)
A snowy morning on Sunday 10th March 2019.
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Weather Diaries - 18/02/18
Today has been a benign, dry and cloudy day here in the UK.
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Old Nokia Phone Ringing
My mums old Nokia ringtone lol!
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Weather Diaries: Sunday 3rd June 2018 - Mostly Cloudy but Warm
After a sunny start Sunday 3rd June turns more cloudy as the day goes on but despite this it is still fairly warm with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). My apologies for the lower quality of this video.
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Letting my cats in 🐈
My two cats desperate to be let in!
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Shutting down my laptop
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Channel 4 Weather - “Looking very interesting” - Fri 02/02/18
Liam Dutton hints at the possibility of some interesting weather to come.....
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Sopping wet grass
All the dry weather we had earlier in the summer is a thing of the past now. After seeing brown grass for the first time in years, it's now gone to the other extreme and now the grass is sopping wet but also extremely lush and green.
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Very Mild November Day (Part 1)
Sunday 4th November was a very mild day for the time of year. Despite being mostly cloudy, we had a few sunny intervals during the afternoon and even heard a few birds cheeping. That combined with light winds meant it felt more like a Spring day rather than a late Autumn day.
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Booting up my Computer
My Windows 7 PC certainly takes its time to boot up. As you can see from the video, it isn’t even responsive when you first get to the desktop screen, you have to wait a few more minutes for it to become usable. I am just fed up of it being so slow. It takes forever to open the internet browser or load up a game and If you have more than 10 tabs open on the internet browser or have too many programs open the computer runs painfully slow, just to anything. Even opening a simple application such as paint, notepad, or my computer took at least 5 seconds, way too long. So to solve thisI am getting a new performance hard drive and an SSD to speed it up. I will soon upload a new video to show the difference. Current Specifications (June 2015 - Mar 2018) Intel Core i5 4690 CPU (3.30 GHZ) 4GB Corsair RAM (1333 MHZ) 1TB Seagate HDD (SATA 1) Nvidia 750 GT Graphics
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Channel 4 Weather - Turning Colder with Wintry Showers - Tue 30/01/18
Liam Dutton provides the weather forecast for the next couple of days.
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Channel 4 Weather - More Snow - Wed 28/02/18
It will be staying cold and snowy for the remainder of the week causing further widespread disruption such as school closures, plane and train cancellations and hazardous roads. Liam Dutton reveals which areas are most likely to receive the most snow.
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Bus Simulator 2017 - iPad Gameplay
Driving around.
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Fog Whitley Bay Part 2
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Friday Timelapse
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Rain on Windows
It’s looking preeeeeeeety wet out there.....
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29th November 2018 Windy Weather Timelapse
Timelapse of a windy morning.
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Playing on my Computer
A short video about me using my computer.
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Sooooooo Cold
Beast of the East - March 2018
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