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8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

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Text Comments (3807)
Beef Supreme (6 hours ago)
what a fake fuc
fuqoff aye? (8 hours ago)
Your hair is too high on top. Take it down a notch.
fuqoff aye? (8 hours ago)
These tips were nit pickety gay.
What kinda fashion victim are you?Who still dresses like that,looks ridiculous...
Get GAP jeans man...WTF stupid video is this?Where do you live?In Shitville?
Mark D (14 hours ago)
You the man!
James Castro (16 hours ago)
its no wonder people nowadays are so unhappy,they waste too much time looking good
Michelle Dixon (16 hours ago)
If you’re stealing your girls flat iron make sure she doesn’t have hair products on it or your shirt is ruined. Wipe it off first.
Garth Muir (18 hours ago)
So when did we start hiding our boners, as man that shit should be on display 24/7
GodsEye Music (1 day ago)
Yes !! He do look like Hiram lodge....from Riverdale
Mr. Bean (1 day ago)
also using terry crews' court room clip way out of context? where have i seen that before on anything sjw, oh right, EVERYWHERE.
Buy clothes that fit. Not everyone can wear athletic slim fit cuts and hip-huggers period.
Affenkatze77 (1 day ago)
Shirt stay is the Most ridicoulus Accessoir i Ever Seen when it Comes to mens cloths
Marko25Polo (1 day ago)
"Tip number 1: Lube up your zippers" *Closes video.
g hough (1 day ago)
What a dick, cant wait till hes 60 and got a pot belly hehehe dude will probs off himself more hahahahas
Sam Conduct (1 day ago)
Lube my zip.
Timothy Feerick (1 day ago)
Why are you yelling at me?
Omar Hassan (1 day ago)
Really, double sided tape??😆😆😆
Jimbo Jones (1 day ago)
Wtf! Chillin with a bunch of guys, eating ice cream 😂😂😂
Mr Bandog (1 day ago)
ffs. I gotta go n lay the fetal position in the shower now, rocking back & forth scrubbing myself raw after watching this...go n get some grease on yourself or go build something! If you were my Son, you'd be my Daughter..fmd.
Walter Wood (1 day ago)
When in Marine Boot Camp you are not going to send anything to the cleaners to get stripes or patches sewn on for you. The Marine Corps issues Every recruit Shirt and Collar Stays. Every Recruit in Basic Training is Required to Iron and Sew their own Uniforms.
kev3d (1 day ago)
Fashion advice from one who advocates the no sock look and uses a white stripped belt?
Venumadhav Desai (1 day ago)
Why is talking like this
Rite Kunt (2 days ago)
I guess this is an interesting video... if you like it up the ass!
Russe (2 days ago)
Thanks but im not going to the effort impressing anyone
comedy tube (2 days ago)
Suppose you are skinny how can you apply this styles😅😅
Yungboy Carter (2 days ago)
Dude said shirt stay
Quiet Ackshon (2 days ago)
When did men become wimin?
PLEASANTGIFFT (2 days ago)
Shirt stay 🙏🏾 Thankyou
Neiri Tanuki (2 days ago)
These tricks dont work for my monster
David Lobitz Lofi (2 days ago)
I dont care about these things xD
Flames Tornado (3 days ago)
Go to the hospital
alex ochoa (3 days ago)
Great video man
jagged ice (3 days ago)
#4 am.. I thought that's how your'e supposed to do your laundry anyways?
Moinuddin hyder (3 days ago)
Good ideas bro
Bigotes Bigotes (3 days ago)
Jai Dev (4 days ago)
Nice bro Good Job
FITNESSFREAK (4 days ago)
I really like that belt, any idea of the name of the product?
04autumnwind (4 days ago)
Stop yelling.
Deepak bhagat (4 days ago)
भोसडीके इंडियन है हिंदी में बात कर
Dunkan J (4 days ago)
6 M. Views how come?.im working in fashion for 5 years.this is not a fashion,this is FAKEshion.i ve never seen this kind of things.get a job man
Mad Dog Survival (4 days ago)
My tailor is the MOD !
Derrick Gordon (4 days ago)
The shit stays are a good thing. I used them when I was in the military. But this price is ridiculous.
rzthis1 (4 days ago)
Great video and tips! I have some questions for you, how do I keep the collars on my polo shirts from getting droopy, curled and all out of shape? Could be as simple as the hangers I have? The ones my ex purchased were flat on top, without the raised area below the hook that mimics your neck. Is there any way to fix a polo collar that seems to have a memorized or permanent crease, leaving one side sitting correct and the other creasing halfway down the face of it? Thank you for you time and consideration!
Jose Guzman (4 days ago)
This dude fine AF
Kav (4 days ago)
Damn wheres his belt from??
Zahid Mansur (5 days ago)
'sup Jose
Daiver (5 days ago)
Проще рубаху в трусы забрать
Simanta Das (5 days ago)
IAmTheOldMusic S (5 days ago)
awsm man
cisco sandoval (5 days ago)
If u do any of these I'm sorry I are not a man 😱
Joey fordf150s (5 days ago)
Who else clicked on this to hide your boner?
W.M. Aslam - Author (5 days ago)
Your tips are so easy to incorporate and useful. Thanks!
Jory Harris (6 days ago)
Shirt stays are the cheap way of fixing billowing shirts. The right way is to have the shirt taken in by a tailor. Cost $8 a shirt where I live. Plus, with shirt stays one day you WILL get your nutts snapped when they come loose from your sock.
MYTHO Eco Living (6 days ago)
haha...love it!....awesome tips
jigabiga stuff (6 days ago)
What if you dont have a shirt stay
Eric Lomas (6 days ago)
wow - this just made top of my list of "most annoying and pointless things I have ever seen"
Linda Osborne (6 days ago)
Wrinkled collar! Just iron the damn shirt! A flat iron, ridiculous
Matthew Breunig (6 days ago)
Click bait ass
Joey Black (6 days ago)
Finding a good or affordable tailor???
R B (6 days ago)
Pants trick. 👍
Wardad (6 days ago)
In the army we were taught to tuck and pull the bottom of your shirt into and through your undies they will always stay tucked in and tight ,simples !
vczeuz (6 days ago)
Con lo que cuesta una camisa, me cojo a 5 chavas bien Buenas sin pagar por cena ni por Ir al cine. Y siqiero cojer con mochas mamitas bien her hermosas vendo mi reloj.
Sebastian Lindquist (6 days ago)
That grey shirt with 2 pokets on the chest is dope, where did you get that?
Baptiste Dejean (6 days ago)
Bruh some ppl though that I was gay because my pants were too big (fake erect)
Diego Ferrandino (6 days ago)
Why am I here!? 😕
C-busiso (6 days ago)
love the belt. Where do I buy it
rajdeep saha (6 days ago)
Fuck u we don't need to know this shit..... Waste of time regretted wasting my data
mose david (6 days ago)
Are you Aplha M mate? tragic!!!
Shirt stay? THIS IS REVOLUTION! EVERYONE, LET THE WORLD KNOW. Im 32 and and i just remember that this was used by my father when i was like 5 years old. WHERE DID THESE GO! THEY ARE USEFULL AF WTF!
MaxMid Night (7 days ago)
,,Shirt stay,,(or how is called) IS ONLY for a WAISTCOAT , if you plan going out without waistcoat your shirt has to drop a bit over belt , otherwise you look like a fool ... Also wear you pants on your waist bones and not under or above it :))))))
hamxa Khan (7 days ago)
The hacks are wuite good but yuo didn't told how to fix the prob of the video logo
Rosy Gonzales (7 days ago)
This is the dumbest video I've ever watched!
Jim Higgins (7 days ago)
Great tips. Even old dogs can use a few lessons
VarinderSidhu ROMANS6 (7 days ago)
Shrit stays?? That gay.
WhereTheyAre (7 days ago)
Really? Shirt stays and duck tapes? This guy is running out of ridiculous things to suggest. Who the fuck does that in 2019? Who the fuck even has these problems?
Craig Jones (7 days ago)
Some good tips there. When it comes to making your clothes last, another thing is not to wash too often. Unless you live in the tropics, you should be able to wear a shirt a couple of times before washing, pants 4 or 5 times. undershirts, drawers, and socks you'll need to wash every time, of course.
glcrashaw (7 days ago)
Do you shop at baby r us ? Your hair looking dumber than your girl jeans !
shooter mcgavin (7 days ago)
Nice video Wilmer valderamma
The key ring and vaseline, i usually use those items ... Just as stated and demonstrated in the video!!!! 😂
Willy Wilson (8 days ago)
Your hair is fucking gay
Piggy Nugget (8 days ago)
They make hangers for pants that have clips on them
wordplay Man (8 days ago)
Really?? I wish that I had his problems instead of mine
937dboy (8 days ago)
I am NOT wearing no "shirt stay"☝🏾😂
Shane Burnett (8 days ago)
Buying a jeans for the waist is impossible. Legs and waist never match up
Roblox Gaming (8 days ago)
0:07 What if I don’t have one?😭
Shehryar (8 days ago)
i myself have the boner problem with my jeans bcz i dont like skinny jeans
TheyCallmeSpider-man (8 days ago)
Most of these are so superficial. If it ain't about comfort then it's pointless
Keobakile Mahura (9 days ago)
Dude shirt stay wtf
Prajal Maharjan (9 days ago)
I know most of the guys came to this video to avoid the problem showed in the thumbnail😂😂 its on 2:45
Egboka Maduabuchi (22 hours ago)
You damn right!!
NukeML (3 days ago)
Shit solution tho
Mandalorian (6 days ago)
Not all heroes wear capes.
F B I (9 days ago)
Even tho it glides, griphit is not a safe lube kids
Hoblem Tahal (9 days ago)
Under my shirt I wear fur coat. And is after the problem.
Pandy's Oubliette (9 days ago)
There are guys who don't know to wash clothes inside out?
Salva Avlas (9 days ago)
Is that the copy of the other?
John Wolf (9 days ago)
What ever happened to a loin cloth and club? Damn metrosexualls
GentleBros (10 days ago)
Zen Thomas (10 days ago)
Ah man u go on like a bitch, fuck off, it's fuckin sad, do you iorn your hair aswell.😴
DAILY HACKS (10 days ago)
Bhai hindi me bi video dalo na
fawad khaliqkhan (10 days ago)
worst ideas 💡🤮🤮
ariana kambwili (10 days ago)
Be my boyfriend you are handsome

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