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EMERGENCY Essentials For the Modern Man | What's in My Man Bag

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Check out Nut Sac Bags here: https://nutsacbags.com/product/man-bag-dammit Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Thank you to Nut Sac Bags for sponsoring this video! Check out our app in the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teach... Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: Teaching Men's Fashion SONG FROM: https://soundcloud.com
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Text Comments (507)
V P ki vines (18 days ago)
What's about the condom bro
sading rome (26 days ago)
This guy is a fucking retard have you forgot the water bottle
Nakadu (1 month ago)
Blah blah nut sac advert.
Pottasium (1 month ago)
Sorry but its not a bag. Its an oversized purse or a satchel
Masoud Abdun-Noor (1 month ago)
The Patagonia “black hole cube small” will last longer than you do, if it doesn’t turn it in and they’ll give you a new one. Dude last need to tighten up. If you can carry all of your essentials in your pockets you need a life. My waist pack goes everywhere I go
obey3x (1 month ago)
This nigga ready to go camping lavishly
Normita C. Reyes (1 month ago)
I use that sanitary napkin on a man’s junk 😂
Mallory Simpson (2 months ago)
You're missing the disposable rain poncho.
Sad squidward (2 months ago)
People tell him that he forgot condoms, he doesn't need condoms for who is he going to use them
JD Diggy (2 months ago)
If theirs a strap it's called a satchel if it's just a handle and small it is a kit bag and no handle it's a clutch
Ilyas Sayid (3 months ago)
2018 anyone??
Donald Trump (3 months ago)
This dude is carrying a man purse from a company named NutSac. Come on
Hugo Lizardi (4 months ago)
1:41 USA
ANDRODEVIL ARENA (4 months ago)
how about some band aids ? they are very useful.
Eric Mexia (5 months ago)
Lol the chik fill a wipes
Michael Knight (5 months ago)
Nutsac bag
Mike Helme (5 months ago)
Nice video, thanks.
Boriz :/ (5 months ago)
Was the name of the bag a troll
I use from time to time a black nylon bag, just to carry a bottle of water, some sandwiches and burritos :V yummy :V
Jesus Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Jose you forgot the condoms
Total Clips (6 months ago)
Do you mean amenities kit
Henry Asokan (6 months ago)
MME, Modern Man's Essentials
Metal & Thread (6 months ago)
Love the video! Just seeing it now! One Suggestion: A Small Sewing Kit. I've repaired many a loose buttons with the one I keep in my car!
Salvador Villagomez (6 months ago)
I’m surprised you don’t carry a travel atomizer for cologne.
Bootstrap Jones (6 months ago)
U carry a knife but no form of band-aid?
Adrien Tanti (6 months ago)
I don't understand very very good English , is there some one who can translate me in French ?!
C Sneaks (6 months ago)
Now, in 2018, it is a fanny pack that you use crossbody if you are a HypeBeast
ponokunishima1 (6 months ago)
I only now just saw this video and let me tell you Jose, you, Aaron Marino and Antonio Sentero are the people who got me started on having an EDC, unfortunately, my bag is a huge backpack, but now that I’ve seen this video, I might switch to a smaller bag like yours. I also carry some earphones and my iPad as well.
Rick Mendez (6 months ago)
Man bag? More like fag bag! Bunch of pussies these days! Did you make sure to pack your tampax too! Man, niggas these days is wilding out! Bet y’all niggas be wearing bra and panties too!!
David S (8 months ago)
Condoms and lube
BR Tha Homie (8 months ago)
Tips: Carry 2 condoms in sock/socks, carry hand sanitizer, cologne, extra money in sock(just in case), wallet, phone and a, bottle of water
Dennishuffle99 (9 months ago)
my phone got flash light bro
Luke van Gastel (9 months ago)
You forgot the Plasters! It’s super important.
Danny Bird (9 months ago)
Call it Gary
Awesome Stuff (9 months ago)
Who the frik
Mister Chau (9 months ago)
You are missing a pistol in your EDC.
Nevaeh Janae (9 months ago)
This is how you know men just want sex. So many condom comments in this bitch. Lmfao good luck.
Christian Hincapie (10 months ago)
3:57 I thought that was a vape
Ner Montiero (10 months ago)
Why the hell would u forget to put deo lol
This Old Jew (11 months ago)
When u say carry ur supposed to conceal carry ur firearm
Ferdynand lie (11 months ago)
Man bag huh
David Magana? (11 months ago)
Yagiヤギ (11 months ago)
dam tht lighter made u look cool
Just A Bored Teen (11 months ago)
Satchel. It’s called a satchel.
jastin101 (1 year ago)
Lmao that lighter looks like a stun stick
christianjanus (1 year ago)
A flashlight to find your phone that has a flashlight.
alytijo (1 year ago)
That's what I carry in my travel bag  bag looks great I would add small med kit  and for us older geezers our pills. How  the name El Catrin bag
heyward fisher (1 year ago)
Im sorry. Thats not a man bag. Thats a mans purse.
Alex Colin (1 year ago)
Finally someone I know that carries a lighter not because they smoke but because they never know if they need it for survival! I thought I was the only one!
Alex Colin (1 year ago)
Did you just say the bag is from nutsack bags?
Devin du Plessis (1 year ago)
Men don't have handbags. We have gloveboxes.
Q W E R T Y (1 year ago)
Power bank
Q W E R T Y (1 year ago)
I'm also using this for travel so thanks,and make a carry on bag for travel pls
Jimzer (1 year ago)
pencil case
Jimzer (1 year ago)
I came with a built in nut sac
Javier Arrative (1 year ago)
What about condonds?
SportsManiac72 (1 year ago)
He should of said “ Now let’s get into what’s in my NutSac”
Khalifa Khalid (1 year ago)
You forgot the oil remover tissues man
Joshua Wiggins (1 year ago)
Love my Olight awesome flashlight!
Njubivoje (1 year ago)
I can't imagine you using your multitool for anything except bending individual hairs to perfection after applying a ton of hair spray
ahmed gulied (1 year ago)
What u left for girls !!
The Boi (1 year ago)
Heh nutsack
hector alfaro (1 year ago)
You need to say your last name slower it sounds like u say Sunigga
PandaFps (1 year ago)
Call it a NUTSAC
Spencer (1 year ago)
Where do u put the bag
TexanRepublic (1 year ago)
What girlfriend 😅
Isaac Brokopp (1 year ago)
Where did you get the lighter
Thaisian (1 year ago)
All great, but what if you don't own a car?
Bloo (1 year ago)
Jose's nutsac is the perfect size ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cameron Padillo (1 year ago)
Love your patriotism!
FEYERBALL (1 year ago)
U cud add a comb?
Joe Scott (1 year ago)
I'd rather be seen carrying a man purse than a nutsac
الي جاي من الخليج العربي كامل لايك
Kevin Crisostomo (1 year ago)
Why don't you carry powder inside your nutsac so it won't stink?
Paul Chen (1 year ago)
A small plastic water bottle
Gary'sawsomeworld (1 year ago)
Wtf?? Nutsack??😂😂😂
DH_Artist (1 year ago)
Gentleman's grooming bag
Dean Malik (1 year ago)
Call the police he stole wipes
ATINTINGV16 (1 year ago)
Nut sac bag they really thought that one through
Dorion (1 year ago)
He doesn't carry a comb/brush or bandaids?🤔
Tyler Suttles (1 year ago)
I seem to always need Q-tips and I always carry sunglasses because I have super sensitive eyes and I was thinking maybe a power bank and some earbuds 😉
GCTFilter snake (1 year ago)
You all forgot one item everyone needs to be more open of having. Where's the Imodium lol, or those pepto bismol tablets.. Or they also have Imodium stripes... You laugh now, but here's the statistic of the day/night, everyone... Everyone no matter your diet will experience a Sart in public. Shit is serious people, especially when shit is serious lol
Maria Teresa Wala (1 year ago)
Why am I watching Jose... I don't have a brother or a boyfriend like... what even.
LHG (1 year ago)
Ok what if your in the wood and you have to shit
Bravo Tactics (1 year ago)
A couple bucks in cash, important phone number written on a card in case your phone breaks
Darlene Runkles (1 year ago)
how about an extra 20 dollars bill and some quarters
Brandon Blahnik (1 year ago)
You could put a Maxpedition micro pocket organizer or a TheUrbanPrepper-style Altoids tin filled with useful small stuff in your Nut Sac.
Salar Sadeghi (1 year ago)
You are missing phone charger and small power bank ☺
Omar Bajaber (1 year ago)
u don't carry mouth spray?
Spencer (1 year ago)
You need sunscreen
Greysin Lee (1 year ago)
I would hope a Nut Sac would be manly
BasicOli (1 year ago)
I carry Camel Balls/sweets Gum and a sharp spoon just incase
heyward fisher (1 year ago)
I hope that stays in the car because Im sorry but that is a purse.
How bout condoms
SRT8Driver (1 year ago)
sorry but it's still a 'man purse, or a 'clutch' instead of 'man purse' it being 'smaller'....you can hate to call it that...ya'll can spin it any way you like....but in the end, that's what it is people....
Mihael Lisicak (1 year ago)
wow you are gay
Don K (1 year ago)
i would carry mini liquor bottles.
Hillariat 21 (1 year ago)
Sewing kit. for emergency tailoring
amiel polidario (1 year ago)
Swiss army knife
cr eep (1 year ago)
what about condoms?

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