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Get the Look: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Runway Hair

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Join hair stylist Paul Merritt and Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson in the Victoria's Secret Beauty Lab to learn how to recreate those sexy, tousled waves seen on the runway of the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with Victoria's Secret So Sexy hair products and ghd professional styling tools. Full of tips and tricks you can use at home! Watch the full show on demand at http://www.VictoriasSecret.com/OnDemand.
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Text Comments (393)
GiGi diamonds (1 day ago)
Kimia Abbasi (21 days ago)
I think its ugly also in vs shows none of the models hair are not even like this:/wtf
Milly Smill (1 month ago)
I dont understand why black ppl are flattering themselves saying " black ppl have thickest hair" bro u dont even have hair HAHAAHAH black ppl hair doesnt exist ahahah they are all bold and their hair are horrible my god
Shafia yousaf (1 month ago)
Ok can we talk about how pretty she is
Cecilie Malene (1 month ago)
Love seeing these tutorials! And Lindsay is so stunning :)
Cecilie Malene (1 month ago)
And wow that is definitely some detail and work going in to those curls!
Veronica Lala (1 month ago)
Okay who has time for all this?? 😧😧😧
Blue Sun (2 months ago)
Hannah Belle Yost (2 months ago)
they discontinued the So Sexy products? :(
Ingrid Dela Torre (3 months ago)
Amazing oh my god❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
andreea valdrost (3 months ago)
When I have my hair that long and go to sleep with wet hair, I usually wake up to that voluminous look.
Selenia Origlio (4 months ago)
Wtf. When he speaks I think about Klaus of TVD/ The Originals! Cool!
Laura Velásquez (5 months ago)
Well... thats my hair in the morning after i do a bun... the results are not worth the work
Kristy Nguyen (8 months ago)
That's cute but looks way too hard to do it on myself. Especially since I have thick hair.
akiyoshidai1231 (10 months ago)
The result is beautiful I think. It's between blowdried and bedhead. I think the best foundation is a good haircut.
Daniel Djordjevic (11 months ago)
I Love her hair
Mande Loo (1 year ago)
lol she says she had so much hair Also this sucks
eady08 (1 year ago)
That’s terrible :/ there’s a big kink at eye level?!
maria m (1 year ago)
My hair is natural so thick and curly
Andr BC (1 year ago)
Yeah he used the entire bottle of mousse for one hairstyle
MarMar LikesBunnies (1 year ago)
Omg she’s gorgeous
g Demont (1 year ago)
love the look but when she said she has so much hair I don't see it her hair isn't thin but it's not thick
DAPHNE (1 year ago)
I wish I could do this but it takes too much time and I know I'm not able to do this alone :(
Tipsylou (1 year ago)
4:58 am i the only one noticing that horrible kink on her left side of hair? at the top? it looks awful, like the hair tool was pinching it for too long or something
Anne TAUNDRY (1 year ago)
not enought zoom
Becca L (1 year ago)
too bad they dont sell this product line any more! I liked so sexy, smell so good! and also no more VS clothes line! :(
Celina Zarza (1 year ago)
esta re bueno el chabón diosss
Muazzam Slm (1 year ago)
I don't like her haircut.
Deeze Annie (1 year ago)
Oh Sooyeon (1 year ago)
niloofar jokar (1 year ago)
Paige Barlow (1 year ago)
yall are complaining that she doesn't have a lot of hair but mine's thin and blonde and very very fine so her hair is like a forest to mine lmao
Sofiee Mln243 (1 year ago)
u look like andree bonifacio!😍😍😍
Annabeth Maddie (1 year ago)
I have to say on the brushes, I knew someone share it before --> https://www.behance.net/gallery/51366275/_/brushthatmine/?9c6d8c I already bought two brush on that place, and never disappointed. You have to purchase the brush set too
Annabeth Maddie (1 year ago)
Oh, I would said thank you for the video, it help me a lot!
Kristen Lawson (1 year ago)
How could you ever do this by yourself? All those pins!
Princess BLARITY (1 year ago)
"its hard to manage my hair" bitch please!my hair would eat up a hairbrush in a heartbeat! xD
tteudonggg 8 (1 year ago)
so beautiful <3
Curly fries (2 years ago)
Yes we get it. She said she had a lot of hair and apparently everyone in this comment section has the thickest hair known to man. She probably just said it so that she could interact with the stylist and make the tutorial a little more interesting
Ingrid Chaves (5 months ago)
J.Maxinta (2 years ago)
I agree She was Probably talking in length and not density. But haters well alway find a way to hate.
Sseraphim (2 years ago)
It's funny how everyone is bragging about their thick hair lmao
batichica 1024 (2 years ago)
Sseraphim so true 😂
Kara O'Connell (2 years ago)
this is doing the most
Catie Metcalf (2 years ago)
helloluise the absolute most 😂
Irene Antonius (2 years ago)
This takes really long time for me. My hair is long and I have natural thick slightly wavy hair. Even minus all the voluminized process at the beginning (because my thick hair already creates volume), I need an hour (the fastest) to get this done. So I don't know when I shld wear this look. For daily, it takes too much time; for formal occasion, it looks too casual -_-
Chi Chan (2 years ago)
u can do this in like 15 minutes leave hair a bit wet,or spray it a bit with water (sea salt spray is also good) make small twirls with hair piece and tight it with hair band do so on all head and sleep over. in morning take all bands off hair and flip hear down - and break it down with hands put some hair spray for hardening hair and after that put head in normal position sorry for bad english,hope it help if you understand me :)
Laura Risgaard (2 years ago)
So Pretty !
Sara H (2 years ago)
I ship them
Amelya (2 years ago)
me too
Chino Sarah (2 years ago)
am I the only one who doesn't like it? and thought it would came out a bit more better??
Mande Loo (1 year ago)
It's gross
Samantha Lee (2 years ago)
+Sarah Chino legit its actually so bad, i mean its not genuine its a completely sponsored video..
Lorina P (2 years ago)
Just air perm your hair
Aurore Aurore (2 years ago)
it looks stupid! like 80's hair!
Naila Amin (2 years ago)
Lindsay looks like the prettier,taller, and more toned, blonde version of Emma Stone
Gorgeous? Really? I get the same hairstyle when I don't dry my hair after washing it before going to bed.
unfortunately not
Iryna Zhylyak (1 year ago)
Аня Искандярова well aren't you just perfect?
alyy 1 (2 years ago)
if she has a lot of hair i have a forest on my head
yvonne galvan (12 hours ago)
Same here . My hair is soo thick I don’t know what to do with it 🙄
Milly Smill (1 month ago)
Kidist Habte black hair are just horrible HAHAAHHAAHHA eww
Sarah Mughal (1 month ago)
Good one..hahaha!
Anonymous 3 (1 month ago)
Ameena Ahmed (1 year ago)
She has a lot of hair you can see how dense it is, it’s just fine
Kimberly Narvaez (2 years ago)
She lloks luke she came out of a strip club thnx for this tutorial!!!Slutty hair tutorial!!Seriously its bad tho
catwalk33 (2 years ago)
clorox bleach Forager (9 months ago)
Yall dont know the difference between fine hair and course hair
girl saturn (1 year ago)
silhouette incorrect, google it, blonde people actually have thicker hair follicles because of the fact they have so little hair, so she is dreaming, and coarse hair has nothing to do with this lmao why u jealous, she doesn’t have a lot of a hair just a fact
AJ C (1 year ago)
lol gold
nc 178 (2 years ago)
she has a lot of hair but she is not talking about the hair in her head ...
Chloe (2 years ago)
+Cat196 you're right here, she does have a lot of hair follicles, they're just very fine (the actual diameter of the hair is small). Those of you who say she's dreaming must have coarse hair...
Geefe Alba (2 years ago)
now secret revealed! :)
Ana Garcia (2 years ago)
I know he wasn't being a perv, but what did he mean by, "And Lindsay, you're an expert with your hands...?"
Mai P. Mergili (2 years ago)
+Ana Garcia I think he said "hair', not "hands" lol
lina ott (2 years ago)
sry bae, but u don't have much hair, like you said.. you have basic hair..
lina ott (2 years ago)
sry bae, but u don't have much hair, like you said.. you have basic hair..
lina ott (2 years ago)
sry bae, vut u don't have much hair, like you said.. you have basic hair..
Dorz Jaiden (2 years ago)
wow! sexy...
Pixiebear (2 years ago)
She's so beautiful omgggg
Izabella (2 years ago)
How did he blow dried her hair without turning the blow dryer on?
Nat (2 years ago)
I had no idea VS had a hair product line I've never seen it in Canada
طط ككوىع
طط ككوىع
Mikaela Silver (2 years ago)
Marieke 228 (2 years ago)
so ... i'm guessing this video is sponsored by GHD
Cute Pumpkin (3 years ago)
She's annoying
Jade Shinymist (3 years ago)
She is so pretty
Mariah Simons (3 years ago)
Tried it, didn't work. My hair is probably different from their's, and I don't have volumizing product.
Chi Chan (2 years ago)
u can do this in like 15 minutes leave hair a bit wet,or spray it a bit with water (sea salt spray is also good) make small twirls with hair piece and tight it with hair band do so on all head and sleep over. in morning take all bands off hair and flip hear down - and break it down with hands put some hair spray for hardening hair and after that put head in normal position sorry for bad english,hope it help if you understand me :)
Munirah Ali (3 years ago)
Ive used tresseme volumizing product , i swear i look like a hot sticky mess haha
hilol hunny (3 years ago)
so beautiful. I like it. so sexy
Hannah Samson (3 years ago)
This is good b/c I can now have my hair in waves b/c I only have hair straightening iron.
Ysra 06 (3 years ago)
there are a better technical
Jolly Jokress (3 years ago)
shes so pretty!
Javi Chan (3 years ago)
Carmen Saura (3 years ago)
Aksana Tolstoguzova (3 years ago)
Her hair so cool!
The Rose Reporter (3 years ago)
this great but there's no way you can do it yourself and who has the time!
xHwiyoungx (2 months ago)
Me lol
Noelia SJ (2 years ago)
The Rose Reporter who has the time? Lmaooo same tho
Izabella Wilas (2 years ago)
I'm doing it for prom. I guess it's like special occasion look.
Jasey Rae (3 years ago)
she's so nice and talks than others haha
dior821 (3 years ago)
its pretty dont get me wrong but too much work
B S (3 years ago)
He can do my hair anytime ! He is very very sexy.
B S (2 years ago)
You're so obviously jealous
Lilit Bichakhchyan (3 years ago)
nice my doll
Babydoll (3 years ago)
It looks messy
Aaron Bynum (1 year ago)
Thats the point its meant to look like bedhead like she just rolled out of bed hence lingerie hair
Daniela Liang (2 years ago)
+Paula PS if only my bed head hair looked close to this
P S (3 years ago)
It's suppose to be messy. Like bedhead hair :)
Nicole Nikolova (3 years ago)
I think I saw a hair extension on the back of her hair...
B S (2 years ago)
+bodgie i think so :p
bodgie (2 years ago)
+U N D O N E they're so obviously jealous 😂
B S (2 years ago)
+Lily Sean Why does it bother you that much?
Lily Sean (2 years ago)
+U N D O N E No but it's not even thick either and it doesn't seem a lot and I think she shouldn't be lying about how much hair she has
Gabriela Cabral (2 years ago)
+U N D O N E I agree with you
Alexandra Stiles (3 years ago)
this hair style is pretty but isn't what they usually look like :/
TheBlackCat251 (3 years ago)
She looked way better before
beatrice lim (3 years ago)
that would take forever
Daniela Villa (3 years ago)
I have long thick, & when I mean thick I'm being literal. I just would like to know If it would work for long hair & since my hair is thick would it last long?
beccajulie heavens (2 years ago)
+Jasey Rae im not actually sad because I love my hair, my hair can be straight sometimes and wavy but not that curly and again I love it but if you were to have my hair you have to be extremely careful bec. its thivk and everything can go in (ya know what I mean)
Jasey Rae (2 years ago)
+beccajulie heavens that sucks to be you because i have naturally thick hair that is straight 
beccajulie heavens (2 years ago)
I have a thick hair probably the most thickest in my family but I dont need to curl my hair to achieve I have already a normal wavy truth be told
Probably not. Curls never stay on my thick hair either. Even when it was short. XD
Jasey Rae (3 years ago)
+Daniela Villa lmao
Sara Marika (3 years ago)
I liked the look more when she fliped her hair, then the result after that at the very end. I want that wavy hair with a loot of volume! So gonna try this! Even though it is a lot of work, lol .. :p
pinkkitten800 (3 years ago)
Did anyone else think her hair looked better when it was still pinned up? It was very romantic looking
Alexa Weston (1 year ago)
I liked it too!!
MiKenna Rogers (2 years ago)
I did , but it seems like more of a prom type of look ...
CiCi B (3 years ago)
She looks so much like Lucy Hale!!
Emilia Dodson (3 years ago)
White people need to stop staying " I have so much hair" like literally stop you should be glad you don't have.to deal with braids and afro and dreads that take forever to get out sk a shush it
Aaron Bynum (1 year ago)
That is alot of hair and im black and I have long thick curly hair
Kidist Habte (1 year ago)
Bulletproof 383 no you don’t have you seen Africans with Afros I’m African and if I were to compare Arab hair with African without a doubt African hair is the thickets
Starpieaccent (3 years ago)
What size of ghd round brush?
Christy Jaldori (3 years ago)
Why dont you use a curler?
Leidy Holly (3 years ago)
I love Lindsay, she is so beautiful I love her hair and skin so natural and healthy. She is one of my favorites.
Arsalan Donald Azarmi (3 years ago)
our creeds in various fields for fashionable-luxurious life/nos croyances dans divers domaines pour la vie à la mode-luxe
Valentina Abbaticola (3 years ago)
she is incredibly gorgeous!!! her skin ..so jealous
Ashley Spencer (3 years ago)
This isn't at all what the models actually wear on the runway.
SMD0010 (3 years ago)
aint nobody got time fo dat! 
stayhappygirl (3 years ago)
Not to be Debbie downer here but was I the only one who was actually kind of disappointed with this tutorial? 😕Personally I feel it wasn't all that close to the VS hair😐 i guess I was looking for the more tradition VS hair look with more volume n a slightly tighter curl/wave.
S.E. Hunt (9 days ago)
stayhappygirl yes 100% I thought it look fairly crap compared to their onstage hair
Alexandra Stiles (3 years ago)
+stayhappygirl i agree you can find way better vs tutorials which is sad cause vs could make allot of money from hair products if they showed the actual hair style
Nicola Kashket (3 years ago)
this model is annoying! 
B S (3 years ago)
+Nicola Kashket You're basically hating on a beautiful woman who just talks in the video because someone asked her to do it. Get a life.
Nicola Kashket (3 years ago)
+ButterfliesandRainbows. Did I say she was ugly? No! All I said is that she's annoying cause she won't stop talking! Ur so defensive over someone u don't even know and don't even care about u!
B S (3 years ago)
+Nicola Kashket Do I have to repeat myself, ugly jealous hater?
Nicola Kashket (3 years ago)
+ButterfliesandRainbows. Wtf
B S (3 years ago)
I understand why you are jealous after seeing your face.
Monica Canales (4 years ago)
Taylor Trice (4 years ago)
Lindsay is sooo gorgeous it's not even funny
Taylor Trice (3 years ago)
+fluffy monkey And who are you?
Michelle Raya (3 years ago)
Nobody's laughing..
makeupbydoreen (4 years ago)
Tutorial on how to recreate the VS models luminescent, glowy, & bronze Makeup and Voluminous Hair is on my channel! Enjoy Angels xoxo
Swamprose (4 years ago)
Thank you
Stephanie B (4 years ago)
She has really pretty hair and skin

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