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Teen Model Factory of Russia (Full Documentary HD)

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Just a collection of documentary of Country to visit. The assets of the country, places to visit, places to avoid, the risk ... Every details counts for a perfect holiday! Enjoy our Channel, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE : http://www.youtube.com/user/TravelDocumentaryFil
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Text Comments (3872)
OmegaTou (1 hour ago)
I would also be willing to do just about anything to get out of Siberia.
Jamie Lannister (1 hour ago)
The interviewer is intelligent for a back man
Davos Horecrux (7 hours ago)
If Siberia were a country it would be the biggest in the world? What? Also beautiful Aryan women. Blue eyes blonde. Protect them from these sick pimps.
Brayjan (2 days ago)
chloe.s (3 days ago)
I wonder if they made it I need a where are they now
SaidPower2 (3 days ago)
Better erase my history
NoireOnogiri xrzvq (3 days ago)
Like an animal beauty show...this is so disturbing...
Burzin Billimoria (3 days ago)
This is not right on many levels......
DannyWarlegs (4 days ago)
32:34 "Forget it about"
Lucas Khanis (4 days ago)
bruh 13 years old she looks 19
Andrej Naumoski (4 days ago)
Did anyone noticed how the host was “sweet smiling “ every time he mentioned girls age?
Kronikman07 (4 days ago)
Anna Williamson (4 days ago)
The presenter is a really decent man.
Jamie Lannister (1 hour ago)
I noticed that as well, he's never critical and seems to know the perfect response every time. Things to learn from his behavior
Hallowed (4 days ago)
if she's 13, i'm 13.
BEAN MACHINE (4 days ago)
people in the comments be fuckin weirdos
Loopey Studios (4 days ago)
Russian women are such natural, beautiful treasures
Iplay Roblox (4 days ago)
Holy shit I nutted
aiana zhanaladin (4 days ago)
I hunk they are lying about their age, they ARE NOT 13
Khairuzzad Al Hikmah (4 days ago)
look at 21:31 at the window, whats that
daniel moreno (4 days ago)
its a microphone. the window acts as a mirror with the light on
jbagz (4 days ago)
Khairuzzad Al Hikmah (4 days ago)
so uh, he didnt smash?
John Wayne (4 days ago)
That's it! I am going to Siberia and getting a wife! They are all so beautiful!
ChiefEric (4 days ago)
this guy needs to do more videos
Stretched Dovidas (4 days ago)
Putin stop this
erichi232 (4 days ago)
You are perverted morons. This is the casting of models. It has nothing to do with prostitution or sex. You are idiots.
Rhys Davies (4 days ago)
"We need to fix your teeth" he fucking says. How about we knock yours out mate, shaming a thirteen year old girl and pressuring her.
RanA B (4 days ago)
Why the fuck is wrong with recommendations
Alain Cazavant (4 days ago)
Very interesting documentary, well done interviews!
SavvySteak (4 days ago)
*Next Documentary* Western Idolization of the Obese and Unhealthy
Reagan Lamm (4 days ago)
SavvySteak he
Tibor Geček (4 days ago)
Youtube recommended.
jack handy (4 days ago)
A few mil, which is minimal, and the military could kill all of these people in a week.
? ? (4 days ago)
Why not just build robots? These measurements are absurd. Woman need ass and tits. These are like trans woman with flat backs and little to no curves. Look at paintings that are centuries old because it shows real woman feature.
Sabeeh umar (4 days ago)
dont show russia a bad place u bbc ...!. .
Sabeeh umar (4 days ago)
russian is very good country and a country of beautiful and intelligent people
Red T (4 days ago)
I cant watch this. I can only imagine what happends behind the scenes to some of these kids... this is disturbing
lone wolf (4 days ago)
11:50 wants BBC.
lone wolf (4 days ago)
That nigga wants to bang
HywolfGaming (4 days ago)
im sure sex trafficking is similar to this....
Red (4 days ago)
Thank God!! The porn industry is safe! :)))
Best Troller VN (4 days ago)
russian girls are beauty af such a waste
Big Smoke (4 days ago)
this is secretly a place for human smugling
louie mutia (4 days ago)
i saw you all at fake agent fake taxi public agent hahahah
Dimitar Todorov (5 days ago)
1:26 In Slavic languages we use the word Jeep for SUVs in general
The Amazing Crispy (5 days ago)
32:16 ~ "Nice to beat you"
Iplay Roblox (4 days ago)
Estron Kadar (5 days ago)
do u see this 10:49 girls eyes ? she is like slave to her mother, look her eyes looking at her mother while mother is playing with her hair like she is a doll that girl is heavily unhappy, girl if u read this comment, my whatsupis 28947+28712 i wait forr u, kisses
AB_21 Tv (5 days ago)
10:48 by looking at her daughters face i think she was crying for help
null (5 days ago)
That fucking manager or whatever is making an excuse of using those young girls by saying there are not enough jobs in Serbia and pays them only 500 usd a month bla bla bla and he is making them to become "something" and shit, and we all know what that "something" is. What a cunt!!! the only person who is benefiting from this is him and his crew. Those poor 14-16 yrs old models will become prostitutes just as the girl at the end of the video who used to become a "model" said so. Their parents have no idea what they are going to become. Just look at the escort agencies all around the world, China, England, Japan, even in united arab emirates, most of the girls are from eastern europe. How the fuck did that happen? well you gussed it. One day when I have enough money, I will pay for a a hitman from the deep web to kill him and everyone who is invovled in this dirty industry.
Edwin Bell (5 days ago)
How nice for mankind to treat Children like cattle! All their innocents are being stolen to make money! As a man who would want this for his daughter?! 😯 They should be Respected for more than just their looks! I wonder how many tears are shed when their dreams are crushed?!😕 I hope all of them have a good life! May they have GOD's Blessings 😇
October Boi (5 days ago)
Gloom m f (5 days ago)
Fucking Givi-pedopfil
Mikey Flynn (5 days ago)
Them Boys needa hit them weights
lemmy (5 days ago)
Someone fucked the judge
lemmy (5 days ago)
11k child predators like this
Baldoxxx4000 (5 days ago)
These girls thinks this is stardom but in reality, they are just wasting time and money helping these company make millions and eventually they will be tossed aside when their looks fade over time
LegitPun (5 days ago)
russians are damn tall
Fake Fan (5 days ago)
I'm feeling the woord .... NONCE
Fake Fan (5 days ago)
@FBI OPEN UP For all the 11k people that upvoted this video
I miss Lil peep (5 days ago)
FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!
John Tucker (5 days ago)
what a shamefur disprey... no but honestly these peeps have no self respect in fact anyone who uses his/her sexuallity to earn money is in a lowlife.
I miss Lil peep (5 days ago)
Id easily take them all back to my house
David Barbosa (5 days ago)
I wanna go to Russia 😖😫😍 I'm 16, so chill I'm not no pedo
SkyfoxPlays (5 days ago)
this is one of the worlds largest super powers... they can't even pay their damn doctors.
Mike Z (5 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen.. we got him
Soc MAN (5 days ago)
Damn!!! The harsh reality. Beautiful Russian girls are a dime a dozen. Unbelievable Russia is like a mass producing factory of beautiful women.
Chris Walker (5 days ago)
In America 13 yr old girls lie and say their 18, in Russia 18 yr old girls lie and say their 13.
Stephen Strange (5 days ago)
Why dont you all have a seat right over there
PIckeljuice (5 days ago)
not my proudest fap
alex Debroux (5 days ago)
First I was like "DAMN these girls are HOT!" but after watching the full video, I actually felt ashamed for only concerning about their looks instead of the awful future that awaits them… One's worth and potential should not be determined by their beauty. These girls should also be given the opportunity to study and become something they want
Typical (5 days ago)
real reality
Spanish Moustache (5 days ago)
Is that heaven?
The Computer (5 days ago)
Jeffstike 31 (5 days ago)
Youtube wont put pewdiepie on ny recommendation but thyre put half naked under age girls on my recommendation list!!
The Computer (5 days ago)
One of my proudest faps
hdj81Vlimited (5 days ago)
yhris is a pimp, in china the jung miljonairs pay woman to be with them... 20.000$ a month is not just for biteuful eyes....
renzo (5 days ago)
that is so fucking sad
Andrija Novakovic (5 days ago)
volim vas jako
Blaze Inferno (5 days ago)
Yo, Anya's art was fucking amazing. That bear tho, was fucking dope
PinkLazors (5 days ago)
SHOULDN'T THESE GIRLS LOOK BETTER WHEN THEY ARE 18 ??? let them do national scouting, and when they are 18 you can take them from their parents .. u sicko's
this is actually disgusting like wtf.
Atheist 21 (5 days ago)
nice nutting material  much love
PinkLazors (5 days ago)
nothing else but money money money money .. grow up
PinkLazors (5 days ago)
'they want to be someone, instead like their mothers' what a piece of shit!!! this guy that owns the model agency is straight up fucking hitler.
PinkLazors (5 days ago)
the western world gives these girls a privilege just because they have tits, ass, and a pretty face.. all the rest of the country? THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEM. this is sickenening. i do not blame the girls though .. but fuck the western privileges.
PinkLazors (5 days ago)
this is sickening.. all for the pervert western 50+ers
pirapon chutchawan (5 days ago)
ALL trash comment from muslim for this vdo
isaac dome (5 days ago)
Russian girls are extremely beautiful and marvelous
Fresh (5 days ago)
1:18 *IM 13 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!*
Dexter Crisostomo (5 days ago)
This guy will fuck them one by one..
shubham shinde (6 days ago)
I was playing in mud when I was 13
Jam (6 days ago)
so fuckin weird
UShouldBeGlad (6 days ago)
And this is how you legitimize a child sex trafficking ring.
Elessar Telcontar (6 days ago)
see a bunch of hot women in underwear, how can you not click? 8:38 13 years old, year right.. is this fucking to catch a predator. Maybe a teen but not a 13 yr old
Dat Duong (6 days ago)
wtf, some of them r 13 years old looking like an 18, im done with girls at my school, they dead ass think that they r hot and shit
Taurus Baurus (6 days ago)
how did this pop up in the recommended....
Bugler55 (6 days ago)
@12:45 I dont know who's more repugnant; the old ogre emptily waxing about spiritual joy, or the interviewer smirking at him as if he's some modern man above the lust side of it all.
joselyn Acosta (6 days ago)
The reporter is kinda cute
fadi.aljohari (6 days ago)
EuroVrod (6 days ago)
Reminds me very much of child beauty pageants here the US. So no need to point fingers. It's right here at our doorstep...
Vivienne Bennett (6 days ago)
So where's their "white privilege"
Isaac Lopez (6 days ago)
why my peepee hard
LegendPoptart (6 days ago)
What watch was he wearing?

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