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Fashion Film 2018 Showreel by Tamas Sabo - Fashion Films by Tamas Sabo

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A short selection from my last year's works on the field as a fashion film director. If you like one of these have a look at my channel for the full edit also please make sure to Like, Comment, & Subscribe! Featured clients (in alphabetical order): Bloomingdale's • Bvlgari • Chanel • Dior • Elle • Grazia • Guerlain • Harper's Bazaar • Kate Spade • Louis Vuitton • Marie Claire • Mojeh • Nike • Namshi • Ounass • Turnt • Vogue Awards & Accolades MOJEH: CASTAWAY Nomination for Best Cinematography 2018 Canadian International Fashion Film Festival TURNT: PASSING Official Selection 2018 Bucharest Fashion Film Festival TURNT: STRANGE LOVE Nomination for "Best Film — Emerging Artist", Nomination for "Best Film from MEA" 2018 Berlin Fashion Film Festival Learn more: For more information, please visit my website: http://www.tamassabo.com https://turntmanagement.com https://turntmagazine.com Follow @tamassabo https://facebook.com/tamas.sabo.video... https://instagram.com/tamassabo https://twitter.com/tamassabo
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Tamas Sabo (10 months ago)
Let me know which clip is your fav! Also, don't hesitate to share your showreel too.
nishant gautam (3 months ago)
I am a big fan of yours sir... your work is so inspiring and motivating. :)
Arvin Concepcion (10 months ago)
Tamas Sabo Ofcourse all of them but for sure the close up of the girl with the veil! Youve reallly inspired me to make these type of visuals!
kinjal jain (3 months ago)
Hi tamas.please share your showreel on [email protected] attached with your cv..
Carolina Helena (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the songs name?
M.Hamdan Akhtar (5 months ago)
Hey Tamas Went through all your videos here , nice work. I myself is a creative director here in Pakistan and doing the same as you are for the local fashion brands - fashion shoots and fashion films - and i just loved landing on your work and then i saw you replying on few of your comments too so thought of saying hi from around the corner.
Tamas Sabo (5 months ago)
Wow Hamdan, that must have been exhausting! All of them? I've couldn't done that. Nah. 😉 Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate that! Keep up the good work!
ChristainDior (6 months ago)
Love song
Tamas Sabo (5 months ago)
Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!
STONJAUS (10 months ago)
hello!! Do you also make films ?? I have a a short film i would love to share with you; you could just look for "PLANETA ZEME" on my channel or maybe send me a message to give you the link, Thanks !!!
Tamas Sabo (10 months ago)
Hey there, at the moment I'm focusing only on fashion films as you see. Moving forward, of course, I would like to try out other formats or genres. Btw I've checked your short film. It's really cool and it has some really nice shots. Thanks for sharing and keep pushing the good stuff!
Looksatria Films (10 months ago)
Let's do a collaboration :)

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