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100 Years of Fashion: Men ★ Glam.com

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100 Years of Fashion is back! This time, we’re giving the guys a go and recapping men’s style from 1915 to now. ★ Visit Glam for more: http://www.glam.com From seersucker suits and double-breasted blazers to Greased Lightning and hipster chic, we’re giving you 100 years of men’s fashion in less than three minutes. This is one history lesson—and hot bod!—you don’t want to miss. For more videos like this, visit us at Glam: http://www.glam.com ★ { Model } Matt https://instagram.com/matty_watts/ ★ { Music Tracks } on Premium Beat - Funk Force by Senbei Funk Fever by Studio Le Bus Elephant Trap by Senbei Party at Gatsby's by Olive Musique and on AudioSparx Swing Empire by Music Candy Touch and Go by Ian Kirton Need a drink? Here’s 100 Years of Cocktails in Under 2 Minutes: http://www.mode.com/food-drink/roundups/100-years-of-cocktails-in-under-2-minutes/0140574 Visit http://www.glam.com Visit us for more! http://www.glam.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Glam Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byGlamInc Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/you.are.glam/ Get inspired on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glampins/ Add us to your circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/glam-googleplus”
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Text Comments (12891)
Docente Zubarra (6 hours ago)
2:16 WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT DANCE MOVE??? I've seen it in a 2000s music video, I'm sure.
Docente Zubarra (3 hours ago)
You have seen it in the "Bye Bye Bye" music video.
Travis Warren (12 hours ago)
1955 is fucking timeless
AlmostCanadian (2 days ago)
Really dressed an adult man in a greaser outfit for 55 huh.... hmmmmmmmmmm
Villainous (3 days ago)
Fashion just devolved after 1950s. Thank god 2015 men started getting back into it
abby rose (4 days ago)
My favorite is the 1950's,1960's,1970's,1980's,1990's and 1940's and 2015 Iy most favorite is 50s,70s,80s,60s
Vali Carmody (5 days ago)
Can we all just stay wearing 50s clothes?
TySalty (5 days ago)
The irony is if they want to keep this up to date they have to reupload in 2025..
Aaron Brown (6 days ago)
Silly you, the 1960s fashion is a marine corps uniform
CellySan MFS (7 days ago)
In 60s: He looks like Elton John when was younger. In 2000s: Like a Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible" movie.
BufferingJeonJungook (8 days ago)
This guy probably tried hard not to get a boner when the female stylists are getting him naked
Supreme Snek (10 days ago)
something went really wrong after 1950
Ugh (10 days ago)
The 90s looks like something from the sims 2 😂
Diego Martinez (10 days ago)
After the year 1955 fashion started to devolve in every aspect in my opinion.
Sergio (1 day ago)
Grow up
Crazy-Albania 1 (11 days ago)
1935 the best
Fortnite Pro (12 days ago)
2025 ????
Kay0s (13 days ago)
Some men still stuck in 1995 ngl
jenseNoob (13 days ago)
30's attire >>>
amanda chen (14 days ago)
This made me think of American horror story
Matesman butone (14 days ago)
shit's changed in the past... 3-4 years...
Toni Brzić (14 days ago)
1995 - Chandler
PANDATUBE (15 days ago)
30s and 50s is the best
Matheus G. S. (15 days ago)
1915: An ancient picture of a forgotten time came to life! 1925: Nice choice of colors. 1935: ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! 1945: Apparently some hillbillies can dress nicely. 1955: That 1953 "The Wild One" outfit will never get outdated! 1965: Someone doesn't feel right. 1975: What the...? 1985: WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS THIS? 1995: It seems that, in order to be a cool guy, you should dress (and act) like a jerk with no sense of fashion whatsoever! 2005: Lame! Total lack of personality. 2015: Skinny pants and slim fit shirt with net boots. Well, less is better than more, it seems. Approved.
Heathen Wolf (15 days ago)
Charting 100 years of societal Decline via the medium of fashion. Fucking outstanding.
ALL TYPES OF VIDEOS (15 days ago)
Wait he didn't get a BONER?????
Trey Grogan (16 days ago)
Pre 1955 was amazing. I wish they maintained the class they had. Both in dress and action. Guess I'm just an old soul.
Lucy Schneider (18 days ago)
Où lala
Nyambayar Togtohtur (18 days ago)
1;05 just killin it
how did it even transition from 1955 to 1965? like those parents just have way better fashion sense than their kids, grandkids and great grandkids
vro (19 days ago)
***dad clothing over 100 years
_OTV Games_ (20 days ago)
He hasn't sat down for 100 years? My god.
Steve (20 days ago)
Hmm yes the 1985 suit still looks sharp what's the name/type i definitely going to have some
Mdog 769475 (16 days ago)
Just go to Miami and buy something there. All the white men look like this
Tryst Lee (20 days ago)
70s and 80s were the worst lol
Dem Drums and Guitar (20 days ago)
He looks like jim halpert in 2015
rachel au (21 days ago)
He's really hot lmao
Mr.awesome Hero (21 days ago)
If I would rank it I would say this: 1965 oh ma gawd 1985 not really good 1995 an average combover dad 2015 denim is ok but not really the best 2005 nice mechanic outfit but not the best 1975 pretty nice shoes and shirt 1955 Cool Leather Jacket 1915 Amazing Outfit 1945 Lovely Suit Sweater And Shoes 1935 Even Better 1925 Amazing Hat And Blue And White Suit
Mr.awesome Hero (21 days ago)
And It Was Edited Because I Forgot 1945
MooGant Lee (21 days ago)
2000 🤢
Putri Dewa (21 days ago)
1950's fashion are the best
GeGe Unique (22 days ago)
1925 fit is looking spiffy😍
Anny Imperis (22 days ago)
Changela Gonzales (22 days ago)
will no one talk about when he did the Michael Jackson move? oh ok 1:44
adi jaya (23 days ago)
The camera angle makes his legs short
cloud bear (23 days ago)
That long lasting underwear
BBQsauce Gaming (23 days ago)
1915: He deserves a flower from the women for wearing mufti(none military clothing, It was a way of shaming people into the military).
Alex Jung (23 days ago)
the 50s were lit
Dave (24 days ago)
<3 1945 <3
Paul Bacanaru (24 days ago)
1935 was the most class 🔥
JenLisa is da thing (25 days ago)
I really wait for peaky blinders kind of suit
Steve Hammer (26 days ago)
Stagnant since 1995.
Kolton Landreth (27 days ago)
So basic....
BrocKo Lee (28 days ago)
0:05 PUBG
binyamin ibnemjas (28 days ago)
In underwear that is about future executive look....😂
White Russian (30 days ago)
Брюки из года в год все уже и уже)
siempresinnombre (30 days ago)
Woow 1935
mo go 333 (1 month ago)
The best one is 1955
the reaskn i clicked this is bc i thought the thumbnail was it lol😬
Hakan Güllü (1 month ago)
1955 is my favorite
샹구스 (1 month ago)
유행은 돌고돈다는 말이 괜히 있는게 아니구나.. 1955년 패션 세련된거 보고 깜짝 놀랐음
。きーちゃん (1 month ago)
Ethel Marsden (1 month ago)
1955 tho, oof
yooo.alexii (1 month ago)
1995 🤤🖤🖤
Lucky Snack Creations (1 month ago)
Ok but 1945 was a look
Hmoobgai (1 month ago)
That bulge 😍
Ercdared Entertainment (1 month ago)
Everything after 1965 made me wanna throw up
Ella The Killer (1 month ago)
Dramaica Vice (1 month ago)
His underwear must be dirty
Emily Gibson (1 month ago)
1965 was scary but 1995 was even scarier because I remember people looking like that and just thinking it was normal
Mr.awesome Hero (3 days ago)
1995 was the standard combover dad
Matheus G. S. (15 days ago)
I remember that too, but, in 1995, that was normal. Normal is everything that fits the norm, and, back in the 90's, that atrocity of an outfit was the norm.
Tristan Spohn (1 month ago)
Wow men's fashion really kinda sucked for a solid fifty years after 1955.
Pete Castiglione (6 days ago)
Men's fashion from the 60s onward is basically shit
Brad Walton (1 month ago)
lowest point: 2005 second lowest point: 1975
Brad Walton (1 month ago)
I vote for 1940s for men's wear.
roryc thebeast (1 month ago)
1975 looks like my grandpa
TheDude Lebowski (1 month ago)
Wtf happened to us after 85? If anyone ever accuses me of being stuck in the past, I'll have no other choice but to thank them. lol
熱盛 (1 month ago)
Zaveeria (1 month ago)
The moustaches, IM DYING 😂😭
Millor (1 month ago)
The women's fashion video was super interesting, but the men's one is so boring, it's just pants with a shirt, and sometimes a jacket thrown in. Men need to step it up and wear more interesting clothes.
Adam Podlesny (1 month ago)
100 x Cool ;)))))
Nord (1 month ago)
Now do the same video but for poor people
Pepe Perú Lepu (1 month ago)
Es bien guapo... personas cómo el son todo unos galantes. 😍😍😍😀😀😀
Carolina Játiva H (1 month ago)
0:25 and 0:39 in 2025 I love them
しおなん (1 month ago)
あのヤンキーの起源は85年だったのか… あと、イケメンは何着てもイケメンだね
Pekosh 31 (1 month ago)
Pls tell me the name of Charleston song at the beggining of the video..
Nicholas Wolf (1 month ago)
Fashion without a nod to hippie fashion of 60s and the vibrancy of punk aesthetics of the late 70s or goth culture of 80s ...and I haven't even watched to the end but I imagine alternative grunge ripped jeans iconic 90s isn't here either...
Walter Kovacs (1 month ago)
Shouldn't the 90's have a mullet and a flannel shirt? Plus he's carrying a skateboard.
JesseFox (1 month ago)
people now wear sh*ts like nike and adidas and snikers and all that sh*t
Coco Hoyle (1 month ago)
He is such a weird poser.
N The One (1 month ago)
I wanna see old-school FUN fashion. Where can I find examples of it? And I mean fashion that didn't follow the dandy trends too much. Stuff with unique cuts but still an old vibe. Stuff with color. Some of the stuff in the video fits but none of it is really what I'm trying to find. I want more fun. Funner. What type of fashion would come closest to the wilder things we find in Legend of Korra's fancy parties?
Abhishek yadav (1 month ago)
Hey handsome for 100
힘내자오늘도 (1 month ago)
패션의 완성은 얼굴 몸이군
神zKBlank (1 month ago)
!! Hanyu (1 month ago)
adeen ali khan (1 month ago)
Youtube Recommendation Sighs* What the hell should I know about this ,do I dress that bad or Youtube think soo ??
ddlc lk (1 month ago)
1955 is the best👍👍👍👍
Мне похуй я за Зеленського
I was looking something else im that man
Haruto _xx (1 month ago)
Is it matt bomer
Phi Phi (1 month ago)
1955 is out of this world
zeed and grey (1 month ago)
perfect body
Aurora Orzo (1 month ago)
1:16 he looks like a fucking honey mustard bottle
Lefter XNRT (1 month ago)
Best ones 5)2015 4)1995 3)1935 2)1925 1)1955
ineffable slexie (1 month ago)
1995 kinda looks like every member of the backstreet boys combined
Трусы прекрасные :)

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