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How to Get the Job at Victoria's Secret

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Hey guys! Today I give you all of my personal tips/tricks to get the job at Victoria's Secret. Good luck! :) VIDEOS MENTIONED: What it's really like to work at Victoria's Secret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeJM0a1UMzo&t=199s Confessions of a former Victoria's Secret Worker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phTc3KfJ6zE&t=10s FOLLOW MY LIFE: Twitter: https://twitter.com/clancyburke Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clancyburke/ Snapchat: @clamcee Website: http://candidlyclancy.com SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOG CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ2WOwaED_sv5MIZCqvbC1g CHECK OUT MY PLAYLISTS THAT I CREATED JUST FOR YOU! :) Inspiration & Word Vomit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf-yIa__U5s&index=1&list=PLa05QJj97nYsnA3os0-cUoJ97XUgu4jqc Clancy's Confessions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phTc3KfJ6zE&list=PLa05QJj97nYtmFk5Of9WXqTINBDJuVwsP&index=1 Q&A's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vX6k6cdWhQ&list=PLa05QJj97nYtft04lKSI7LLT-ycj_Bvt1 Health + Fitness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFOk2Bip6-o&list=PLa05QJj97nYv4zsaNFKr-WgNBgon3ejn3 Routines + Skits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L01rpLWBfU0&list=PLa05QJj97nYv_YPKZSBhwWZBBtO91DVIU College 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC_7SKDBXL4&list=PLa05QJj97nYsVtMmCrS1f6Twsg2p1f1OH&index=5 **2 NEW VIDEOS EVERY SINGLE WEEK** [Saturday & Wednesday] FAQs: **How old are you?** 21 years old **How tall are you?** 5'5 **What do you film on?** Canon Rebel T5i **What do you use to edit your videos?** iMovie Any businesses wishing to contact me can e-mail me at: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOVE YOU GUYS! FTC: Not sponsored. All items purchased with my own moola.
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Text Comments (117)
meggers (4 months ago)
My interview is tomorrow ahhh
Shelby Hylton (7 months ago)
Girl I’m starting with a group interview lol also do you have any examples of questions to ask at the end?
Moonprincess28 Hey (7 months ago)
i was like whats wrong with a blazer and dress pants lol
Emillie Landa (8 months ago)
What if it goes straight to a group interview
suresh bhatt (8 months ago)
crazy 10 dollars pussy
suresh bhatt (8 months ago)
what the hell she talks
SLOTMANIAC (8 months ago)
All you need to do is be a pretty white girl and bam you got it
Her Paper Heart Photo (9 months ago)
Just in time ❤️
Devorah Augustin (9 months ago)
I have a questions What we do as sales associate in Victoria Secret ?
Patrick Wentzell (10 months ago)
Your doing good.
autumn williams (11 months ago)
How did I get to hot topic to here
Crystal Sosa (1 year ago)
Hey girl I have a question I send in my application and then I got a call from the manager saying oh we saw your application and she asked a few questions and said will you be able to come to a group interview. How would that work how like do I basically have The job or shoudl I keep being nervous and practice questions 😭😭
Sadie M (1 year ago)
No one's ever told me this but I'm pretty sure I have resting bitch face.
Shelly L (1 year ago)
I got the job and it was HELL! Lmao
Brian A. C (1 year ago)
is it weird for a guy to work at a Victoria's secret lol
Elvira Peña (1 year ago)
Hey Clancy! This video's been pretty helpful! I'm getting ready for an interview at Victoria's S.. in a few days, and I'm really nervous! But at least it's good to know what to expect! Thanks a lot!!!
yareli moreno (1 year ago)
I went to my VS interview today. I feel like every girl there watched your video. Because tell me why I walked in and every single girl there was wearing black pants and a black shirt. I was the only one there wearing a bright pink shirt. I'm honestly worried I'm not getting the job because of that lmao
yareli moreno (1 year ago)
yes I did! I start this week :)
Charli (1 year ago)
yareli moreno Did you get the job !?
Kairaaaaa (1 year ago)
So, I had an over the phone interview. I was told to come in so I could interview with the store manager. Would that be the group interview or does the store manager do both the single and group interviews?
Darcy Disha (1 year ago)
What type of questions should we ask when they will ask us ANY QUESTIONS? ?? Please reply🙏🙏🙏
Marisol Cazares (1 year ago)
Is the second interview always going to be a group interview
ccanela28 (1 year ago)
love your energy !
m Al (1 year ago)
how old do you have to be to get a job there
iluvpie20101 (2 years ago)
Welp, the one I applied to is a VS and PINK combined so... I wouldn't know what to wear to the interview lmfao 😭
Akasha Spino-Bybee (2 years ago)
Hey Clancy, love your name, your upbeat attitude and appreciate all the info! Quick question, I applied online about two-three weeks ago, just got called back for an interview and the girl said that they were trying to make it a group interview. Any thoughts on what this might mean? From all of my research, they either do one individual interview and THEN a group interview or they have you do two group interviews, so just wanna get your input on this. Again, thanks so much for all the info! :)
Victoria Giordano (2 years ago)
I just wanna tell you that I watched this video an hour before my interview and I just found out yesterday that I got the job! So thank you so much for posting this video!:)
Kaylyn Kyera (2 years ago)
Are there set shifts like 12-5 or something like that?
Mr.SkinnyFTW (2 years ago)
Hey great video I am thinking about applying but what's the dress code for guy. I am a guy and I want to wear vs clothes is it okay or not thanks.
elizabeth davidson (2 years ago)
Clancy post a video please!
Kate P (2 years ago)
I literally just found you on YT and you've already swooped up my list of favourites! you are hilarious and so nice !! good things will come to you chica :)
Annen kanal (2 years ago)
I miss your videoos, where are you Clancy!? <3
Maddie Hamel (2 years ago)
Nikol Nikolova (2 years ago)
So sad you're not doing vlogmas 😭😭😭😭
Lucie Galloway (2 years ago)
Are you doing vlogmas clancy???
everydaywithrae (2 years ago)
where is vlogmas vids I miss them
Valeria Domínguez (2 years ago)
Why do people say she has an accent? I don't see it 🤔😔
Casey Wilson (2 years ago)
Clancy where have you been?? Miss you and your videos/vlogs! Come back :)
Renee (2 years ago)
Are you doing vlogmas this year?☃
Stephanie Ibold (2 years ago)
Could you go more into what experience you had beforehand (retail, past jobs, etc.)?
Vick Santana (2 years ago)
That was a great video!
joselin solis (2 years ago)
Hey I applied like a month ago and I still haven't gotten anything. Like at all. So I called but the manager was busy and I left them my number and name. I called yesterday. Do you know why is that ? I thought they were going to call me around this time because the holidays. But i haven't gotten any rejection or acceptance from them. How long did it took them to call you ? And do you know how the process works like what the managers do to choose people to interview? Sorry for so much questions lol Hope to hear from you soon <3
I really love your videos!! The first one I ever watched was the unboxing of the iPod Touch. Memories...
Nicki (2 years ago)
thats right hahaha I'm an environmental officer and definitely don't want to work at victoria secret, but still watched it!
Ashley Sigurdson (2 years ago)
That lip color is so gorgeous!
kayla b (2 years ago)
the fan girl would totally be me lol 😂😂
Lucie Galloway (2 years ago)
Love the video! Where is this lipstick from? Its gorgeous!!
Sher Delva (2 years ago)
Didn't you post this already?
Steph K (2 years ago)
Your videos make me so freaking happy you have no idea how much I enjoy them! Keep up the great work as always , Clancy , love you so much girl!😍💗
Janine Hollimon (2 years ago)
ty for being helpful!
Marie Myers (2 years ago)
Omg this bra is perfect for your boobs!
Abby Byer (2 years ago)
Hey your little boy cousin is so cute! I love you both SM! 😉💞
Lakhdeep Jaswal (2 years ago)
I love how much you hate VS hahanana love your videos!
Melany De Sensi (2 years ago)
Hm384 (2 years ago)
you should definitely do another confessions of former Victoria's secret employees video again! that was hilarious!!
Keega Kruz (2 years ago)
When you have literally zero interest in applying for Victoria's Secret, but you watch the whole video anyway because it's Clancy.
KeKe (2 years ago)
1234 oh (2 years ago)
Keega Kruz Watching it even though there exists no VS in my Country lol
Abby Byer (2 years ago)
Keega Kruz same lol
Koirym (2 years ago)
Love this girl and her videos are so informative! But that MOUTH! :)
Merlin Borghuis (2 years ago)
If they would ask me 'Do you shop here?' I would say 'Where do you think my bra is from' 😂
Merlin Borghuis (2 years ago)
Oh my god, this morning i watched your experience video from VS😂
Kylie J (2 years ago)
Still pushing the Victoria's Secret eh?
Lesdoigtsgentils (2 years ago)
If I genuinely cannot think of a question at the end of the interview I will say, 'I think you've answered them all, which is great!' or just ask when you can expect to hear from them.
Tiafain (2 years ago)
I am really stating to like this girl. Seems like a nice personality, and easy to talk with. Would buy her a beer if she ever comes to Norway.
Lou Rosey (2 years ago)
I love your videos!!! From japan
Celina Middleton (2 years ago)
EARLY SQUAD WHERE U ATTTTTT Don't answer right here.
MakeupbyMary01 (2 years ago)
I love this video!
Natalie Wright (2 years ago)
Are you doing vlogmas?!
Marina Aldafrawy (2 years ago)
Omg, you are back to your old house !! I miss that corner 😃❤ ...I really need to know what is the end song ..
Julia Park (2 years ago)
I love that color on you!
Nadia JM (2 years ago)
Love your hair!!
Goddess TV (2 years ago)
Brianna Ruzinov (2 years ago)
littlelotti24 (2 years ago)
Green is your color 💗🍐precious lol
believeyourself92 (2 years ago)
I applied Victoria's Secret 5 years ago but I didn't get the interview because the application that I filled out didn't match the requirements they were looking for.
JenRose89 (2 years ago)
Minimum paying job lack of hours (other then around the holidays)... I don't see the hype.
Lisa Julia (1 year ago)
JenRose89 definitely status
Leslie bairesgirl (2 years ago)
I applied to work there a few months ago but never heard back :( but like a few of u said these tips are great for any job interview, thanks for making this video!
amber perkins (6 months ago)
mo289 Where did you apply? The Assistant store manager told me go through Victoria’s Secret.com/Careers but when I go to looking at openings it takes me to LBrands and he said he never see’s those. Help me please?
Salarte (1 year ago)
Leslie bairesgirl is there a certain age you have to be to work at vs?
Leslie bairesgirl (2 years ago)
joselin solis I say keep applying if u r interested... sometimes I don't get some companies, they post job ads for months n months I don't know if they are being too picky or what... lol
joselin solis (2 years ago)
Me 2 I applied like twice and nothing
mo289 (2 years ago)
Leslie bairesgirl you should try applying again if you're still interested!! I applied four months ago, didn't hear anything and then applied again and I'm now hired :) good luck!
Reem H (2 years ago)
I worked at a VS a while ago, and I didn't go thru a 1-on-1 interview, it was just group interview, then i was hired. I loved it there thou, my manger was a amazing. I was straight to the point & told them when I'm actually available, I didn't have trouble there.. I wore black pants, & a blazer.. looked pretty professional. They asked me a Q which is good to share " do you want to work on the floor, or in the stock room?".. be prepared, I said on the floor, but if you don't mind either, make that clear that you are available for either shifts. Do know that some stores have frequent Sunday morning meeting, which i wasn't aware of.... be you & good luck =).. at the end of the day, its a simple sales job.. selling sexy things, have fun!
Jasli Almonte (2 months ago)
Reem H were you hired on the spot at the group interview or you waited for them to call you or email you?
Nicole Marie (2 years ago)
These are some good tips for applying for most jobs!
Alyssa Farnham (2 years ago)
Your videos and vlogs are my favorite!
evie (2 years ago)
The good old background
Clancy Burke (2 years ago)
hahaha yes!
Lauren Bryant (2 years ago)
I love you so much and all your videos and vlogs! Are you doing vlogmas this year?
Carrie (2 years ago)
Clancy, your makeup looks so gorgeous!!!
Clancy Burke (2 years ago)
Aww thank you so much!! :)
JessBecause (2 years ago)
These are good tips! Can be applied to a lot of other jobs as well 👌🏻🙌🏻
em (2 years ago)
Clancy Burke what is it called??
Clancy Burke (2 years ago)
Thank you! And yes, I definitely think so!
Marisa (2 years ago)
I've been a sales associate at my local VS store since February and I really do love it...except semi-annual sale time hahaha but I wish I had had a video like this to help when I was going through the interview process for it! Good work!
Clancy Burke (2 years ago)
Haha omg SAS was a zoo! That's awesome that you love working there though!
sprinkleofstyle (2 years ago)
germboy007 (2 years ago)
sprinkleofstyle genetics so unfair
Adriana Gallegos (2 years ago)
when you watch this video only to see Clancy b/c honestly you could never see yourself working at Victoria's Secret 💁🏻
Mjones (2 years ago)
Gigi Hernanderz 18 I believe
Gigi Hernanderz (2 years ago)
Clancy Burke how old are you supposed to be to work at victoria secret??
Clancy Burke (2 years ago)
Hahaha aww thanks for watching! <3
AnnaAbraham97 (2 years ago)
I love your horror stories from Victoria's Secret, I always laugh so hard when you and Victoria tell the stories 😂
Karolina Zebic (2 years ago)
love youu babe
Gabrielle Melo (2 years ago)
Love your lip color!
em (2 years ago)
Clancy Burke what is it called??
Clancy Burke (2 years ago)
Thank you! :)
Nevaeh Stearns (2 years ago)
Love you
Akilah B (2 years ago)
Jennifer Tabulov (2 years ago)
Love youuu!!💕💕💕
Julia Robak (2 years ago)
emma rose (2 years ago)
I LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️
Suzannah Musgrave (2 years ago)
Love you !!!!

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