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How to Look Good in the Gym | DON'T Look Like a Gym Douche!

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Text Comments (857)
Bean Flicker (6 days ago)
i get it but i feel like it’s not that necessary to dress well to the gym, imo a wife beater and basketball shorts is appropriate for the gym
Mifi City (6 days ago)
https://miniurl.pw/LdFa0s 🔥
eVoconKO16 eVOconKO16 (8 days ago)
Wtf is this dude saying omg.. What a stupid fuck
Hi sir I am skinny guy so what kind of clothes should I wear in gym to look perfect?
Ch Minouu (14 days ago)
love you videos bro
•Snap • (18 days ago)
Danm those Grand ACs joggers ❕💯
16 Lines (20 days ago)
Where can i get those tan joggers
Der Barbar (21 days ago)
Where are the good old times where gyms where not full of small skinny hipsters taking photos for their social media accounts? Where are the good old times where clothes didn't matter in the gym and it was all about lifting?
Platinum Dilan (1 month ago)
I picked up the girl that works at the gym watching this no bull
ALEX (1 month ago)
You’re not gonna get girls at the gym lol. They’re there to workout not get hit on. Rookies
Eddie Aguinaga (1 month ago)
I hate man leggings, hoodies,pants hats, sweatpants, at gym.keep it simple.sneakers.shorts.tank top.wear deodorant. Thats it!
AjayStylin (1 month ago)
Very good knowledge I'm thinking of signing up for the gym!!!!!!!!!
The art Attack (1 month ago)
I’m starting to go to the gym next week and this is a good video Ps. I’m going to the gym to look good so I actually have something to show off 😂 great video tho
Ben S (2 months ago)
No stringer? Unsubbed
vinay gupta (2 months ago)
Duplicate alpham.
That One Chris (2 months ago)
I would think most women don't want to be hit on at the gym.
Miguel Flores (2 months ago)
Alright so about blender bottles?😂😂
cristian valdez (3 months ago)
Black tank and gray sweats thats it
adoboFosho (3 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to hem his shorts for the perfect length above the knee
HLFerg (3 months ago)
Don't skip leg day please. Thanks.
Risk Designs & Intros (3 months ago)
Not even on the start of the video and i can already tell that my man is going to use a sponsor for this vid
CLASH with SM (3 months ago)
U give good tips but who the FUCK GIVES A SHIT WTF U WEAR TO THR GYM BRUH. Like oh yeah I'm sweating and shit girl u like that?? 😂😂
David mason (3 months ago)
So a Grand AC advert in disguise. Great.
EAGLE___EMPIRE (3 months ago)
The tapered jogger metro sexual look is a joke, just so you know most woman think its not attractive. Stop it already
Mustapha S (3 months ago)
Dakota Wiseman (3 months ago)
1:16 Adam Sandler?
Bryan P (4 months ago)
Adidas is the best brand. I have tried every brand possible (even Nike) and none of them last like Adidas. Their clothes last for years. You have to buy their $35 and more clothes though. Anything below is alittle less quality. Just go to their running section. And buy ultra boosts. They will last you a good while.
Todd Langstaff (4 months ago)
Ad ends at 3:34
otahu Rice (4 months ago)
tapered pants sucks for a dude with big legs.
gir89 (4 months ago)
If you’re worried about what you look like in the gym you shouldn’t go to the gym. Nobody cares if you look homeless, if people think you’re overdressed who cares? And number one thing don’t you tell me how fucking loud I have to be, if you have ever lifted heavy enough weight you will be loud and there is nothing you can do about it.
Alvin Stjohn (4 months ago)
Now these are some good tips when it comes to work out attire 👌
do it (4 months ago)
How long did it take you to get where you are?
Isaiah Diaz (4 months ago)
Buddy your small don’t act like you know anything about lifting 😂 lol wear whatever the fuck you wan not here to impress
EdBojorquez (4 months ago)
How to dress for the gym: #1 Don't be a skinny kunt
Dante55ful (4 months ago)
My workouts are Parkour & Freerunning so I want to wear a Spider-Man suit to training lol
Tommy Robinson (4 months ago)
This guy is so cringe when it comes to teaching fashion
Christopher Davis (4 months ago)
Essentials is great quality tho 👍🏾
Christopher Davis (4 months ago)
No disrespect to TMF but don’t listen to him. These gym clothes are pure garbage. Worst quality ever. Don’t buy!!
Farhana H (4 months ago)
you are sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Ryan Hagensen (4 months ago)
I don't go to the gym to show off. You should go to the gym just to work out and go back home. So wear whatever the fuck you want.
G P (4 months ago)
But Nike makes everything you wear
Seo Tips (4 months ago)
great ideas to look good at gym http://www.bestundergarment.com/workout-clothes-for-men/
Ashokkumar Okram (4 months ago)
How can I get your hairstyle
Mert-Eren Incedal (4 months ago)
This dude doesnt know how to dress...
srthatejeep (5 months ago)
Never knew you go looking good to the gym I thought you go to the gym to look good after
duby149 (5 months ago)
Ok I need some input on this argument I'm having with friends and fiance, do you have to wear socks and underwear to the gym. I normal go to the gym in a tshirt and some basketball shorts with specific mesh running shoes, I only wear these to the gym and not my everyday life and they got mad and was like that's gross even after I told them I clean the machines before and after using them.
Cussy Richards (5 months ago)
To look good at the gym: 1). Be taller than every other guy in there, 2). Be better looking than every other guy in there, 3). Be in better shape than every other guy in there. If you achieve this, maybe you'll be good enough for her (probably not though - there's always Tinder where she can get the tallest, best looking, most ripped guy in the entire CITY, not just your gym).
HashbrownGokuson (5 months ago)
Tank + shorts + SHOES + SWOLE =im good lmaoo
Yasuo Main (5 months ago)
Mf. #1 already killed gym Haters. 🔥
Jacob Joyce (5 months ago)
You wear 3 layers on top. A cutoff (NOT A STRINGER,) A tight fitting tee that hugs your arms niiiiice and tiiiiight, then a hoodie or sweater. You warm up and get a little pump going. Take off the hoodie. Then when you get a few exercises and you’re feeling a gnarly ass fuckin pump. You take off the tee. Then boom. Pythons are nice and juicy, let those bad motherfuckers breathe and rock the cutoff.
Abq fire72 (5 months ago)
"Dont go buy Nike" Finds a way to turn it into a commercial for his buddies clothing instead haha!
Abq fire72 (5 months ago)
Get gym shark. Dont listen to this guy......
Maymayrin (5 months ago)
Do you even lift
KireRike (5 months ago)
Shut up I look how I want
Mitchell W (5 months ago)
Why you gotta do Adam Sandler like that lmao
Niels (5 months ago)
i wear lifting belts in public with my 1 gallon water bottle
Osmosis Jones (5 months ago)
You must be a real douche if you need an instructional video on how to not look like a douche in the gym
Akrom Z (5 months ago)
Why should you care how you look in the gym if you get your work out done then it’s good
Ray Linh (5 months ago)
Exactly! I’m a huge advocate of looking good\fashionable at the gym, whilst training.
C. Cvetanov (5 months ago)
5:28 damn those screams xD
MrCharlan1 (5 months ago)
What’s wrong with people wanting to wear the best gym gear in the gym? ‘All you need is a regular top and shorts’. People need to start focusing on themselves more and not what people are ‘wearing’, I personally like to wear clothes that fit reasonably tight as it makes me feel confident and therefore allows my workout to be more successful.
sanjita dawadi (6 months ago)
atouchofgenius (6 months ago)
This guy is like a door to door salesman but in video format
Flighted (6 months ago)
when did the gym become a fashion show
Connie Smith (6 months ago)
I don't know but step #1 don't wear a shirt where the collar has been all stretched out and can't hold shape when there is a microphone attached. Also isn't your gym heated? Why are you wearing tights under your shorts?
Magnus P (6 months ago)
Hassan Haq (7 months ago)
Grunting is actually acceptable as it helps performance, although I agree that too much grunting is douchey.
munzic Y o (7 months ago)
Shame that the company you are talking about is not selling worldwide..
Lungelo Doncabe (7 months ago)
5:30😂😂😂That sound of a bear😂😂😂i can relate!
Sameer Bawaria (7 months ago)
makes videos to masterbution
Xzavier113 (7 months ago)
what if you’re fat?
Kiki (8 months ago)
So stringer tanks makes me lols like a douche bruh I careless what people say
machkof nr (8 months ago)
I agreed for what you said in the beginning 😉
Low budget productions (8 months ago)
"highlight your best features" uuuuh, ummmm... y-, no... uhhhh
_Solough (8 months ago)
I feel like every dude at my military gym needs to watch this video 😂😂
Ricardo Roger (9 months ago)
Great...as usual, tells you what you should wear, GIVES YOU NO ACTUAL BRANDS HE IS WEARING IN VIDEO!
beta tips lol
Prakash Kumar (9 months ago)
You are mad
The David (9 months ago)
Gay video Jose
Ahmed yousif (9 months ago)
Jose, everything’s sold out man! We need a new collection ASAP. Love!!!
Markers (10 months ago)
Nobody cares about what you wear
Emmett Franklin (10 months ago)
What beige pants are you wearing with those adidas continental 80’s.
adam O Ceallaigh (10 months ago)
hi Jose just want to ask what category did you sign up under when signing up to the menlo club
J Z (10 months ago)
If you're trying to look good at the gym - you probably are a gym douche. Just wear a regular t-shirt from Walmart is fine. Wear shorts around knee length with no stupid tights. Running shoes. During cold months maybe wear sweats.
Haziq Rahmat (10 months ago)
why do i feel like jose is a fashion designer
Mohnish G (10 months ago)
Really a puking video. This is the rewason why you are not so great builder.
Mohnish G (10 months ago)
Absolutely foolish video. Worst of all. Remove it. Looks like you are focusing on others at the gym. Your own bodu man.
Ahmed Zouzou (10 months ago)
lupe Lopez (10 months ago)
I go to the gym to exercise and better myself. Not to impress someone or care about what they think about me 😄
Juan Guzman (10 months ago)
Franshy P. Dorcimil (10 months ago)
Really love the number 5 😂🤣
Erosknight (10 months ago)
I honestly just came to watch Jose in Sexy Gym Clothes #KappaPride
Arjun Shrestha (10 months ago)
Jose the type of zuniga that always makes an example out of adam sandler..
6a6Hasan Ertürk (10 months ago)
What is the name of the sneakers at 1:32
ThrowTheFrag (10 months ago)
1:55 I couldn't give 2 fucks what other people think. U Mirin' son
Lycan (10 months ago)
ΤΗΕ best channel... one day it will save my LIFE
Teachingboys Fashion (10 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df6CIFWi7XAb joseee
Kyle Benjamin (10 months ago)
What is the name of the shoe is jose wearing at 1:28
Luc Scott (10 months ago)
The first five seconds tho
Walfy (10 months ago)
this guys is just doing videos around his sponsors now
Santiago Bacchella (10 months ago)
Said this guy's videos are sponsored? WHERE? lol
Santiago Bacchella (10 months ago)
I'm not actually being mean I actually like this videos tho

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