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Best Men's Dopp Kit or Toiletry Bag - Men's Essential Accessories - Leather

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http://awest.me/dopp - for more details about my favorite dopp kits. My other luggage & travel accessory videos: Backpacks/Rucksacks - https://youtu.be/1ZnxTwZ4BHQ Briefcase/Messenger Bags - https://youtu.be/Cwl1xoqqKxg Weekender Bags - https://youtu.be/2q1ROXBxs2c http://awest.me/ebooks - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. Follow Me On: SnapChat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/ashleypweston Twitter - http://twitter.com/ashleypweston Instagram - http://instagram.com/ashleypweston Facebook - http://facebook.com/ashleywestonstylist Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypweston
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chrisk730 (22 days ago)
I've traveled for decades, hundreds of business trips, with fancy leather dopp kits before realizing, the lightest, lowest care, favorite dopp kit is a gallon ziploc bag. Lightweight, waterproof, see through, and easily replaced. Leather dopp kits are nonsense.
mistermatsuda (3 months ago)
My travel dopp kit is a gallon ziplock bag. It's water tight.
super D (3 months ago)
Please Marry me because in that case i would never care about how i look because my girl is expert in men style
Vitaliy (7 months ago)
weird baba
ZCT808 (8 months ago)
I think it's not 1950 any more. We no longer live in a time where a goal is to buy an item for life. As a frequent traveller, my experience is that sooner or later a product will leak and contaminate the inside of the toiletry bag. Eventually you'll just feel like upgrading or getting something better or different. Like right now, I have a hanging Tumi product, but I'm becoming less interested in hanging versions at this time, so I'll probably buy something different. Also as a non-American, I find it odd that the expression Dopp Kit is being used for products that are not even in any way related to the original Dopp branded bags, either in brand or style. It's like calling a black shoe Dr. Martens when it isn't.
Jimmy Jimz (8 months ago)
0:29 pause
Legolas 7 (8 months ago)
The entire video are more focusing on you instead of the dopp kit lol!
Gee MeeL (8 months ago)
never seen you before, Love your channel great presented well done!!
Happy KanomKrox (10 months ago)
They looks expensive.
Jacob Kauffman (1 year ago)
These are not great quality brands.
svfutbol20 (3 months ago)
Jacob Kauffman Shinola is excellent, what are you saying
B H (1 year ago)
Thanks for he great review. You make a nice presentation and offer suggestions. However, I disagree the DOPP kit will last a lifetime. I had a nice Wilson's Leather kit for YEARS, and it got really old and dingy looking. It badly needed a facelift. I suppose I could have continued using it, but for the same reason I still don't have my first car, it was time for a new one.
Ramon Solorio (1 year ago)
#mystylesherpa 😊❤️😍
Patrick Werner (1 year ago)
How do you work with leather Dopp kits at a carry on flight, where your need a ziplock?
TartaricKnight (1 year ago)
On a constructive note, it would have been nice to get an image of actual toiletries to compare to the gadgetry.
Nelxon M. (2 years ago)
What's a dopp??
J Ko (2 years ago)
The 1st one is huge...
Michael J. (2 years ago)
A. Wes, thanks for the vid! You made my decision to purchase the Jack ♠️ Mason Leather Dopp Kit (w/15% off and free 🚢'ing). I'd never considered or thought of the zip top style! BIG UPS to ya!
Stian Legernes (2 years ago)
Hello Ashley, great video as always! thank you for the ideas! I have a question, how did you first get into styling celebrities? im curious as to how i also could be on the inside of the men's wear buisniss!
BelligerentTruth (2 years ago)
Open that shirt some more please.
mstinasugar (2 years ago)
I'm a woman but these videos are very interesting to me idk why lol
Edwin Fernandez (11 months ago)
Just as watching Michelle Phan do makeup was interesting to me lol mostly it was her soothing voice, plua these tips could easily apply to women as well.
Sajad Saidavi (1 year ago)
Hello woman✋
jayanth reddy (1 year ago)
mstinasugar u r nbr pls let's have some chat
Christian's #1 Fan (2 years ago)
How much does a stylist cost on average
Eddie Jump (2 years ago)
Next video: daily facial routine & product recommendations! ...(I've been using jack black & wish I would've used it sooner)
Eddie Jump (2 years ago)
Can't wait (:
M VGA (2 years ago)
I am NO Gentleman but I still need a decent Dopp Kit. Nice vid.
M VGA (2 years ago)
@Ashley Weston This is why I just subscribed to your channel and bookmark your site. I Need to Gentleman things up a bit.
Ajay Ajay (2 years ago)
But leather is not waterproof and water from soap or brush can damage the leather.
Rufus T Firefly (1 year ago)
ArcaneNoodles Have you been in the men's locker room it's a shitshow!
ArcaneNoodles (1 year ago)
The bags have fabric liners to product against such.
Arjel Brian Agustin (2 years ago)
but airport security needs it to be clear for liquids
Pearce Crocker (2 years ago)
Gino Peña (2 years ago)
EDC bag review and recommendation plsss.. 🙏
Erick (2 years ago)
You're a hottie
Loai Bah (2 years ago)
Ashley Weston i need that table☺️
J. Husin (2 years ago)
Great stuff as usual. Informative and mind-blowing especially for neanderthals like me. Thanks!
David M. Spence (2 years ago)
Videos have been slowly getting better lately. Thanks for the insight
Michael Shin (2 years ago)
Hello, I had a question and I already checked your website and the faq I tried to dm you on Twitter but I haven't used Twitter in couple years so I'm not sure how to do that. I know this isn't related to the video, but didn't know how else to ask you. I want to be what you do one day, I'm currently going to school for business and trying to transfer to usc or ucla so I could be in la to build relations and connections. For you, it seemed like you had the perfect opportunity when your friend was doing the photographs and asked you to do little side things. Now days it's so hard to get internships or little jobs to start off. So where do you think someone who's tryin to get in the field to start off? Thanks for you're time.
Joe Barrile (2 years ago)
Great video
Raul Ortega (2 years ago)
Dopp kits really add a sense of class. Are there any good ones that are around the 30 dollar range? I do not travel much but would like to look more organized.
All4ALotLess (2 years ago)
Raul Ortega Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/401210274849
Sir Knight (2 years ago)
Yes there are. I would suggest the "DOPP", you can find it on Amazon.com. This item is a great fit for any male looking for function. I got my sons and Soldiers the DOPP and after many years they are still going strong.
Martin Kuča (2 years ago)
I've been using a similar dopp kit to the last one you featured although way cheaper one and I gotta say that the fact that the bag is basically standing always seemed really practical to me. I might look into something different in the future though.
Yasser Sabro (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley, can u take a look to this budget-friendly toiletry bag from Massimo Dutti, i need your opinion http://www.massimodutti.com/us/men/accessories/view-all/arizona-toiletry-bag-c1706521p7362830.html?colorId=744&categoryNav=1706521
XO Sauceror (2 years ago)
Ashley you look so cute. I like your outfit almost everytime
Ruben Banerjee (2 years ago)
Save on any ThisIsGround item now by using code NXC248KUBZDV at checkout!!!
sapphiro (2 years ago)
How about men's swimwear? Are you planning to make any videos about it?
sapphiro (2 years ago)
@Ashley Weston Oh thanks. You're awesome.
mohd amir khan (2 years ago)
Celebrity men wear stylist..??? Which celebrity do you style...??
mohd amir khan (2 years ago)
Ok i will
Peter Palumbo (2 years ago)
a lot. check out her website
Andy Huynh (2 years ago)
did she say shit ?
Marlon Hosten (2 years ago)
Just a tip, you should present your products on a better looking table or cover it with a table cloth, it will look allot better !
M VGA (2 years ago)
????. I disagree.
gary samples (2 years ago)
love it thanks
Thanks nice video I have the new one from Zara
Castor (2 years ago)
For a second I read "Doop Kit" instead of "Dopp Kit". I love those skates. Great vid btw, Ashley! (as always)
Fouad AL-Hatlan (2 years ago)
I do like black with gold or copper zipper like this one from want les essentials but not sure about the quality. it looks nice though http://www.wantlesessentiels.com/int_en/kenyatta-black-caviar-leather?color=190&sku=199999181521
Aaron Bueno (2 years ago)
can you use it as a clutch bag?
Aaron Bueno (2 years ago)
+Ashley Weston thank you
Aaron Bueno (2 years ago)
+Ashley Weston the killerspencer and the regular sized doop kit
gljay (2 years ago)
I see so many people with cpap machines including myself. They won't really fit in traditional carry-on baggage as the only bag you carry to avoid check in cost of a normal bag. Any solutions?
pjrocknlock (2 years ago)
Just dropping by to say hi! :)
Samuel Cs (2 years ago)
+Ashley Weston i saw the video on how to fold the cuffs yesterday? tried it today. Seriously it was awesome. Been struggling for a while. Admire your work. Keep on. Thank You

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