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Top 6 Traits to Look For in a High-Value Man (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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►► Confused about what to text him? Just copy & paste these 9 FREE texts → http://www.9Texts.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice for women every Sunday. ▼ Women often ask me, “Matt, you give all this great advice for women to be high-value, but how do I tell if HE’S an incredible man worthy of a relationship with ME?” Ok, I’ll bite. 80% of a happy relationship is choosing the right person in the first place, so this issue couldn’t be more important for women who want to find lasting love. In this week’s video, I join forces with my brother Stephen Hussey (co-author of Get The Guy) to talk about the 6 SURE SIGNS you’re dating a high value guy, so that you can spot when he’s truly someone worth investing in. Matt x P.S. Share this with any high value men in your life ;) ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey
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Zahra Zakipoor (4 days ago)
Hey Matt I kinda couldn't believe you missed this one... The guy who has a direction in his life and he knows what he wants and why he does what he does and what he's gonna become... Not the guys who change their path drastically when they meet the girl they like
Crystal Gray (7 days ago)
To me a high value man has high emotional intelligence. The higher emotional intelligence a person has, the better relationship you’re going to have with them.
Stephanie M. (10 days ago)
One thing that bothers me is when I don't feel good or something may be not so right with me physically and a guy tells me to set up an appointment because he's not a doctor. I think a high quality man will do his best to take care of me no matter what the severity level of my ailment is. He will at least try to make me feel better.
Rosebine (12 days ago)
awwe sibling love?. Me loves that.
Chibueze Johns (14 days ago)
Matt your first point is inconsiderate. Not everyone talking to your man is unaware that he's with you. Its sooo rude and inconsiderate
Beadgal B (14 days ago)
Good communication, trust and the ability to act in situations and not be a couch potato.
Mei Ling Ya (15 days ago)
A man who is more interested in thoughtful conversation than gossip, at least most of the time
Hannah Tates (17 days ago)
Communication is key. someone who doesn’t seem afraid to be around you in certain locations, also someone who doesn’t feel afraid to give you an update on how they feel the relationship is going is key
C K (17 days ago)
Such wise words from such young men....Honestly these two have been raised very well!
C K (17 days ago)
Steven is hot!
Sangeeta Mishra (22 days ago)
Matthew is so Cute 💖😍💐✌ The way he rest his head on his brothers shoulder . Such an innocent guy 💖
V neck ....
Reeves S (26 days ago)
Not afraid to speak about the Future with you being a part of it.
Deborah Williams (28 days ago)
Catering sorta Nurturing making you feel like a Queen
Deborah Williams (28 days ago)
Do more videos with your brother. Very good
Marriet Visser (1 month ago)
We pray together and enjoy hobbies apart from other and with each other.
udaya Chanigarapu (1 month ago)
Who is honest and compassionate
Ania Wojcik (1 month ago)
High value man doesn't hide anything. I see guys date and put effort into a relationship making themselves look very high value and at the same time they carry on the fwb situations on the side. It is a dealbreaker
T J (1 month ago)
I think a high value character trait is to work hard but also be balanced enough to play hard. 😊Not lazy, and not so consumed with work that a person cannot have fun.
Sophiesticated (1 month ago)
obvious who got the good hair gene there
Jana Scharer (1 month ago)
Being able to address difficult things in the relationship, voice opinions and accept if the partner sees things differently. Only then can both learn and grow as the people they are, but also as a couple. (obviously I don't mean fundamental differences)
Lor Espo (1 month ago)
One brother won the genetic lottery lol....
jabba0975 jj (1 month ago)
1) He lets you know he's Alpha. He makes sure you don't forget it 2) He has a lot of options, so you aren't the center of his universe 3) When you test him, her doesn't roll over for you 4) He's confident 5) He dresses well Finally, and most importantly: 6) He's got a big....net worth! YAY! YAAAAAAY!
Game Over (1 month ago)
A high value man has healthy and appropriate relationships with his family and friends. He's mature enough to have forgiven his parents for their faults; he doesn't blame others for his shortcomings. Funny with that last quality you mention - my narcissistic ex would threaten divorce or leaving me during almost every argument. When I finally did divorce him, he was "hurt" and "confused" - "Why would you want to leave me?!" Rough relationship, heartbreaking, but I've learned so much and now am a little wiser.
Rachel Roth (1 month ago)
A character trait that I think is very valuable in a man and woman partner, would be empathy. Expressing genuine care and concern for you.
Goddess (1 month ago)
I like the affection between the brothers
Haylee Anne (1 month ago)
That v neck is still fire 🔥🔥🔥
Cathie Dunklee-Donnell (2 months ago)
He invests attention and energy into the relationship. He pursues you in an active way, doesn't just wait for you to text him first.
1. When you both try to make each other better people, and you bring out the best in each other. 2. When you fight, you don't point fingers. Attack the situation not each other.
starfire x (2 months ago)
This applies to girls as well. I know I've done some of these points, unfortunately. I really have to change my bad habits. Thanks so much for putting out all this info. ❤
Hayley Beck (2 months ago)
I tend to look for a man who takes care of himself physically and mentally and I don't mean that he has to be in perfect shape and eat healthy all the time or be a gym rat, but just someone who doesn't completely neglect their health...You become who you surround yourself with and I don't need someone in my life that closely who doesn't value themselves enough to take care of themselves.
Ethar Salman (2 months ago)
A man who has enough respect for his woman and her needs in life, who listens enough to give her the respect she deserves
Ramata (2 months ago)
Compassion and respect
Parastar Arts (2 months ago)
When Matthew puts his head on Stephen's shoulder, such a cute and adorable brotherly moment 😍
Rosemary Dewar (2 months ago)
These are so good. Noted for the future.
Hawk Ray (2 months ago)
He wants to know your friends & family and wants you to know his friends & family - somewhat equally. He wants to spend time in each other's spaces - somewhat equally. Deciding what to do for date nights is taken into consideration what you both would enjoy doing.
NATALIA G (2 months ago)
This video is excellent. Although, I know these traits and that’s exactly what I look for, I don’t find it. Everytime I asked to a guy to make a point that we are together, that I am his girl when another girl flirts with him, I always got a “What? Wtf. No one was flirting” Or “Why do you have to be jealous”. It always came back to me as if I was the one doing something wrong. I just assume ALL men love women flirting with them even when they are in a committed relationship.
Jen Weatherwax (2 months ago)
I have a first date tonight. He's coming on a bit strong via text, so I'm getting nervous it's going to be a bad date. Can you please do a video about how to gracefully handle a bad date or a date where you decide at the end that you don't want to have a second date?
Christian Vujasić (2 months ago)
And you forgot most important part, that he must be ambitious and a “leader”, only women with low self-esteem will date a guy who they can’t look up too and there is not so much of that kind of women. If you ever dated a women, you would know this, the moment she sees you as an equal or below she will “beat” you to death. It’s not malicious, it’s just how they work, it’s not their fault. They want a leader, not a pus**.
Meike Rieger (2 months ago)
When he doesnt want to put you in a mental hospital or even worse...play a therapist when you become highly emotional over something, for example when your father dies and you cannot stop crying for weeks or months.
Jessica J (3 months ago)
Please include the tips in text on the video, for us visual learners. 😘
Barbara Gause (3 months ago)
Great stuff although I don't agree with one of your brother's statements. Most ppl have a lot going on with work, errands and personal time and have to make adjustments with their time when they start a relationship which might mean much less time with friends and oh yeah most women do want a man who falls obsessively in love with them!
Sam S (3 months ago)
Wow you two that was super super awesome
Lacon (3 months ago)
What the hell!? I have all these traits, but I still get dumped!
inner strength (3 months ago)
a man who proudly tell the people u know and he know that u guys are couple - so you know u can rely on him and people can help on if something went wrong. nb i used to see a man who always threaten whenever i didnt give him the cheap thing and he will be always ok gudbye, and unfortunately i just realised he is the wrong one and only used me all the time. because he just been there to have those cheap. lol. be brave to reject those wrong one woman, because they never really exist for yoy.
Life Tips with Miss Dee (3 months ago)
Oh my goodness, I used to have a girlfriend who would say "I didn't sign up for this" to her man, who was the sweetest man, on the planet, and just lay into him. I ended up leaving that relationship because of the horrid way she treated him. She controls his life and I just couldn't anymore. I hope he finally stood up for himself.
Linda Curtis (3 months ago)
Total absolute honesty always.
Veni Kandiah (3 months ago)
I would add 1 more to the list.... a high value man always acknowledges the goodness he sees in his woman and encourages her to move ahead confidently.... in another word he is her best support and backbone (emotionally)! No matter how successful and strong a woman is.... at the end of the day a simple hug she gets from 'her man' would bring the best out of her!
jpaulglobal (3 months ago)
Dude what's up w/ that hairdo! You gay boys please just stick to the female advice!
JulieBe8780 (3 months ago)
He values your opinions: Its not a case of his way is the only way because its the correct way of doing something. He thinks for himself, rather than living his whole existence through the way his mother says and thinks things should be. (Otherwise it's like having a relationship with his mother and not him...) He does not expect his women to organise everything, he is happy to assist or take some of the responsibility, that includes the driving. He readily stands by and supports an ambitious women. When he does not decide where they should head for the weekend, even though she has suggested multiple options, he does not blame the flopped weekend on her.
Monika Mirek (3 months ago)
He's dedicated and honest. Is not afraid to share his fears, makes a woman feel save enough to to the same, and invites you to his personal development so you can both support each other and become better people
Jamie Papagrigorakis (3 months ago)
Qualities that I look for that I value the most are three. 1. Honest (brutally honest but not to be an as$ but one who hates deceiving people) 2. Hardworking (is not lazy and likes to provide to a home and relationship ) but when I say hardworking I mean one who's not scared to sweat with his job or relationship just puts in the effort in all areas of his life . No one likes a quitter or a lazy person. 3. Confident (I think in men regardless of age, weight, race and etc the recipe for disaster is when they don't believe in themselves or have a complex about their looks - I've come to understand most violence comes from insecurity and that is something I always run from). Very insightful tips , thank u for sharing.
Great! I'd just add a sense of humor :)
Nurah Nantume (3 months ago)
He makes you want to improve your self even without telling you.
cornellcutie1 (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who thought it was super sweet when Matt was resting his head on Steven and looking over at his notes, especially after the intro part where he mentioned they weren't always chummy in their childhood? That's my trait- a man who is so assured of his masculinity he can be intimate with not just his significant other, but other important people in his life as well. <3
Raeesa Camar (3 months ago)
Consistent Communication.... high value man
shyann perry (4 months ago)
Just because he "grabs my hand or 'acts' like he only wants me in front of a girl doesn't mean he's going to act the same without me there" not me but its still a thing. just saying
Jennifer Bibi (4 months ago)
They don't even look related lol
Meh emojie (4 months ago)
Honesty and humor
Grażyna (4 months ago)
You must be talking about aliens...
Mellisa Haynes (4 months ago)
For me he has good core values. Family orientated, God fearing and is respectful as well as respected.
Maria B (4 months ago)
He shows you that he cares, not just tell you some sweet stuff, he supports you in your thought times and even when he's struggling with something in his life at that time, he put that aside for you and help YOU
Sweet Andra (4 months ago)
is so fun looking at your video's. ...and I think is fun for you as well, because many girls really believe, word with word, everything you say. In a relationship is hard to maintain the balance. You have to be adaptive all the time, and not to care about all the things you hear when the pressure is up.
madisoned (4 months ago)
When he said "Twilight fans", I immediately thought he meant "Twilight Zone" :D
LJ Ss (4 months ago)
Wow, good points! This guy I’m seeing has them all checked! Although...it’s only been 2mos. 🤞🏻Hmm. Another trait would be, a man w/genuine interest & is considerate w/ the woman’s interest. Example w/ that guy I just mentioned, day 1 or 2 when I met him, I was skeptical so I thought, I’m gonna be completely honest that eff it if he bounces. He asked what tv series I’ve been watching. Brutally honest, I said, “I’m into KDrama RomComs right now.” His face was priceless! He was subtle, but I saw in his eyes questioning, “What.” In my mind that my eyes & eyebrow answered back, “I dare you judge negatively.” But he just politely vocalized, “How come/ Why?” I explained how I’m off of heavy-hit-the-brains-&-heart series for now & these korean romcom series are so light & funny that they relieve stress. 3rd date we got into the topic again & I suggested for him to try a particular one on Netflix. He fumbled a little w/ his phone telling me he’ll download a couple of episodes to try. I thought he was only being polite saying that. 2 weeks later, we were texting & about 3 of his messages sounded familiar. A “Ting!” sound in my head & I texted, “OMG. You’re joking. You didn’t really try watching it.” Laughing, he said, “I’m already on the 4th episode & I love it!! Hahaha” I melted. I’m talking about a hot & highly positioned business man. And I realized he is a real considerate person, respects my preferences & shows his genuine interest in them. I looked back & reviewed our interactions, & he’d showed those signs even early on.
Karina Avendano (4 months ago)
He can fly like superman
uma janani (4 months ago)
To me Loyalty n bravery r the important traits to a high value man.
Sarah Ogbewey (4 months ago)
Lol. Love Matt Hussey. Found the British slang "my one"
Sean Murray (4 months ago)
can these traits be applied to women ??? could this vid have been called top traits to look for in a high value person/partner?????
Xtremedog83 (4 months ago)
This is the type of man I want to be, and feel And know I am becoming.
Jessica Henry (4 months ago)
You guys nailed it. I’d add Authenticity. But I think you pretty much said that. Nice video!
lachick heartpurple (4 months ago)
What’s your thoughts on this. I told him that buzz driving is drunk driving in my book. I told him that disappointed me. He was quick to own it. Apologize. And I was quick to forgive. And ready to move on. It’s been 2 weeks. No response. Up until this we were falling in love. Dating for nearly 3 months. Please share your thoughts on this.
mondemaribelle (4 months ago)
A man who is not scared to heal his wounds. A man who wants to grow and be aligned mind-body and soul.
LavinaMoon (4 months ago)
I think most of these can apply to both sexes
GnatHP (4 months ago)
Now make one about a high-quality woman! I need to know what I need to work on about myself :)
Crystal Clear of Oneself (4 months ago)
Share his Curiosity in different part of his life.
Nomadic Soul (4 months ago)
Last one was the best one and i can relate to. He always talked abt breaking it when i talked abt building. If the girl is an achiever herself, A high value man doesn't feel insecure of her personality rather takes pride in having her by his side
Edmonia Nash (4 months ago)
He has to be nice to family. Get along with them and same for family.
ComfortMsfit (4 months ago)
These are quite romanticised characteristics. I think.
j Martinez (4 months ago)
Here's the problem, there's not enough high valued men out there. Women deal with pleasers and users 90% of the time and the high valued men often pay the price for their mistakes... high valued men tends to be purpose driven, focused, and in some cases quiet and private. Women have a radar that can detect this type of man. Use it and act upon it, I personally like to see effort from women but most don't show it.
BeatsOnStrike (4 months ago)
all good guys, but that V neck is a no no no
Anamika Parmar (5 months ago)
I like his brother more😛
Lynea Elisabeth (5 months ago)
He never thinks to put you down. Constructive criticism is one thing, but saying something just to demean and hurt someone is malicious. Also: he doesn’t lie, and he demonstrates that he truly shares, in his own life, what happen to be your most cherished values. He shows that he values the kind of person you are on the inside, rather than always giving you compliments about how you look. When making large, particularly important future plans together, he demonstrates commitment to those plans and objectives, rather than put it all on you or always make excuses.
Kristine Willems (5 months ago)
He supports you to make your dream come true.
Abbie Sawyer (5 months ago)
Someone who doesn't respond to loving criticism as though they're being attacked.
Dr Snehal /Dingi Mali (5 months ago)
deanasmusic1 (5 months ago)
He aknowledgemt your relevance in his life at the beginning and end of every day whether he is with you or away.
Alexandra Chavez (5 months ago)
a Man who assumes responsiility of his life, his actions, and its consequences. .
Shri Srinivasan (5 months ago)
Why his V so low....
Capo Gino (5 months ago)
...when he has his own Vision of life.
Claire Sophia (5 months ago)
He is good at communicating and will listen to you when you bring up something you want to talk about without becoming defensive.
Scorpz Corpz (5 months ago)
High Value: He doesn't compete with you in anything, unless it's a game. Supportive of you having time, an having a good day even when he's not having a good day.
Ridhi Chourasia (5 months ago)
He doesn't bring his ego in every fight And is not ashamed of apologizing
Evelyn Saucedo (5 months ago)
Another quality in a high quality man is he would accept he has mental health issues but doesn't do drugs and he takes his medication willingly and takes care of his own emotional well-being without having to cope with marijuana instead of MEDS and therapy and support groups and Art etc. Also a guy who is the secure style attachment instead of the avoidant style attachment. A guy who has compassion for himself and knows when he needs help and accepts it willingly. I wish people with mental health issues had an easier time with dating.Maybe you could talk about that and give us all a few more tips. This video is not recent but I hope you get this comment. Thank you for letting me share my opinions Matt. Happy Sunday from Los Angeles CA 💛✌️ xoxo Take care. Thank you so very much and . Happy Holidays 2018.
Roj0307 (5 months ago)
So i;m guessing all the women who've commented here match those same ideals, virtues, and standards they desire in their partner.
Ma Fa (5 months ago)
Another quality: Your happiness makes him happy and his happiness make you happy. Agree?
Stephanie W. (5 months ago)
I like the points that you were sharing. By going over a few things, I actually got to see/ consider that I have behaved that way in the past within my own relationships with men and it is not a cool way to behave. Although, the person at the time was not conscious enough to articulate that for me.
Chopinfan R (5 months ago)
First of all none of these are traits of high-value man… They are traits of normal man… Nothing special
William Fox (6 months ago)
Women value security above all things. This is the reason women stay in abusive relationships or are opportunistic about money. Do i have a poor view of women? Yes and no. I feel that women should be protected as any good knight in dented armor should but by that same token you cant save some people from themselves. Also there is the whole hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned and i see examples of that all the time as well. I personally dont have to worry too much about it because 1. I dont seem to be on the market regardless, and 2. I like guys.
Krystle Vogler (6 months ago)
I have knuckles like Steve at the moment! Can relate to the skinned knuckles from boxing!

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