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♥Open for more♥ Hiii, hope you guys enjoyed!! If you have any further questions about applying/working or anything else, please contact me at any of my socials!!!!! xxxxxx SOCIAL MEDIAS: Intsagram: @ronnigallegos Twitter: @ronni_gallegos Snapchat: ronnigallegos Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Rdoggydog/ Q&A: How old are you? I am 18 What do you use to film/edit? Sony A5100 mirrorless camera and Movie Maker. (I used to use an iPhone 5s and the iMovie app) What do you use to edit your thumbnails? Picmonkey.com or the app Phonto ---------------- ► Any video ideas, questions, or just want to chat? Leave them in the comments below or DM me on Instagram! ------------------- ► If you are a company/ PR that would like to sponsor me and/ or have me review your product(s), please feel free to send me an email to [email protected] ! --------------- ✲This is not a sponsored video, all opinions are my own ✲I do not own any of the music in this video
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Kaylee (5 hours ago)
What highlighter is this ?! You are GLOWING ! Cannot get over how flawless your skin is . So pretty 💖
Carla Gallegos (2 days ago)
I would die to work in a vs or pink store !! You make it seem so fun and you’re so nice! 💖💕🥰
Ronni Rae (12 hours ago)
Carla Gallegos aww thank you!❤️
LIFE WITH HAZEL (3 days ago)
You are so pretty
Ronni Rae (2 days ago)
LIFE WITH HAZEL thank you ☺️
krystal rivera (3 days ago)
Watching Krystal river video vice looks
Chubby Penguin (4 days ago)
This one time I was at Victoria secret pink, I was with my mom and we had two bags full. We walked past the entrance and the alarms went off for like 2 seconds. And the worker saw that but then she thought we were stealing and made us empty the entire bag. It was very weird and I felt uncomfortable
Ronni Rae (2 days ago)
Chubby Penguin aww no way :( I'm so sorry that happened to you
Luvely Mia (4 days ago)
I got bra fitted and she really told me I was a 36D and I was wearing a 34c and I was like nopeeeeee you are wrongggggg
Ronni Rae (2 days ago)
Luvely Mia Hahah yaaaa😅 that happens sometimes
ReallyZee (5 days ago)
Omg you’re so pretty ! You remind me of Zonnique Pullins💜💜
Ronni Rae (2 days ago)
ReallyZee aww thank you💛
Issa-Marina Gutierrez (5 days ago)
omgomg what lip gloss is that!? <3
Ronni Rae (2 days ago)
Issa-Marina Gutierrez it's NYX lipgloss in Praline I think!!
C & M 4L (5 days ago)
Lmaoo why am I wear my pink pajamas watching this
Ronni Rae (5 days ago)
C & M 4L hahaa loves it!!
C & M 4L (5 days ago)
Wearing *
Jacqueline Hariharan (6 days ago)
Omg she has such nice skin
Ronni Rae (5 days ago)
Jacqueline Hariharan aw thank you ☺️
Life by the Sound (6 days ago)
You are actually so pretty but nor am I a pro at makeup but you should wear a little less highlighter it makes you face look like it’s sweating no hate just being helpful
Ronni Rae (20 hours ago)
Life by the Sound thank you!!! But honey my makeup IS on fleek☺️💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻
Life by the Sound (1 day ago)
Ronni Rae I’m love your vids and I’m not hating I just want your makeup to be on fleek😂
Ronni Rae (5 days ago)
Life by the Sound thank you :)
Martha Lopez (6 days ago)
I just realized that necklace you have on is one that my ex gave me 😬
Hannah Stephens (7 days ago)
This is the first time I’ve ever watched any of your videos and I subscribed as soon as you welcomed me to your channel lol I love your vibe 😩❤️
Ronni Rae (6 days ago)
Hannah Stephens aww this is the sweetest comment!! Thank you so much 😭💖
LaDeana McDowell (7 days ago)
What lipgloss are you wearing? And what color is it ?? It’s so pretty
Ronni Rae (5 days ago)
LaDeana McDowell I think it's the NYX gloss is praline!!!
N E I L A (7 days ago)
What age do they start hiring??
Ronni Rae (7 days ago)
N E I L A 18!!
Mary Noltion (7 days ago)
How old do you have to be??
Ronni Rae (7 days ago)
Mary Noltion at least 18!!!
Jasmine Crowner (7 days ago)
what lip gloss are u wearing ?
Emily Vogel (7 days ago)
loved this, but it's such bs that you can't confront someone for stealing or chase them down?? Like is the law trying to protect illegal activity or??
Ronni Rae (7 days ago)
Emily Vogel that rule is actually to protect us, the girls who are working! If we were to try to stop someone from stealing, we don't know if they have a gun, a knife, or if they could harm us! Our lives and saftey is more important than yoga pants! It's a bummer we can't do anything, but it's for the retail worker's safety!!
That one girl xxx (7 days ago)
Ahhh I love ur personality
Ronni Rae (7 days ago)
That one girl xxx thank you! ☺️
haleigh renee (8 days ago)
your so gorgeous and happy i love it!!❤️❤️
Ronni Rae (7 days ago)
haleigh renee aww thank you!💖
zo_eyy (8 days ago)
the one direction perfume in the back!!
Ronni Rae (7 days ago)
zo_eyy hahaha it's literally my fav!!!💕
Katie ! (8 days ago)
first time i was in there a 60 year old woman called me fat lollll
alyssa ira (9 days ago)
OMG you so so beautiful!💖💕❤️you earned a new subscriber❤️
Ronni Rae (8 days ago)
alyssa ira awthank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️
Esmeralda Diaz (9 days ago)
First of all, you’re so beautiful!!!! Secondly, I stumbled across this video and I’m glad you loved your journey with Pink! Every store is very different on the other hand like you said. I did use to work at Pink in New York and I honestly didn’t like it at all which sucked. It was full of jealous girls and we were all competing against each other. And the main reason why I left was because they wouldn’t let me change my schedule. I was available for the summer and over the fall I went back to school. But my manager at the time was like “no you can’t change your schedule because you said you can work full days” which I did but over the summer... LOL ugh but the gratis was dope 😂
Ronni Rae (8 days ago)
Esmeralda Diaz aw thank you so much!!! That's such a bummer I'm so sorry to hear that :((( and yes gratis was amazing hahaha
Vines Vines (9 days ago)
It’s not really highlight if your wearing that much she just looks Greece and that she needs to wash her face
Ronni Rae (9 days ago)
Vines Vines 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ERIKA TORRES (9 days ago)
Now that i know about the shopper bag i feel baaaaad 🤣🤣🤣 cause i have been purching merchandise from the store and some times girls come to me like do u need a bag to carry (wherever i have in my hands) and in my mind i was like great theyre nice. But now i dont know what to think🤔🤔🤔
Bo Peep (10 days ago)
Didn’t you have to wear PINK clothing everyday to work? Did you have to pay for it? Pls pls answer <3
Ronni Rae (2 days ago)
Bo Peep aww thank you!!
Bo Peep (3 days ago)
Ronni Rae that is so crazy! Pay for the “uniform” . Whatever, as long as u liked it. Btw girl, you are so incredibly gorgeous like WOWOWOWOW so beautiful!
Ronni Rae (10 days ago)
yes and yes!!!
Campbell Ignatz (10 days ago)
Wow u r so pretty and love your highlight😍
Ronni Rae (10 days ago)
aww thank you!!! :)
Destiny Sams (10 days ago)
Ronni Rae (10 days ago)
mia Miami (11 days ago)
ur face oily af
Ronni Rae (10 days ago)
I ran 10 miles before I filmed
R U Shook¿ (11 days ago)
sooo if you caught someone stealing & watch them walk out, then u guys wouldn’t call the cops or anything?😭
susannachaa (11 days ago)
highlight poppin
Ronni Rae (10 days ago)
thanks girly!!! xx
Knitted Kittens (12 days ago)
Brah I hated working at Victoria’s Secret/Pink. Literally the WORST job I ever had. Was glad when I left.
Ariana Mendoza (12 days ago)
bro it’s late but ur highlight tho! it’s GLOWING 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Josie Albiter (12 days ago)
Notes 😂 more like a script
Ronni Rae (10 days ago)
A Steve (12 days ago)
Idk if you'll see this but did u use the nyx honeydew primer
Ronni Rae (8 days ago)
A Steve I just worked there for one summer and two winters!
A Steve (12 days ago)
+Ronni Rae omg you replied so quick thats awesome also since you only worked over the summer was it like every summer or just one
Ronni Rae (12 days ago)
A Steve I did not! I actually don't like that primer!
Your highlighter is sooo good girl what kind do you use and you are the one who inspired my yt channel it would be so amazing if you subbed to me plz and thank you💘😂
Mary Cowell (12 days ago)
You have a great heart, if you worked at my store my I would have had a different experience. Mine was terrible, it was okay a the beginning and it just kept getting worse.
Ronni Rae (12 days ago)
Mary Cowell aww no I'm so sorry to hear that ☹️☹️
Emma Mae Zeh (12 days ago)
Omg u are gorgeous
Ronni Rae (12 days ago)
Emma Mae Zeh aw thank you!💖
han free (13 days ago)
what highlighter do you use?🤩 it’s gorgeous!!!
Ronni Rae (13 days ago)
han free thank you!! It's the Amrezy x Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter!
Nancy H (13 days ago)
How old do you have to be?
Ronni Rae (9 days ago)
Nancy H omg yes!!!!✨
Nancy H (9 days ago)
Ronni Rae thanks I’m definitely going to consider working there in a couple years!
Ronni Rae (13 days ago)
Nancy H I think 18!
Eve Kelso (13 days ago)
You have the looks and the personality to work at vs pink 😂!!
Ronni Rae (13 days ago)
Eve Kelso haha thanks girl 😂💖
M T (13 days ago)
Chrissy Vaughn (14 days ago)
Highlight poppin
Ronni Rae (13 days ago)
Chrissy Vaughn thank you!✨
Ashlee Nicole (14 days ago)
Omg you're gorgeous!!!😍😍I'm kind of worried about getting a job bc I am almost 14 and were starting our resumes in lifeskills I'm school but I can barely do dishes...😂any advice? How old do you have to be to work at pink? Ily❤
Ronni Rae (8 days ago)
Ashlee Nicole thank you girly!✨ the best advice I can give is have experience with working with people!! Maybe do some community service events to help with working with strangers!! You have to be 18 I think to work at PINK! ❤️
Blair Welch (14 days ago)
How old do u have to be to work there
Ronni Rae (13 days ago)
Blair Welch I think 18!!
Astrid Mazariegos (14 days ago)
Lol we’re on a budget out here we need to use them coupons
Haley Clay (15 days ago)
She is glowingggg
Ronni Rae (15 days ago)
Haley Clay ❤️❤️❤️
Audri Shimmy (15 days ago)
I don't use highlighter but im pretty sure youre not supposed to put it all over your face lmfao. That's all I could focus on the entire video ctfu.
Ronni Rae (15 days ago)
Audri Shimmy I could put highlighter wherever I want to 😂✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Porcelain Doll (17 days ago)
I’ve been working there for a week so far it’s so much too learn and I feel like I’m annoying everyone with questions 😭 I still love it tho
shawty (17 days ago)
what highlighter are you wearing? baby u lookin goooorgeous! ❤️
Ronni Rae (15 days ago)
shawty it's the Amrezy x Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter!!!
Amy Kelsey (17 days ago)
Wow lol Now I totally know they didn't do my bra size right, I actually went to three different girls because something felt off and basically they all got different numbers and sizes lmaooo so annoying but I totally get it, like who's gonna remember that if not many people request a bra sizing. I'd suggest instead of making all employees know it, they should just make managers only do it because I could tell I knew more about bra sizing than the girl measuring me. 😅
Nelly Naff (17 days ago)
Highlight on point 🎯
Ronni Rae (15 days ago)
Nelly Naff thank you!!!
ava renee (18 days ago)
i’m a new youtuber anyone want to support each other?!
Annayah Cobb (19 days ago)
Is link racist. Because i heard that they’re clothes aren’t meant for black Girls. This is just a question
Annayah Cobb (19 days ago)
Pink *
Natalie Moreno (20 days ago)
Girl you're too pretty. I'm jealous😑😉
Ronni Rae (18 days ago)
Natalie Moreno omg stop 🤧🤧
angel kitty (25 days ago)
Sid is that you???
Ronni Rae (25 days ago)
Shazia Khan damnnnnnnnnnn 😂😂😂
Teresa Maher (28 days ago)
She’s such a sweetheart ☺️
CITY OF DREAMZ. (1 month ago)
you remind me aallloot of amber scholl!
CITY OF DREAMZ. (1 month ago)
Ronni Rae you two could be sisters! 💝
Ronni Rae (1 month ago)
CITY OF DREAMZ. Omg omg omg I am literally OBSESSED with her!!!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jess Mac (1 month ago)
Highlight on fleek!
Stephanie (1 month ago)
For a second I was very confused that ur first job was pink because they don’t usually take people with no experience... then I realized it was just nepotism :/ obviously your job is going to be great if ur family works in corporate dummy
Ronni Rae (1 month ago)
Stephanie I'm not a dummy, I'm smart for using the circumstance I was in to get me a job ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️ hope you're having a good day love. x
Danielle Jimenez (1 month ago)
The most annoying thing about cash wrap to me is online returns 😭😭
Gabriela Heredia (1 month ago)
Omggg you are soooo adorable 😍😍😊😊😭
Ronni Rae (1 month ago)
Gabriela Heredia haha thank you!!❤️💕❤️💕❤️😍
Issa Doll (1 month ago)
I just applied cause I want a second job
Ronni Rae (1 month ago)
Issa Doll that's awesome girl!!!💖💖
Ariana Luz (2 months ago)
I wish I have had you as my lifesaver while I was at Victoria Secret❤
Jayla Star (2 months ago)
You live in the United States right ? What age to you have to be to work there btw you’re too cute
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
Jayla Star I do! At least 18! And thank you ☺️❤️
Chocolate Darling (2 months ago)
Your face is sooooo preety
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
Chocolate Darling thank you!💖
Sourcat Bot (2 months ago)
Highlight is poppin :)
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
Sourcat Bot thank you!❤️
Kaii Anderson (2 months ago)
I got an email and they told me to wear business causal? But im sacred should i wear one of their outfits?
die (2 months ago)
Sister feeling a bit snatched with her concealer gurl you be rockin that fry grease boo xoxo 😘
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
Sister shooky sister you know it 😘🍗🍕🍟🍗🍟🍕
lizzeettee (2 months ago)
Lmao you would just guess on the sizes
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
lizzeettee 😅😅😅
Chaylen Patricia (2 months ago)
Omg what’s the shirt your wearing???! It’s so cute
Nicole Fey (2 months ago)
It's really nice to see a positive video about another company☺
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
Nicole Fey thanks!
jen jd (2 months ago)
No wonder some girls would come to me like you should buy bras lol
jen jd (2 months ago)
You gorgeous
Ronni Rae (2 months ago)
jen jd thank you!❤️
Gabby Bousquet (3 months ago)
wtf why is her makeup soooo good!!!!
Ronni Rae (3 months ago)
omg thank you!!!! <333
Vanessa Castano (3 months ago)
Highlight poppin
Ronni Rae (3 months ago)
thank you !!! <3
Wolfie (3 months ago)
Girl what's your highlight a is BOMB af
Ronni Rae (3 months ago)
Wolfie thank you!!! It's the Anastasia x Amrezy highlighter!!!
Truth Be Told (3 months ago)
It's a shame that so many girls and women are brainwashed by clothing brands such as pink. Totally overpriced clothing just because it says the word pink on it. What a materialistic, backwards world we live in. Same thing with Nike.
Kalli Sosne (3 months ago)
I work at Victoria's Secret and I did none of those things at my interview XD
Rahaf 906 (3 months ago)
Your makeup is on fleek! ✨ and you are so gorgeous 😍
Devorah Augustin (3 months ago)
What do we as Retail ?
Noodle Bowls (3 months ago)
PINK was my first job back in 2013. They weren’t so strict with sales back then but when they started it, it was hell for me. I’m not very outgoing so I never reached my sale goals. My PINK was merged with VS so it was a mess. Also, my store was one of the highest in sales in the country so there was more pressure. Once we left at about 1 or 2 in the morning just closing because the panty bar was a mess. (We usually left around 12 anyways and I hated closing because I had college classes at like 8 am) Yeah I made some good friends here and there but I’ve lost contact with them lol. My experience wasn’t as fun as yours but I’m glad you had fun :)
Alexis Nolan (3 months ago)
If I have a victoria's secret gift card can I use it at pink, or is it just the angel card
Alexis Martin (4 months ago)
your makeup is so pretty!
Ronni Rae (3 months ago)
Alexis Martin thank you!
Aliah Hernandez (4 months ago)
Why are your s’s so loud??? Lmao
savagegirl1ish (4 months ago)
I Love You So Much 🌟 Your So Cute !
Lauren C (4 months ago)
Y is she so ugly???
Izzie (4 months ago)
Bitch whereee??? she’s gorgeous your opinion is what’s ugly here
Daesia (4 months ago)
Bangtan SonyeonDONE (4 months ago)
Your skin is so beautiful! You look like you've been kissed by the sun and hunty your highlight is poppin👌🏾🔥😻
Cheyenne Cisneros (4 months ago)
I’m jealous girl I want my first job to be at either vs or pink!! 😭
Cheyenne Cisneros (4 months ago)
Highlightttttttt af
Daesia (4 months ago)
How old do you have to work at pink
Ronni Rae (4 months ago)
Daesia 18!
Schneehase 100 (4 months ago)
do you like one direction ? because of the perfume in the backround? #directionerforever interesting video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ronni Rae (4 months ago)
Schneehase 100 haha I LOVE 1D!!❤️
Tammy Peraza (4 months ago)
I just subscribe 💕💕🌸🌸✨✨
Ronni Rae (4 months ago)
Tammy Peraza thank you!!❤️
Giselle Gudino (4 months ago)
Where did you get your necklace?(:
Patrick Wentzell (4 months ago)
They are pleasent I envy you girl cause I wanted to make friends at places where that really I hated working at.
ambercloey123 (4 months ago)
Makeup can't help you 😂😂
Ronni Rae (4 months ago)
ambercloey123 girl makeup can help everyone 😬😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Delfina Witkowska (4 months ago)
Sponsored by Victoria Secret Pink
Delfina Witkowska (4 months ago)
Cheers Ronni Rae, I thought it was funny that your video on this topic was so uniquely positive as most express discontent in the 90% range
Ronni Rae (4 months ago)
Ishmum Oroni hey it's all good!!! she did not harm! Thank you for defending me, but no need to name call! ☺️👍🏼
Delfina Witkowska (4 months ago)
XD okay :)
Ishmum Oroni (4 months ago)
Delfina Witkowska nah check the description bi*ch. you are just a hater who doesn’t have a life. Such a loser eww 🙄
Lowfat pizza (4 months ago)
lol *Victoria's*

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