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The 7 BEST Fashion TRICKS All Men Should Know

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Text Comments (2204)
Rudy JGVR (7 hours ago)
I neeeed this sooo bad !
Chanwu Oh (8 hours ago)
4:39 Arent you breaking your own rule with this outfit? The white shoe is contrasting with your dark blue pants It looks great (id wear that) but just pointin it out
Oliver Miller (8 hours ago)
Awesome! Enjoying your channel
Jasper Blakeman (1 day ago)
Really slipped that sponsor in there 😂😂
Hidser De Jong (1 day ago)
I don’t care about my feet getting hurt, if I look good I look good. no pain no game
August Kolbaek (1 day ago)
you have no taste of styling cloth
You notice most of the watches you showed on the website are very expensive
sellittothemigos (3 days ago)
Fuckin hipster
Carl Ricco (3 days ago)
half of the video is a mvmt watch ad.
Louis Hager (3 days ago)
He's right. I rarely see anyone wearing a watch. Wow! Mind blown.
el papidios (4 days ago)
Vemgo de su otro canal
Josh (4 days ago)
elf headass
tw1x bn (5 days ago)
What the watch does he wear?
C-FU gaming (5 days ago)
If my grandma sees my shoe in the freezer, she will take the frozen water from inside the shoe and hit me with it.
Potato Productions (6 days ago)
am I the only one who thinks he looks like Marcell from the orignals from the chin down [that's a complement] 2:33
XxX Eri (6 days ago)
Me:Put shoes in freezer My mom:9 1 1 my son is crazy
Harsh kumar (6 days ago)
Chutiya h saale
Valter Nordqvist (7 days ago)
MVMT sucks
Supamdeep Bains (8 days ago)
Select dark clothes Wear dark clothes Wear a separate accessory Tuck in your shirt
Muwaadinka Dhabtaa (8 days ago)
Ilove stel becouse I am boy poor
Muwaadinka Dhabtaa (8 days ago)
Ilove you
Muwaadinka Dhabtaa (8 days ago)
Good man
ibn sourya (9 days ago)
you are amazing Tyy alot :*
Jude Zurbito (9 days ago)
Pressed like even before seeing the content.
Anne Ahn (9 days ago)
I really confused because I thought all mens are not so materialistic but you are so defferent from them
F. Reyes (10 days ago)
who needs watch when you have a phone....
Aman xtha (11 days ago)
timelost video
Wheng Gomez (11 days ago)
vanity. when we die, we will be judged not by what we wear but by the love and godness we have in our heart
Wears tuxedo wear ties wear 500$ watch Mom:where you going son? Son:to walmart
Henry Pap (12 days ago)
Who tf is not using a watch? Also you were white shoes with dark pants in your watch clip...
Henry Pap (12 days ago)
Why am i even here... f u youtube
alan kay (12 days ago)
He looks so angry
Cubex (12 days ago)
Are you alpha ms brother? XD
Sandeep Rana (12 days ago)
Dude you look constipated, work on expressions first.
Oakland Republic (13 days ago)
Sorry Yo; That tight ass jean I hope my ankles aint ashy, and my feet dont stank later look only for certain type of ppl. That shit dont fly high like U think.
Nam c (13 days ago)
I’ll stick to my work boots and dickies. It says hey bitch I came to work.
Neeraj Drawariya (13 days ago)
मतलब, भोसड़ी के तू सिखाएगा
Micmac Tolentino (13 days ago)
Wow i love fashion tips so much https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1p6d5GWj8c_Hj-KBl8mmw
eDgY-lightskin (14 days ago)
I’m 13 and I were a fake ass fucking Gucci watch but I have a trick I hide it under my jacket so when people ask “hey what’s that” I say it my watch and if they say it’s fake they seem rude ass fuck because they asked about it.
Gaurav Yadav (14 days ago)
Fuck off
Jay K (14 days ago)
Your watch collection is garbage
Genesis Caballes (14 days ago)
"water when it freezes it expands" You better know your physics bro 😂
Alex Borrego (14 days ago)
The loser pants look way better with the af1
gong gong (14 days ago)
Well im not rich
SHREESHA BHAT (15 days ago)
POSLERN (15 days ago)
1. Match the same colour of shoe with your jeans/trouser. 2.put your shoes into Fraser with water pouch in it. 3. wearing a beautiful watch. 4.wear dark colour shirts/t-shirts. 5.breaking in a leather jacket. 6. Tuck in your shirt. 7. Loose clothing with loose jeans/ fit clothing with fit jeans(balance)
Mendell Petrus (15 days ago)
Super tight jeans for men are not in style anymore... no hate
Obitos Funeral (15 days ago)
Stfu best way to look like a fag🥴🥴
Ballu Saini (15 days ago)
oo Angrej ki oolad jayada angreji mat jhan samjhana na
Ballu Saini (15 days ago)
oppndahouse 310 (16 days ago)
Dude is making me dizzy, he moves too much. Im out
Daniel Quintás (16 days ago)
You talk like if you were rapping... you cant give tricks...
Mahan (16 days ago)
Ad ends at 6:33
Tushar Bora (16 days ago)
Is the pink colour feminine??
kwabena okyere (17 days ago)
Hi Jose, Thanks for the fashion tips, I do have question, where can find the pants you were wearing 5:51and what is the name?
Max Goossen (17 days ago)
EL EVO (18 days ago)
Dude, those are highwater pants. I wouldn't wear that Washington heights Dominican Style No Sock Wearing High Water Pants, LOL. Fashion? Showing ashy ankles? Really? This looks more like feminine Style.
juko (18 days ago)
where can i find the Polo in the middle ?? at 5:45
Amel Kerfaoui (19 days ago)
عليك ان تثق بنفسك🇩🇿
Erwin Muh (19 days ago)
The way he talks show us that he's really trying to look cool... but it looks so weird
IronicVultures (20 days ago)
I’m that one trans guy who watches these.
Dawelo Sears (21 days ago)
Nordstrom has shoe stretchers for free. You're welcome 💪
Dawelo Sears (19 days ago)
@AmbitiousMuslim Recordings تسجيلات مسلم طموح you're welcome, God bless You first!! 🙏
@Dawelo Sears thank you! God bless!:)
Dawelo Sears (20 days ago)
@AmbitiousMuslim Recordings تسجيلات مسلم طموح Just take your shoes in if they're too tight and ask if they'll stretch them for you. A couple of hours to over night they'll do it with the wooden shoe stretchers
Jake Slyer (21 days ago)
The first tip was match the color of your shoes with your trousers so why is he wearing white shoes and blue trousers at 2:33 Lol
Germán Gil (21 days ago)
Hablar otros idiomas también te hace interesante🤙🏼. Muy buenos tus vídeos en español y en inglés🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Garry Ooi (21 days ago)
1-Wear same colour of pant and shoe. 2-wear something uncommon. Watch, 3-Minimal, Dark, Tailor. 4-boomer jacket. 5-tuck in your shirt looks classy. 6-Has balance on your outfit. Loose top, slim bottom, vise versa.
You have a Rolex?
AZN NADAF (23 days ago)
Can u suggest something for skinny guy
Booker T (23 days ago)
Men don’t wear black and navy together that’s a big no no
Elio Padilla (23 days ago)
What are the name if the shirts you have on this video
Elio Padilla (23 days ago)
And that chain too..im trying to get of of it
Ok Ko (24 days ago)
Luis Fernandez (24 days ago)
Skinny pants are gay 😂
B-DEVIL BEATBOX (24 days ago)
if u hav a smelly shoe..n put it on freezer... it will stink😂
Gaming Souls (25 days ago)
Sub for a sub plse
veeresh puranik (25 days ago)
Shoe in freezer
Kamhus (26 days ago)
Uncommon? A watch? What places does he go where 80% of men don't wear watches? Nearly every bloke wears a watch
Ayman F. (26 days ago)
"and finally NuMbEr 7" shows 6 fingers 5:55
YOUR DaD (26 days ago)
U freaked me up, man, in the beginning of the video😅
Gabby Bravo (27 days ago)
You're style is like alpha m
Alex Martinez (27 days ago)
this is guy is the goat for fashion and making yourself look cleaner. U are a big inspiration my man
Elias (27 days ago)
How to get a girl: wear a fuckin watch.
Sedat Ramadani (27 days ago)
Your shous who can i buy this?
TogiVideo Bold (21 days ago)
everybody is a different so you just should wear what is good looking for you lol
sharafatul alam (28 days ago)
Thank you hozee for giving best advice. For clothing and women
D Sum (28 days ago)
Dressing like MJ 101
Manush Balaj (28 days ago)
CIGAN style, this guy have 0 taste
FaZe Sway (28 days ago)
Why would you were af1 with skinny jeans it looks gay
UnkleRiceYo (28 days ago)
Who came first, this guy or Alpha m?
Jack Son (24 days ago)
I'm sure they know eachother by now, through Influencer meetings. So they probably have similar views/content. Though I think AlphaM came first. You can check that somewhere though.
Thannu Karim (28 days ago)
Bro plzzz talk abt skin whitening foods..🙏
Aldrian Lacostales (29 days ago)
I dont have that styles, but ive bang a different girls in a week, just using my sense of humor..
Sajaad Bashir (29 days ago)
Hozey my man , you teach me a lot , I look up to you bro , hope to meet you my man✌️
Ryan Lasco (29 days ago)
Your so sexy😍😂💜
Martin Valentak (29 days ago)
Where is your leather jacket from? It's nice.
Cosmin Drăghici (29 days ago)
I like baggy pant, but I never wear in my life :(
K Bates (30 days ago)
Nah not having my ankles show when I'm wearing jeans
sami abdoun (30 days ago)
This video is very offinsive to our africans brothers , in my view i see the African shirts are very beautiful and colorful shirts , and i see them traditional and nice as well..... Black skin has its own clothing style as well... You got a very tiny body , african clothing won't fit you bro ...stop hating it !!
Bryan Gutierrez (30 days ago)
Daaamn bro everytime i watched your video you always persuade the watch
Lost Guy (30 days ago)
Lost Guy (30 days ago)
revanth ravichandran (1 month ago)
Copying alpha.m 😁😁
BBG 7 (1 month ago)
Literally everbody uses the red x on the cover

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