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Road to the Runway: Episode 1 – Castings

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The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show magic kicks off with castings. Go behind the scenes as this year’s models make their way to wearing those career-making Angel wings. Stay tuned as this exclusive series continues and watch the full show November 28, 10/9c on CBS! Learn more on our site: http://i.victoria.com/LjR
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Text Comments (1996)
infinite monkeys (8 hours ago)
:50 Are you kidding? Looks like Nelson Mandela in women's underwear. 6:10 I thought they were casting for another Miles Davis bio pic.
Colinda Curl (11 hours ago)
who is the girl at 2:15 please
Rennae Allen (13 hours ago)
Shiz man..the things I would do to be as pretty and amazing as these girls! 😭😂 they are frEAKINNG FLAWLESS!!
Anna Allison (1 day ago)
I thought I was thin. Lmao. I’m 5’7 and 127 pounds. I’ve never modeled but I thought I could, because I have a nice body shape. It looks like I’m too fat. Lol
heiheihei396 (2 days ago)
OMG!1:08 Wen killed me.
Ilaria (2 days ago)
Why do people say perfection doesn’t exist? Their models are like PERFECTION
laura_shey (3 days ago)
1:46 Poland <3
I want to be a model so bad, but I'm 5'3.
Harsh solanke (4 days ago)
02:58 i think she is little sister of Taylor hill.
kaya (4 days ago)
Why did i cry when they were finding out
Reem W (4 days ago)
Why there are men in the judge committee ??
t jd (3 days ago)
why wouldn't there be?
Reem W (4 days ago)
They gave it to Kendall cuz of her family name
Tayler Dukes (5 days ago)
Finally one of my favorite Angels made it into the show Nadine represent VS so much!!
amelia 02 (5 days ago)
I'm from Poland and I'm sooo proud❤️
I just find it akward that the cast is actually ugly and they judge over such beautifull girls
John Laurens (7 days ago)
Imma just going to rant a bit This is really bad for people who tend to try to copy and use other peoples body image and compare it to their own. With the growing rates of anorexia, bulimia, and depression, I see show like this as really bad for peoples mental health. I myself deal with anorexia and MD and chronic anxiety, when people say they want to look like these models, their saying they want to look at themselves as imperfect for the rest of their lives. There girls probably got a lot of work done such as, rhinoplasty, boob jobs, and lip fillers. You can tell by how disproportionate they all are. They all are stick thin and tbh it’s really disturbing to see people strive to be someone that no one can be unless they develops one type of anorexia. The definition of anorexia is- an obsession with loosing large amounts of weight, by either long periods of time without eating, and/or excessive/ frequent workouts. So, I think that this show shouldn’t even exist. It’s not befitting anyone except if people want to actually wear what they’re wearing. But after watching a few of these and seeing other peoples reaction to it by trying to loose as much weight as possible indicates that they don’t pay attention to what they’re all wearing. They only pay attention to what theirs and what the models body’s look like.
Andrena Bailey (7 days ago)
I want to see More women of color please!!!
Anna Dominiak (8 days ago)
Poland yey
Patrycja Mąka (8 days ago)
Paulina from Poland <3 Someone know her full name?
SC (8 days ago)
*Russians* are the best in this
Happy_Little_Drunk (8 days ago)
Why not this lovely Polish girl? 😢
Longboard Stoner (9 days ago)
They used to have super angels like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Candace, Alessandra.... now we’re going to instagram models Kendall, Gigi. I wish less Gigi and Kendall and more models like this. So many of those girls would have been better.
Nat Demarchuk (10 days ago)
Billie Eilish what was it that you said??
Martyna Kulesza (10 days ago)
Poland ♥
Ziegler Family (11 days ago)
Imagine feeling that comfortable in so little
mochi _tae (11 days ago)
My short, fat ass would never
moonlight girl (11 days ago)
being this skinny is sick don't @ me
Nina Zuccaro (12 days ago)
Model at 3:18 is stunning
olahoney beauty (12 days ago)
I cried my eyes out
desi radika (13 days ago)
Why blanca padilla not success in this casting?
YUMA tgj909r4rw (13 days ago)
who is this 2:27
Diamond Plays (13 days ago)
I love you guys so much!!❤️❤️❤️I wish to be a Victoria secret angel or model when I’m older😂right now, I’m only 13 but I want to work for this.
Karma Karma (15 days ago)
Some people are naturally this thin Dont blame..
Bo Peep (16 days ago)
How is this beautiful ? A bunch of starved girls who are blessed with good looks having to constantly lose weight and wear painful shoes. Walking down a runway having people judge them based on their body and face. It’s disgusting
Addy Rovirosa (4 days ago)
Most models I've seen do eat and work really hard to get where they are. There may be some bad practices but if models didn't love their jobs then there probably wouldn't be a lot of models. 😊
Zuzia (16 days ago)
Wow Poland
Youtuber Yen (18 days ago)
Hannah Campos (18 days ago)
*If teardrops...could be bottles...there’d be swimming pools filled by models*
Fandom lunatic (5 days ago)
Told a tight dress is what makes you, a whore BILLIE IS QUEEEEEN
Hannah Campos (18 days ago)
Idk if I got the lyrics right lol! That line just came to my mind😭
BLU PARK (18 days ago)
Letha Brown (19 days ago)
It’s so beautiful to see what they actually go through to get a spot unlike “models” like Jenner and hadid who have connections. These girls worked their ass off and that gurl at the end made me a little Geary eyed “it’d be a dream come true”
Natalya Rodchenkov (20 days ago)
they are all anorexics or bulimics.
Katia Galero (4 days ago)
Not necessary, the most of the models are really helthy, some womans can't just gain weight (it is my case).
collarmole (20 days ago)
Anna claire Tutor (20 days ago)
I can only imagine what the girl at the end was thinking I mean like she walked in the was like “oh uh yea ok bye now 👋 "
Papier Toaletowy (21 days ago)
Oh, ja też jestem z Polski
Pimpin Elle (22 days ago)
my belly percing ruined my chances of being a vs model when im older 😭
Pimpin Elle (9 days ago)
Sarah grace no because i still have the hole and its visable
Sarah grace (11 days ago)
Can't you just take it out
jessica labelle (23 days ago)
It suck they never take 5'2 like me.... Otherwise i would be happy to try ...
thefriendly aspie (23 days ago)
if its a runaway, do they run away from their parents house? lol
thefriendly aspie (23 days ago)
boring... fake... no goodd...
Rhysand's High Lady (24 days ago)
Why do people keep assuming that because these girls are super skinny they're underweight? Gosh I swear people just keep shaming people for being naturally skinny. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Yes, they're are probably some models who undereat, but not all of them.
Rhysand's High Lady (4 days ago)
+Addy Rovirosa which is actually funny because Tess Holiday, the super super obese model says she uses the adjective "fat" to identify herself and that she's okay with it. Fat should have the same connotation as skinny but because it's more negative people prefer to sugarcoat it. No one says the "fat" girl but the "big" girl. When will people grow up.
Addy Rovirosa (4 days ago)
Ikr! If there was an overweight model and people said she was fat then everyone would be furious.
Rhysand's High Lady (24 days ago)
I wouldn't be able to do this. I get cold too easily, plus I'm super insecure so that industry would probably tear me up.
asmr princess (24 days ago)
Rose (25 days ago)
I love to draw (25 days ago)
Plus size women please!!!! Support Them!!!
Addy Rovirosa (4 days ago)
+sara campbell Agreed. These models work very hard to get where they're at.
Rhysand's High Lady (6 days ago)
+sara campbell I just hate how plus sized is now an attempt to euphemize the word fat.
sara campbell (6 days ago)
+Rhysand's High Lady Yeah im with ya on that. I dont support ladies that are overweight plus size. not too be mean but at least you can do something about it! compare too the ones that are Natrually plus size that that cant! that would love the opprotunity too do something about it! so thumbs down on that one. that would be just pure laziness. same for the guys too!
Rhysand's High Lady (24 days ago)
Plus sized as in overweight? Or plus sized as in not super skinny?
Kaitlyn Matherly (26 days ago)
this is sad
Doris E (27 days ago)
Half of these girls are ugly as hell, guess not everyone can be as beautiful as Candace, Elsa Hosk (I think that’s her name?) Gigi Hadid, Adriana L, Miranda Kerr, Kendall, Bella H, etc
Lexi Vorwartz (27 days ago)
I turned my card off and paid what I owe to you folks, I plan on never buying VS again. If you can’t be decent enough to have plus size or transgender models, which is just a mild token of a gesture to both of the communities, you’re not worth my time or my money.
Jenn Garcia (27 days ago)
Who’s the girl at 4:19?
poetic republic (28 days ago)
Eating bag of takis
Avery DeHart (28 days ago)
Holy shit they’re so skinny
Sarah grace (11 days ago)
Yeah I think I'm in love because of it 😂😂😍
BlaBlaBla aa (28 days ago)
They all look stunning 😻😻😻
Rebecca Cole (29 days ago)
Several women across the world right now will never walk for Victoria's Secret. One of the reasons is height. They currently have a standing height requirement that women cannot change. Don't let anyone tell you they don't because on the runway ever year, everyone is above 5"8. There show gets better and better progressively but worse and worse when it comes to casting. Casting Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are overrated and don't put near as much work in as other models do. They are piggy backing of of their family successes, if I see them in the sow next year then I'm not watching. Last year they had one of the most diverse shows but they were all similar sizes. Victoria's Secret, you sell Mediums, Larges, Extra larges and a vast assortment of larger bras. Is it too hard for you to cast women that fit other sizes? It clearly isn't a money thing because you're getting bigger and bigger every year when it comes to the show. Don't cast Hadid and Jenner unless they earn their spots which as of recently they haven't been. In stores I've noticed your quality getting worse and worse. Panties falling apart after just a few washes when I've had some last for a while. Bras and panties have Victoria's Secret written all over the bands like it's sexy or hot to have wording on your undergarments. It's one of the biggest turn offs to find a cute pair of panties and find Victoria's Secret written on the back.
Olivia Peoples (29 days ago)
This makes me sad cause I’ve always wanted to be a model but I could never imagine myself being that thin it doesn’t look good to me
PATRICK McShane (29 days ago)
Do the girls buy their underwear or is it given to them.
Lily Vaughan (29 days ago)
They’re All Twigs That’s Not healthy. 0 Fucks About Their Metabolism Or Any Bullshit Like That. ITS NOT HEALTHY :) This is why young girls are insecure **sigh**
Z P (1 month ago)
They are terribly skinny... So sad...
Giovanna PJT (1 month ago)
I used to admire Victoria Secret, but honestly they are worse every time, first they refuse to progress in fashion like other brands by still wanting ultra skinny unhealthy models, meanwhile other brands banned models on going on crazy diets or dehydration and then they purposely admit they won't accept curvy and transgender models, you would think better from such an important brand, but no, I have one thing for sure I am never buying one of their products again
Katia Galero (4 days ago)
+Artoria Pendragon exactly, and also i dont think that promote obesity is something good.
Nicole Z (4 days ago)
You are so stupid.Why the hell would they accept transgemder models.They aren't natural woman so they should go to a men model agency.
Artoria Pendragon (11 days ago)
Giovanna PJT again, annoying. They have no obligation to ally with anyone. Get over it, honestly
Giovanna PJT (11 days ago)
+Artoria Pendragon you clearly didn't read, I'm concerned with the procedures they make and let models take, and what I consider even more important that they are not an ally to the lgbtqia+ community, anywho this was a conversation with foreign goddess, so I respect your comment even though it is way out of character, and this is my last comment :)
Artoria Pendragon (11 days ago)
Giovanna PJT really? Its clear what I'm saying. Why are you so concerned about VS not hiring fat models? There is a market for them. Annoying af reallly
mop gang (1 month ago)
I'm sooo over this body beauty standars ughh must be skinny tall there soo much beauty out of this circle like you must open up for every type of bodies
Joi J. (7 days ago)
No they don’t. It’s their brand and they can pick who they want. Get over it
Sarah grace (11 days ago)
No they don't. Not everything has to have diversity
mlpsunset shimmer (1 month ago)
Holy crap, my D R E A M is to be an Angel one day.
Ellis (1 month ago)
These girls are all so gorgeous. They're skinny, yeah, stop whining about it. If they were fat everyone would call it fatshaming.
Jenny Elvira (1 month ago)
I could literally never
mariami mamulashvili (1 month ago)
who is the girl at 6:10??
Luxie Samequizy (1 month ago)
Karolina K (1 month ago)
When I heard " Im from Poland" I was freaking out! And when I heard Polish "jak się masz" I was like 🤓 you are amazing and thank you for show the girl from my own Country. Go Poland! 🇵🇱
Christ Xiong (1 month ago)
wow so much diversity
Pickle Pickle (1 month ago)
Dilone is ugly for VS I'm glad she won't be in the show this year
Jasmina Y (1 month ago)
Does someone know the name of the girl on 2:26 and the girl on 4:19 ? they are so stunning
João Lucas (1 month ago)
Who are theys 1:33
Manar Ahmed (1 month ago)
can we have models that aren’t so skinny ?
Kayla Schwalger (6 days ago)
+your senpai being tall isn't something you can control either... your point is?
your senpai (6 days ago)
+Kayla Schwalger but shortness isn't something you can control
Jaycee Nicole (6 days ago)
Exactly I agree with you honey. Not everyone has to be included in everything people need to stop being such entitled assholes if they dont like it they shouldn't watch
Sarah grace (8 days ago)
+Kayla Schwalger exactly
Kayla Schwalger (8 days ago)
+Sarah grace I agree with you like if they let plus size models or even shorter girls model for vs they're completely changing the brand that they've developed over so many years and it's not worth it just to be 'inclusive'
Latifa Campbell (1 month ago)
My fat ass could neverrrr
brittanybarrett2316 (3 days ago)
Lol my 5’5 150 lb ass can dream though 😂
Roxanne Moultrie (10 days ago)
Bitch Me Neither😂 Idek Why I'm Watching This Shitt
Sarah grace (11 days ago)
Neither could I 😂
Faceless Gamer (23 days ago)
Latifa Campbell the nba don’t want my 5”7 ass either get used to it
a e s t h e t i c (25 days ago)
Kayla (1 month ago)
I wish height wasn’t a requirement for this show. There are so many gorgeous girls out there who are just slightly on the shorter end.
5:13 hey my name is Giselle but it’s not spelt Gizele ❤️❤️
lara dimitrova (1 month ago)
I want to be a model but they are sooo skiny
lil fyer (1 month ago)
why do they have to be so tall and skinny
lil fyer (1 month ago)
so hot
L Y (1 month ago)
lol that laugh in the beginning
Brittany Courtney (1 month ago)
Omg this is like a contest to see who’s the most underweight😂
Naara Tapia (1 month ago)
Porqué todas tan anorexicas?
Armando Sanchez (1 month ago)
Elisa Piredda (1 month ago)
The girl at 0:34😍
Suushi Squad (1 month ago)
I teared up cuz.... idek !
Chelsea Belle (1 month ago)
i think gigi deserves to be a vs model. she works hard and is such a natural beauty. without her parents i think she would do well. bella and kendall, however.....
Sophie X. (1 month ago)
The first girls got skills if she can run in heels
Olivia Masoner (1 month ago)
V a
MiriamB (1 month ago)
Funtime_Swagbear (1 month ago)
Keep your pants dry And Your dreams wet
hey itsbarb (1 month ago)
Dance Moms edit (1 month ago)
1:49 Poland❤️ omg🇵🇱
Fuzz Zeballs (1 month ago)
victorias skinny bitch show
DIYS AND HACKS (1 month ago)
Ik that I will be in this one day because I’m going to work my but off for it
Daisy Blue (1 month ago)
Gigi, bella, kendall are gonna get the show whether they earned it or not and its all cause of u guys. U guys give them fame and VS wants models that will give ratings so OBVIOUSLY they are gonna walk the show whether u like or not like u have to admit if famous models were not walking VS show wouldn't be as hyped thats why they hire models like bella, kendall etc for the ratings idiots
Balenciaga (1 month ago)
Who’s the girl at 4:00

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