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How To Smell Fresh Whole Day || Body Mist || Body Wash || Perfumes

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Many more links below for my other videos please like and comment and also subscribe to my channel for more upcoming videos.... Head Wrap to cover your Hair 6 ways || Scarf || dupatta || stole https://youtu.be/zRWIX6nQddQ How To Tie Hair Without Hair Tie || No Hairband Hair tie || 1minute Hair tie https://youtu.be/lYPZc18bXpE Diwali Makeup || Get Ready With Me || 2017 https://youtu.be/Ja_-RWBy7H8 5minutes Haircut || V-Shape || Fringe cut || DIY https://youtu.be/lX6sJPd7lug Travel Essentials | Tips For A Smart Trav eller | PRO Packing Tips https://youtu.be/DaB8M8UD2OE 2minutes Fringe cut | How To Cut Bangs | Cutting My Own Fringe https://youtu.be/oJs7ikMwj1Q Punjabi Chole | Quick & Easy | Mouthwatering Chole Masala https://youtu.be/PDtL6XBXZXc Glittering Eyes Makeup Look || NYX Glitter https://youtu.be/o6IzeLG-mVA Fastest Way To Pre-Order iPhone X || Singapore https://youtu.be/n44aaLE3On8 Durga Puja Makeup Look || Dussehra https://youtu.be/DH8Wlekvuuo Basic make up look https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QRsAQxfinMo Thank u so much to all my subscribers and viewers and all my love to each n everyone of u... please keep supporting me😘 Business/Collaboration/Advertising enquiries [email protected]
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Text Comments (47)
love yourself (3 hours ago)
Where is link
love life (15 days ago)
I just have 1 of these 😂
Gucci Gurl (1 month ago)
you look like a mix between selena gomez and victoria moroles😫😍
U&ME (1 month ago)
Rabeya Begum (1 month ago)
Thank you so much 😍😍 😍
Angus Kulldroff (1 month ago)
Indian version of selena gomez! love
Rio adiguna (1 month ago)
Look like selena gomez 😍🔥
Febha Mathew (3 months ago)
Deoderant and antipersperent are different...
Eliza Ash (3 months ago)
Vinni Patil (4 months ago)
Hey can you make video for men too??
Mitti Hosanna (5 months ago)
moringa Is actually drumstick .. didnt know they are used as fragrances ..we have drumstick tree and the flowers dont really smell that fragrant.. they smell like the drumstick only.. but then mint also does not smell or taste like the fragrance nor the chocolate or ice cream in its leafy form :)
Chandra Prakash (6 months ago)
You are so cutie..
Chandra Prakash (6 months ago)
Ek bat bole apka awaj bhut acha hai
Ife Ali (7 months ago)
Very helpful!
Anitha KJ (8 months ago)
Pl give us the links so that we can get them .
apurva singh (8 months ago)
U haven't told about how these products smells like . Nd u haven't told Abt the price and the quantity of these products
T K (9 months ago)
Omg thank you so much for the advice. It was very helpful 💓💓
U&ME (9 months ago)
U r welcome ☺️
Syeda Swarna (9 months ago)
Hello! I'm from Bangladesh. But I like your video💕 Which moisturizer?
U&ME (9 months ago)
That moisturizing oil is from miniso store in singapore... m not sure if u can get it in bangladesh.. its green tree oil
Syeda Swarna (9 months ago)
And miniso moisturizing oil? That green bottle?
U&ME (9 months ago)
Priyanka Tiwari (9 months ago)
Sorry , I'm not getting camay bodywash on ur mentioned link....plz give another one ...plz plz plz
Priyanka Tiwari (9 months ago)
Plz dear
Priyanka Tiwari (9 months ago)
Plz do....
U&ME (9 months ago)
Ill search for it
Ashna Ashna (10 months ago)
From where you brought those? Plz do reply
U&ME (10 months ago)
All these products are from Singapore
nivedita nivedita (10 months ago)
Can you mention the product names in description box and where we can find these products @singapore? Thanks
nivedita nivedita (10 months ago)
U&ME thanks 🙂
U&ME (10 months ago)
Sure dear
reena rao (10 months ago)
Hello !! i didnt find Camay body wash any wer on the online sites... can u plsss tell from wer did u buy?
reena rao (10 months ago)
Thnks a ton dear !!! 👍👍
U&ME (10 months ago)
U&ME (10 months ago)
M nt sure if u can get in pune.. but ill try n find online if u can find it
reena rao (10 months ago)
Pune !!! Maharashtra ..
U&ME (10 months ago)
Where do u stay dear??
Queen Of queenx (11 months ago)
What are the name of the thing
mollymoon510 (11 months ago)
you're so pretty!
U&ME (11 months ago)
Thanq so much my dear😘
little star (1 year ago)
Can you please send me ur favourite one
Audh Rhie (1 year ago)
Pure seduction is the best. 😍
Audh Rhie (1 year ago)
Lisa Ann too bad I think we don't have it yet here. I'll wait once its available :)
U&ME (1 year ago)
Haven’t tried dat yet..ll Check
Cassie Terry (1 year ago)
Audh Rhie pure seduction is awesome but I was so surprised when I smelled pure seduction UNWRAPPED it’s amazing 😍
U&ME (1 year ago)
Yeaaa its amazing
Sarika Kamboj (1 year ago)
hello di

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