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Fashion Model becomes Muslim Imam

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Former Fashion Model Imam Dawood Yasin and Eddie discuss How he came to Islam, health, food and much more, Don’t miss this very important episode! Fashion Model becomes Muslim Imam WATCH MY PREVIOUS VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/h6aGX4VAtQs SUBSCRIBE HERE ▶ http://bit.ly/1CtXGai THANKS FOR WATCHING! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! Help Support our Efforts make a small pledge https://www.patreon.com/thedeenshow --------------------------------------------------------- FIND ME ON: https://www.instagram.com/thedeenshowtv http://twitter.com/thedeenshow https://www.facebook.com/TheDeenShowTV https://www.snapchat.com/add/thedeenshow www.TheDeenshow.com
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TheDeenShowTV (9 days ago)
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Qasim (7 days ago)
one of the best episodes ever! I really have to monitor what i intake not just mentally (i.e. technology) but also physically and the importance of diet and not to be blind to what i am consuming
Bri Cla (7 days ago)
Islamic religious books needs to be re written so that no one can misinterpret it. And all the violent verses that advocate terrorism needs to be removed and replaced with verses that advocate respect to other religions, freedom to leave Islam , freedom to question Islam, freedom to listen to music, freedom not to wear religious clothing, freedom not to pray 5 times a day, freedom to practice any religion other than Islam in Muslim countries.
Adam O (8 days ago)
Insightful interview. Jazakallah
ciel bleu (9 days ago)
Jazakum Allah kheiran
neil balfour (9 days ago)
Health is very important
faridfc007 (19 hours ago)
Salams Does anyone know where I could buy a good book on purpose of life for a non muslim?
Lana U (3 days ago)
Great show, may Allah bless you! I also think that pesticide ridden, inhumanely raised, hormone filled meat cannot really be halal. We know from the Kur'an and the Hadith how man's relationship with nature should look like. We know we are not supposed to damage plants without a reason, not supposed to kill even small insects without a reason... so logically it follows that we should not damage our bodies, our ecosystems and the food we are thinking of eating... Halal standard should therefore demand nature friendly meat and veggies. No GMO, no harmful pesticides, no destructive agricultural practices... Allah knows best, may He guide us all. We should make our communities a hub for all natural- real food, for good clean meat and for promotion of healthy regenerative agricultural practices. It is very important we do not ignore this aspect of our religion. Also- we are living under an interest (usury) based global monetary model- and we as a community pretty much ignore it and fall right into all the traps where interest is presented under a different name. We ignore it and we are all victims of it so of course, we don't have the financial stability to grow, raise and eat the food kind of food. GMO fed, hormone pumped meat is not supposed to be the norm. Self harm is not allowed, so eating food that is proven to cause damage should not be the standard either, only the last resort. It is sad when those unethical foods, like the strawberries your guest mentioned become the only kind of food most people can afford. May Allah protect us.
Mohammad Jarrullah (4 days ago)
Thank God for the blessing of Islam الحمد لله علي نعمة الإسلام
Nur Aini (5 days ago)
Good life only inside of Allah
PopCultureShocker 97 (5 days ago)
She is not a muslim she is a satanist who wants to destroy the islam from inner.
Linda Dar (6 days ago)
Wow Ma shaa Allah Al hamdu lillah
Leila Mohamed (6 days ago)
MashaAllah MashaAllahhhh allah akbar
RinnyDale (6 days ago)
Maa Syaa' Allah TabarakAllah
Don Carlos (6 days ago)
Dawud Yasin - Long way from running around Rukna Din in Suzukis!
Adi Ibric (6 days ago)
Wow @55:25 the part where you mentioned the remedy for posion ivy being jewelweed and the fact that it grows next to each other is amazing! I actually have a place in the were we work in the land and we frequently get posion ivy. Recollecting I do recognize the jewelweed plant in the same area as posion ivy plant. Allahu Akbar!
Ess Mambo (6 days ago)
Ass haadu anlha ilaha illalah, waas haadu anna muhammad rasull allah.
Isra John (6 days ago)
Masha Allah my brother keepers I'm tomorrow view you did it right thinks you did a good and you know the truth that's why Jesus coming back to tell the truth the whole lost people in people they lie to them they say Christianity is truth but it's not on the way you have option is Islam
Diana Abdullah (6 days ago)
i’m so grateful i’m a muslim.. alhamdulillahh..
Lasrever81 (7 days ago)
Someones at the door or something.. great talk!
789silentwarrior (7 days ago)
Anyone has the link for the white suprematist video?
Salihah Begum (7 days ago)
Damn this opened my mind,about honouring our body.Now who’s going to say La illaha illallah with me (?)💞
Stones Jones (7 days ago)
Also it is insaaaaane how few psychiatrists, doctors etc know about the gut-brain connection. There is much research done about this, groundbreaking, yeaaaars ago. About probiotics and prebiotics. And how much the lack of it causes serious psychological/psychiatric diseases. Of course this is not addressed since we have a system of pill selling and not curing. But I think the SYSTEM is completely wrong. A lot of these doctors and psychiatrist are in auto pilot mode. The thing is, that most or many people study something to become something for the status and pay, FEW are in it for the right reasons with a good heart. Most just are pill dispensers. Its extremely infuriating to be ill and everytime know more than the dcotor you have to visit. And then even get the arrogance of ego, that they dont want you to know more than them. It has caused me a lot of stress, and even a chronic lifetreatning disease that I knew about before it became chronic!! and the sick doctor then just didnt take me serious. The worst thing in life is to be dependant, especially when you are dependant on people with low moral and ethic values. This conversation is so dope, and I wish I could sit there and speak with you guys. But i am isolated and stuck, no family with a good heart that helps, they even marginalized me further, since they dont want to deal with complexity or pain. I rely on Allah as we all do, but it is extremely hard to be in peace if everything goes wrong for years, and you get broken in pieces, and trust me, i have fought extremely hard. The ones that know my story, told me even that they themselves wouldnt be alive if they were in my shoes. Yaraab..inna illahi wa innalilahi razjihoen. Hisbiyalaho ni3malwakil. Salaam oe haleikoum.
Stones Jones (7 days ago)
I wish I had a friend like this man, or that he was my uncle. It is rare in my experience to find someone who is knowledgeable about Islam, but also about life in general, and someone who is kind and wise. I really would love to have a good talk with him. I tend to always be the one seeing others, but others not being able to follow me , without a loooot of explaining and loss of energy (having had a complex road but also dealing with illness). Same with my kindness. Which is very weird actually since a Muslim must strive to be this. But most just follow some sheikh letting them do the thinking for them. And think even that being kind is not something that is very important.
pinkiepie107 (7 days ago)
Beautiful work of preaching its always good listeningand learning from ur show
ade nina (7 days ago)
May Allah grant you and guest speaker Jannah.. Aamiin
Anissa Saladin (7 days ago)
الله اكبر
ayo dolanan02 (8 days ago)
I'm proud of you brothers..
OSKESIS (8 days ago)
Oh my God he is dawood yasin ...I added him on insta ...never thought he was so famous
A P (8 days ago)
Your an idiot
Kausam Salam (8 days ago)
“Things don’t define who I am (now)...Islam makes us a better version of ourselves,” through consistent dedication to Allah.” May Allah keep blessing you and family, brothers. Ameen.
Alberto Milani (8 days ago)
Disagree all you want with theology but it is just either plain ignorance or deceit to suggest Christianity is segregated religion. The true Christian Church—the first and only for 1500 years is Catholic with the word itself meaning ‘universal’. It is for a all people and cultures. Walk into any Catholic church in any major city in the Western world on a sunday and you will see what universality looks like. You will see Italians, Portuguese, Germans, English, Irish, Filipino, Indian’ Nigerian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Mexican and onward. We are the universal church that worships true God. “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, for you are all one in Christ”. Again disagree all you want with the theology, but don’t spread ignorance.
Iru Muthie (8 days ago)
👍👍May Allah leads us to Jannah. 🥰🥰
Pasi Rajala (8 days ago)
Please watch arabian prophet channel by arabic speaking native. Live show nearly every day.
Ahmed Ahmed (8 days ago)
Brothers pray for the ummah. That's all I got to say Ameen.
LIFE FOR Dollars (8 days ago)
Xtianity today is: Thou shalt make big cross Thou shalt make big statues of J-esus Thou shalt make big statues of marry Thou shalt drink alcohol Thou shalt make nude beaches Thou shalt do adultery, sodomy and be gay Thou shalt do gay marriages Thou shalt ear pork Thou shalt not circumcise Thou shalt do crusade and kill people Thou shalt do genocide and make weapons of mass destruction and drop nuclear weapons on humanity Thou shalt make banks and Rob people with usary Thou shalt kidnap, trafick, and drug girls into porn and escort rape industry Thou shalt enslave blacks and weak people Thou shalt colonize nations Thou shalt kill millions of jews in gas chambers
Ai Ai (8 days ago)
Is zaytuna Sufi?
Taslima Begum (5 days ago)
Don Carlos what are you talking about?
Don Carlos (6 days ago)
Zaytuni is as Sufi as they get! Major tarikat, connected with Nuh Ha Mim Keller.
Taslima Begum (7 days ago)
Ai Ai no zaytuna is NOT Sufi!
Jon Snow (8 days ago)
Come on guys .....the reason people are sacred of religious people is because it's usually them killing people lol....Muslims Christian Jews your all fruitcakes who have a history that revels in violence and pain
M (8 days ago)
Do you know, the only book on the earth whose author says he is the creator of this world is until this moment the Koran ?
choccas (8 days ago)
Love this, great insights. Thank you!
Ahamed Ajeebkhan (8 days ago)
Assalamu alaikkum
Asim M kashmiri (8 days ago)
Masha ALLAH subhan ALLAH
A B (8 days ago)
He reminds me of Dr Omar Abdul Malik.
KENZZA Kennzza (8 days ago)
KENZZA Kennzza (8 days ago)
الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر 🕌🕋❤❤❤💚💚💚☝️☝️☝️
Ismail Rajie (8 days ago)
As salaamu Alaykum brother. Love your shows and all the efforts you make by the grace of the Almighty. Please watch Guns for God on YouTube and share your thoughts with us. Extremists are found in every spheres of our lives. May Almighty Allah grant us hidayat. I use this phrase all the time " I'm making a phone call" I'm now not the only one, Alghamdulillah.
Salihah Begum (8 days ago)
I love the whole concept of hijab and how it’s such a beautiful thing , with someone who’s not a Muslim but embodies this concept of not being judged by your figure .Its who you really are that DOES matter,your heart💓
Roy Billings (8 days ago)
nohup out (6 days ago)
IMHO As Aa Muslim I don’t feel or engineer hatred in my mind for you or your religion. The issue of your faith is between you and your lord, the one true God of Abraham. If it is at personal level that you have been traumatised by some misguided Muslims then May Allah soothe your pain and guide you towards clarity of mind and soul. He will bless your heart eith tranquility and mind with wisdom
Roy Billings (8 days ago)
A B them hurt I dreadfully Islam, I use to have all the respects for Islam and my Islamic brethrens at UNI, but Jah know I have been dealt the wickedest and nastiest blows at the hand of your religion . It brought me total destruction. I hate Islam period. It's a cold stone religion that breeds stonehearted cold and callous snakes. Dreadful.
Roy Billings (8 days ago)
A B Give Jah the Glory. Bless.
😂😂😂 Go bow down to the JeZeus statue or worship a MAN-god you heretic. The unholy trinity of SATAN Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Unholy Spook!
أمين ne (8 days ago)
May Allah guide you
GeneralWisefool (8 days ago)
Zaytuna college
Mona AM (8 days ago)
ماشاء الله أن الله يهدي من يشاء
Abu Muhammad (8 days ago)
Allah is the only one who guides, May Allah grant me and all of you Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen
ruma muztaba (8 days ago)
ratna ningrum (8 days ago)
Assalamualaikum brother, may Allah always bless you
Hannan peace (8 days ago)
Wow amazing 🙏🙏🙏❤️
Mashaa Allah thank u brother for sharing your experience life with us peace be with u 🙏
Lost Cosmic (8 days ago)
Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters
fara hansen (8 days ago)
To Allah we belong and to him we shall return❤
جزاك الله خير، أحبك في الله 👍
ciel bleu (9 days ago)
Al Hamdulillah... Thank you to share with us such beautiful things...
God man 82 Bmw (9 days ago)
بارك الله فيكم و في القناه
Joseph Yossef (9 days ago)
May Allah reward you for all of ur Dawah
Mo Moes (8 days ago)
Bro you look like Ali Abdel Aziz
Adam O (9 days ago)
AlohaDiana (9 days ago)
Mashallah! 2 Handsome Model Brothers of the Deen!
Apoptoza (9 days ago)
Master Creations (9 days ago)
Reverted muslims has better knowledge of islam...
Harry Trueman (8 days ago)
Better knowledge then me for sure
Angel Angel (9 days ago)
U rite brother reverted Muslims are amazing
Stones Jones (9 days ago)
Weird introduction, made me very confused. But great talk so far. Would like to mention that the statement 'solution against racism is travel' ..is far from truth. People always repeat something until it becomes a seeming truth..but it is not. So many privileged white people nowadays travel the world like no other, the sick thing is how they travel, and how deep their superiority complex lies within many of them, and how they look down upon other races/classes. They have so much freedom in the world, that EVEN in other countries they are treated better than the indigenous people and they accept it. And in the west they look down upon other races/classes, but preaching 'equality'. After all the travel...these leftists so called 'open minded' people are even worse than the racists stereotype. Like Malcolm X has said many times, I too prefer the blatant racist than the fake open minded privileged passive ones. These do the most damage.
jameel kuthubdeen (9 days ago)
1000 Medical Schools in INDIA are TEACHING Prophetic Medicine!!!! Dr Deepak Chopra is openly preaching the concept of alternative therapy!!!!
bang roni roni (9 days ago)
ALMASOOD (9 days ago)
Channel is Perfect , Subjects , Guests ..ect , Allah bless you all .. Thanks Br EDDIE
Dr Abid Khan (9 days ago)
it is not lack of knowledge it is well planned to take a thing and slowly gradual send information in the public slowly gradually on continuous basis to change public impression by linking new/bad thoughts words terms pictures and events to it like about Hijjab.
Isman Ismun (9 days ago)
Bloody worse Subtitle...better my English then!
jays108 boorxiis875 (9 days ago)
When the guest talked about doctors, back pain, knee pain, and shoulder, I swear I thought he was talking about my experience with doctors. They will never solve the problem, but will make it worse if you let them! It's all about business. They will not direct you to the right place for the your issues.
jays108 boorxiis875 (4 days ago)
@MAGMK&W 20:114 Exactly, thank you.
MAGMK&W 20:114 (6 days ago)
Stay away from statins used for cholesterol control. They will destroy your joints and help you fit into a wheelchair 20 to 30 years before your time is up. Doctors will tell you that it is part of natural aging and simply prescribe a different brand. Eat smart, fast, and excercise instead.
Iris SA (9 days ago)
(The fact will remain the fact) 👍 May Allah bless you brothers.
ilm finder (9 days ago)
In my neighbourhood, even a foreign imam leads the teraweeh. Alhamdulillah for Islam. 😁
Sumey Ahad (9 days ago)
May almighty reward both of them.very good channel.
Eddie. a suggestion: it would benefit the audience if you may please think of giving a brief description of the back ground of people you interview right in the beginning. Like birth religion, education, siblings, nationality, up bringing etc.
Islam Explained (7 days ago)
@zambia123 Mary gave birth to Jesus when she was 12 and she fell pregnant prior to this age according to Christian scholars. The only paedophile by your definition is yourself. You self hating pedo lol
zambia123 (8 days ago)
Sanaulla Mohammed Nazrulla why do you insult your PEDO prophet
@zambia123 baloney! Not bolony! You sound more or less blurt out Hindi! Bolo - to talk!
zambia123 (8 days ago)
What a load of bolony! Hey Eddie why doesn't your show accept calls from CP? He may educate you
Neil Williams (8 days ago)
I thought all of that was in the intro
Abc Def (9 days ago)
Allah guides whomsoever He wishes to the straight path.
umar farook (9 days ago)
Ya Allah mashaallah
Asama Asad (9 days ago)
Ehsan Khaibar (9 days ago)
Mashallah. Subhanallah. Another wise brother.
Selime Shitou (9 days ago)
Machallahou brother in faith, your are welcome in religion of peace
Khyra A (9 days ago)
I love ❤️ this channel... May Allah reward you for all of ur Dawah
Khyra A (9 days ago)
Yes eating healthy is very important n also exercising daily
Khyra A (9 days ago)
Subhana Allah
edirs Mohamed (9 days ago)
Mashalla ❤ Allah weakber
Clark Steve (9 days ago)
Islam is the Cult of killer rapist Muhammad.. Muslims must reject killer rapist Muhammad the evil example and terror for humankind.. ISIS TALIBAN HAMAS and Muslims love killer Muhammad the violent example and terror for humankind.. Al lah is god of moon.. the hajj circling Kaaba kissing and prostrating the Blackstone is pagan idolatry.. Islamic Sharia and Quran regresses Muslims back to 7th century pagan savagery.. Muslims deny the dignity of freewill and enforce compulsion to Islam for apostates.. Muslims are prisoners to Islam's apostasy blasphemy laws..criminalize the apostasy blasphemy death laws..
جزاکم الله خیرا
sam ali (9 days ago)
achmed k (9 days ago)
*Allahu Akbar! Ma-sha-Allah!!! Congratulations brother! Welcome to islam.. may your life changes to the better one after islam!* Allah says: *"VERILY, thou canst not guide aright everyone whom thou lovest: but it is God who guides him that wills [to be guided]; and He is fully aware of all who would let themselves be guided."* (28:56) Or: "God guides whomever He wills" - either of these two renderings being syntactically correct. According to several extremely well-authenticated Traditions, the above verse relates to the Prophet's inability to induce his dying uncle Abu Talib, whom he loved dearly and who had loved and protected him throughout his life, to renounce the pagan beliefs of his ancestors and to profess faith in God's oneness. Influenced by Abu Jahl and other Meccan chieftains, Abu Talib died professing, in his own words, "the creed of 'Abd al-Muttalib" (Bukhari) or, according to another version (quoted by Tabari), "the creed of my ancestors (al-ashyakh)". However, the Qur'ani statement "thou canst not guide aright everyone whom thou lovest" has undoubtedly a timeless import as well: it stresses the inadequacy of all human endeavours to "convert" any other person, however loving and loved, to one's own beliefs, or to prevent him from falling into what one regards as error, unless that person wills to be so guided. Salam!

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