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Fashion Chicks Full movie

1355 ratings | 261446 views
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Text Comments (128)
feriha karabacak (2 days ago)
9:36 what’s the name of this song?
ilhani snappy gal (8 days ago)
Wow I love it....... Wish if it could be an english next ep let be english plz. Plz. M..........
Grace Udo (10 days ago)
really wish it was in English tho
christina lang (16 days ago)
Great movie all in and hysterically funuggly eyebrows all over peps.👍
Khyllep Khlem (19 days ago)
What language is this.dnt undrstang
Abhimanue Ekalavyan (25 days ago)
Deaf heroin😈😈😈😈😈 but nice movie
karla quattrini (1 month ago)
alguien la tienen en español?
Tereza Sharifu (1 month ago)
Nicky Sairem (1 month ago)
please put the english sub for this movie
Arunima M P (1 month ago)
Nicee movieeee l love ittttttttttttt
Mico ascado (1 month ago)
English subtitle please!!!
Catalina (1 month ago)
No entiendo casi nada pero ella debería fijarse en Max es mas lindo
Neha Singh (2 months ago)
Even though I don't understand the language. Still I love this movie 😘
Stella Kate (18 days ago)
Neha Singh I know right
stacy djosari (2 months ago)
So mooie mmar dat meisjes 😐😲 gemeen
احلام بريئة (2 months ago)
عربية بليز
Prakash Pawar (2 months ago)
She was fantastic
Clara Va (3 months ago)
lo puedes traducir al español please
Gwenn Aiko Sarmiento (3 months ago)
Please make it english language or open the english subtitle please....
akhrie zhasa (3 months ago)
Plz english sub
Hanna David (3 months ago)
I wish this was in english or at least an english subtitles. Anyone knows where I could watch this with an english subtitles?????
kunal kunal (4 months ago)
please eng sub
Ice princess Jung (4 months ago)
I wish this was in english or even in a eng sub
Mix.Y (5 months ago)
wat een leuk film En met B-brave erin is het nog vetter!!
hmathias 51 (7 months ago)
pour quoi le son il est pas du tout fort cest nul et je le veux en Français
Mousumi Aktar Hashin (7 months ago)
Awesome movie <3 from Bangladesh
Asarebea Mavis (9 months ago)
I don't understand de language but I watched it over and again ❤❤❤❤
MovieFreak ! (11 months ago)
Mooie film
shrek _mymans (11 months ago)
In wich language is the movie?Englisch French or Deutsch
Radio Atheist (8 months ago)
i don't tell my name It's Dutch. A mixture of English, German and something else 😂😂
Sara-Ann Edwards (11 months ago)
Oh shit it's in French
Dian Paton (1 year ago)
No use looking at this because I won’t understand 🇬🇾☹️👎👀 🎥
Elizabeth Bates (1 year ago)
Anybody else understand what they were saying besides me?
Nikki Mathoera (1 year ago)
Leuke films
Marwa Chargi (1 year ago)
c est manifiqe film👌
Song at 36:24 please?
Anna Mae Amado (1 year ago)
I'm still watching this even if I don't understand haha
Anna Mae Amado (1 year ago)
English please I don't understand what they are saying 😍😍😍 but i like this urgh
American Stars (1 year ago)
Echt een mooie film Als je het goed zou bekijken gaat het eigenlijk over om jezelf te zijn😍
Eimy Castilo (1 year ago)
This movie was wow
Rowina Marcelis (1 year ago)
43.50 lekker logisch dat mascha daar staat😂
Meghan Ngadenan (1 year ago)
ik kijk dit film al tien keren maar tog blijv it zo mooi
Sacdiyo Abdulqader (3 months ago)
Goede film. Nederlandssss
momo mangas (1 year ago)
quel est la musique à la fin svp merci ?
dejah willis (1 year ago)
can i find this in engkish or subs
Seynabou Sene (1 year ago)
en français svp
Arianna Dorsey (1 year ago)
me to
lea roke (1 year ago)
je veux le film en français moi aussi🙇🙇🙇
Ophélia Debruille (1 year ago)
moi aussi
kim Manutahi (1 year ago)
j 'adore ce film
Grace Shilloh (1 year ago)
I didnt understand a word but the fashion was on point.Love the movie but I wish it was in English.
Zira Hashim (1 year ago)
its a nice movie but it would be nice if u have english sub..
Camille Rezrazi (1 year ago)
Je cherche la musique de la fin, impossible de la trouver sur internet et Shazam ne marche pas. A partir de 1:28:54. Une idée?
edith majorel (1 year ago)
jeux veut se film en francais
ilona_ vrz (1 year ago)
je comrend pas se film je les regarder hier il etais en francais et mmaintenant je veut le re regarder il est en anglais il faut m expliquer moin 1jaime moin un abo
LENZTKA (1 year ago)
Quelqu'un aurait le titre de la musique à 1h06 minutes s'il vous plaît ?!!!!
DansTesRêve Gros (1 year ago)
PLEASE !! 57:57 music ????
DansTesRêve Gros (1 year ago)
57:57 music ????????????????????????????????????????????
benbala camelia (1 year ago)
Salut vous avez la musique à 1h04 je la chercher de partout et Shazam marche pas velo please 😘😘😘
lisa melody (1 year ago)
THIS GIRLS IS JUST SO MUCH ME. having what it takes but cant show out ur real self. DESIGNING IS PART OF ME. leve this movie. LIZZY is ma name
Emanuel OVA (1 year ago)
je veut veut ce film en français mais putains la suis trop triste
Hajar Farkli (1 year ago)
Emanuel OVA vas sur streaming
Laurine Dupont (1 year ago)
Moi aussi
Sweety_ β (1 year ago)
il y avait une chaine elle s appelle jsp et elle a mis se filme en francais mais cette chaine a ete supprimer
Abdullah (1 year ago)
Bad ending
Jojo DJ (1 year ago)
C'est quoi la chanson à 1:04:00 environ ??? Song - 1:04:00 ?
Rim Gouzi (1 year ago)
Sterre Orriens Lady Bee - that paper
YUI (1 year ago)
waar is het geluid???
DansTesRêve Gros (1 year ago)
59:20 music please ?????
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
S'il vous plaît !!!!!
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
Sarah Choucha (1 year ago)
moi aussi
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
DansTesRêve Gros (1 year ago)
La music a 57:57 ?????? please
Emi Lie (1 year ago)
what is the name of the song at 15:17 please?????? :( :(
ilaydaktepee (1 year ago)
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
Fadima Tall Yes what ?? Please Help me !!
Fadima Tall (1 year ago)
Mackenzie 1D Styles
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
B SARAH (1 year ago)
Mackenzie 1D Styles la tu trouver ?
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
WHAT IS THE SONG ON 45:14 PLEASE !! Quel est la chanson a 45:14 svpp
launiko Ldr (1 year ago)
svp c'est quoi le titre de la musique 51min38 svp ?
Léandro Damartou (1 year ago)
C"est quoi la musique à 57:57 ?????
Lynda Mrnch (1 year ago)
Yeahh cool ! mais on le veut en français svp
Malou Malou (1 year ago)
Lynda Mrnch aller sur stream complet c gratuit et en bonne qualité
Edwin Dunn (1 year ago)
French please 🤞🏼🤞🏼👏🏼😭😭
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
Edwin Dunn Stream complet gratuit tu Y vas
Rama Kane (1 year ago)
en français svp
reizenneth jose (1 year ago)
subtitles please 😄😄
LOLIPTI MSP (1 year ago)
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
LOLIPTI MSP dans le site stream complet gratuit DE bonne qualite
lolla berth (1 year ago)
moi aussi
Géraldine Enrico (1 year ago)
En français svp
Mackenzie 1D Styles (1 year ago)
Géraldine Enrico dans le site stream complet
Karolistas Bretonne (1 year ago)
Je le veux en vf moi 😢
Dolly Trawick (1 year ago)
I wish this was in English, it seems good though.
Kyeshi 109 (10 days ago)
Actually I'm English and I could Understand it perfectly and I'll advice you not to call someone dumb unless you want to be a troll
Brown Flower (6 months ago)
Alina Saleem its dutch are you dumb or dumber?
DBZ Instinct (6 months ago)
Dollove XOXO me too man
Alina Saleem (1 year ago)
Queen Bee it's English
-Brandon- (1 year ago)
Queen Bee its dutch
mamzel Alicia (1 year ago)
le français 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
Enorah François (1 year ago)
et le film en entier et en français
abdo fekkar (1 year ago)
je veux se film en français
Djibril Gueye (1 year ago)
Abderrahmane Fekkar b
Flavie Lmt (1 year ago)
Abderrahmane Fekkar tu l'as en streaming français même sans les compte spécial 😉
Lõlå cøvër (1 year ago)
je veux ce film en français 💔😞💔
Alissa Munoz (4 months ago)
Some of it was in English
Alissa Munoz (4 months ago)
Lõlå cøvër it is in English
Cindy Lucinda (1 year ago)
passe sur ma chaine je l'ai publié et c'est en francais
la_princesse_du_66 (1 year ago)
Riri !!! c pas gratuit
la_princesse_du_66 (1 year ago)
lēmā & lōlā moi aussi
Jose Smilez (1 year ago)
THIS IS BETTER THAN " The Devil wears Prada" ! Great movie WOW!
Yasmine REL (4 months ago)
Jose Smilez Hi Did you watch the movie I.mean the devil wears brada
Tinhinane Mokeddes (1 year ago)
i like this movie
just a channel (1 year ago)
leukste film ooit! en gelukkig is ze nog ergens gekomen die esmee ❤ en ze komt me geel erg bekend voor en btw leuk dat mascha van beautygloss er ook in speelt! :-)
army forever (1 year ago)
emily chen (1 year ago)
love exo kpop

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