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Victoria's Secret - Making of an Angel

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Find out what it takes to be an a Victoria's Secret Angel. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show airs November 30, at 10pm only on CBS.
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Text Comments (2792)
Meljoy Kinilitan (7 hours ago)
they're so beautiful 😍 wish I was 2 inches taller, only 5'7. But still grateful.
VLOGMAS Lyka Vlog (1 day ago)
If im not short ill be with them 😞😇 but im thankful Love you God
Sayantika Mondal (1 day ago)
C'mon people they are stunning. Shove your hate comments up your ass.
Ruby Rain (1 day ago)
wow i guess i’m not beautiful..
CleverCovers (4 days ago)
Just over here eating chips....don't mind me
Annie Murray (4 days ago)
What do you mean out of 6 billion people.... That implies they accept all body types. But they're only choosing from a small proportion of people that all have the same body type. That's a very small proportion out of 6 billion...
Emily Peters (5 days ago)
I dream to be a hydrogeologist
Awais Arshad (6 days ago)
Awais Arshad (6 days ago)
Mario Gibbs (8 days ago)
So with all the negative comments why did yall even watch the video.
Anastasia O! (12 days ago)
1:17 who is it???
g t (12 days ago)
thats the result of many years of study and dedications
Jule Ebenhög (12 days ago)
why do they all look the same? same hair, same body,... diverity is something else
Хочу на показ виктории сикрет
Noa Fox (15 days ago)
Woah I’m a bit late
Dominika Skrzat (16 days ago)
curvy- *gets bullied* skinny- *gets bullied* What do y’all want ffs 🤦🏻‍♀️
Official_Cover_Girl (16 days ago)
I feel ugly
Mara Kathleen (16 days ago)
I could probably doing it if I actually wanted to. I’m tall,thin, and have a rather pleasant face. I actually decided I’d rather be a doctor instead of chasing some goofy dream.
Yasm Turism (17 days ago)
No women angel in the world All is shit 😂
R. J. Barnes (17 days ago)
thanks to Marlyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Monica Belluci, Kim Kardashian, who always remind us real feminine features which do not exist in these too tall and too thin boyish looking women, promoted as if they were the ideal. And why nobody talks about VS products but models only? Because their products are nothing special and this brand is so superficial.
Maria E (18 days ago)
I want to be a VSA. I'm practicing so bad for that
Maria E (18 days ago)
I want to be a VSA. I'm practicing so bad for that
Jamarias Channel (19 days ago)
Wow I’m so fat compared to these girls I’m skinny but I want to be like then they are gorg
Moshi Moshi (19 days ago)
oxXRockXSugarXxo (19 days ago)
“If they don’t have a personality they can’t make it in a show..” Tell that to Kendal Jenner 😒🙄🙄
qwerjhgfdsa (19 days ago)
Damn I’m fat
Kim B (19 days ago)
I really want to be a Victoria secret model
Jade Ramirez Batrez (19 days ago)
1:04 What’s that 😳😂
BumbleCake (20 days ago)
I feel like walking in there with my obese body for kicks and giggles.
Sumayyah (20 days ago)
Why are there so many men on the panel and only 1/ 2 women?
Julio Beredo (20 days ago)
2019, Anyone ??
L Thompson (20 days ago)
Their sooo skinny bruh😮like not even in a bad way their just so y’all and stuff
Stephanie Z (20 days ago)
Erika costell needs to a VS model ❤️ she’s actually perfect for this
Yelamini Keen (20 days ago)
6 billion? U crazy? Don't count children, men, malnourished poor people, old people, Muslims, many Christians and Jews. Now let's calculate Almost 2 billion of them are children, Leaving 4 billion people Out of that 2 billion people are girls 1.5 billion people are Muslims, let's suppose 750m of em are females Leaving 1.250 billion females In the world there are 850 million people suffering from mal nourishment and extreme poverty. All their dream is to have a normal healthy life. Suppose half of them are females. 425 m Leaving 800,000,000 Let's suppose 1/50 of these girls don't wanna be vs models. Leaving 784,000,000 Now world demographic 25-54 years: 41.12% (male 1,522,999,578/female 1,488,011,505) 55-64 years: 8.6% (male 307,262,939/female 322,668,546) 65 years and over: 8.68% (male 283,540,918/female 352,206,092) (2017 est.) Meaning almost half the population is over 25 784,000,000 ÷ 2 =392,000,000. And this is not counting the people who have lost someone very close to em, have cancer or something, are paralyzed and all these people want is to get that person back, be cured and healed. There are approx less than 380,000,000 girls who would wanna be vs models, u perverts. 😑 This old man should think before he talks. 😡
Ruxxx (20 days ago)
i wish i was a vs model but im 5''2' :(
Riya (21 days ago)
I wish I was that beautiful and skinny 😭😭😭😭
Cole Heilman (21 days ago)
I would never want to be an angel for such brand that doesn't support all shapes of beauty
Sophia Dubai (21 days ago)
They are not beautiful,they just want to be recognised.
I eat Jimin's ass (21 days ago)
For me they all look the same .-.
lissa bean (21 days ago)
lissa bean (21 days ago)
& this is why slim girls will always be hotter than thick curvy girls like kylie & kim k where are my natural slim ladies😊 we don’t stan thick ppl, we stan long slim legged models ❤️
head ass (4 days ago)
long noodles ... lmao anorexic bitches? gn
lissa bean (21 days ago)
love them SMALL round booties :) #smallbootiesarebetterthanbigones
Leah Hall (21 days ago)
Ok so now we want women to be skinny as a bone. I thought that guys want girls with big butts and boobs. I swear if u are going to put shitty ass standards on women then keep it to one standard. I already struggle with nody image i dont need two standards at least give me one to get to. Idk does anyone feel the same way????
alexander nikolic (21 days ago)
Nice prostitutes!!
Marnungsang Imsong (22 days ago)
Yvonnie Dagcuta (22 days ago)
The casting director is a Filipino from davao
elise dolleans (22 days ago)
My dream 🤩
Arielle Shoemaker (22 days ago)
Eriko De Ito (22 days ago)
cuanto miden de estatura 175 - 180 cm ?
Diamond Dia (22 days ago)
But these girls look so sick and I don't agree with body types they choosing
Leonarda Bagaric (22 days ago)
Welcome to a nother episode of what's in my recommended in 2019 because this is 8 years old
Souhila Soso (22 days ago)
Stupid girl
Sancharini Kar (22 days ago)
You dumass just want 25 tall and skinny girls.
I've always wanted to be a VS model... But height matters and teeth matters
Durva warik (22 days ago)
omfg they all are sooo beautiful but hey don't hate u r self for that you are yourself and that's what make you unique than others and yes jealousy is the human tendency and i get jealous too about how beautiful they are but everyone has their unique body feature embrace that and don't hate them # peace😊😊
Kristina Malkova (22 days ago)
tááák povrchní...chudáci...se prodávají jako děvky
Kimberly E. Wagner (22 days ago)
B.A.P BABY (22 days ago)
Explain me where the fuck are these girls skinny..most of the models outside VS who work for big fashion brands actually look like fucking air walking on two toothpicks I mean, I am not being insensitive here, I understand that these models are struggling to be as skinnier as possible and honestly that is not inspiring. But regarding VS models, I only see tall, fit and beautiful models.
Kimberly (22 days ago)
I unliked this vid because every woman is beautiful just the way they are
Serenity Ruby (22 days ago)
“Proportions” are off. I really wonder what they mean. HMMM.
Leinette Savaiinaea (22 days ago)
Imagine not having the right proportions
I wanna be a model UK (22 days ago)
I think I actually got a good chance after looking at these women
dj rov (23 days ago)
Бляди все будто на подбор с ними дядька Черномор!!!
문경희 (23 days ago)
I think that show is trash
Najd Adeed (23 days ago)
Am I the only one that is so insecure right now?
annika seeman (23 days ago)
To be honest, I would feel like a sex object, if I was a model. This would be like I'm selling my body just for some pictures and people who wants to see half naked women. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with them but how can they not respect themselves and they bodies
Annie 2018 (23 days ago)
No one's commenting on the first model!... hello HIMYM watchers 🤣
Persia Lace (23 days ago)
I am beginning to hate Victoria’s Secret I buy the bras and panties all the time but your fashion show all about proportion saying if you have a little weight on you you’re not beautiful you’re not sexy but we are the one who’s buying your fucking bra curvy woman there are a lot of other stories that make and sell beautiful bra people need to stop 🛑 Buying Victoria’s Secret send a message why should you buy from someone who discriminates against your body 👎👎
Syaz Rios (23 days ago)
Can't relate
putri meirina (23 days ago)
the girl 2:09 was adriana lima's young😍
Nina Koch (23 days ago)
back when they were actually supermodels and not just reality/insta stars..
Kanchan bairwa (23 days ago)
I want to become supermodel
jamin solayao (23 days ago)
Any small youtubers who wanna help each other? ❤️
Sarah Clark (23 days ago)
This is horrible, women are beautiful no matter what. This is so sad.
The Bear Dog (23 days ago)
Are these the same people who chose Kendall Jenner and the fucking hadid sisters
farnaz Gbd (23 days ago)
The only thing I like about being a VS angel is thode wings. Putting on lingerie and walk around dramatically? Definitely not.
Zagi Milosevic (23 days ago)
Go eat something 😒
Elissa Lombard (23 days ago)
Some of these girls are pretty, but most beautiful women in the world? Um, no.
Ninabobinafeefifofina (24 days ago)
Stefanija Petrovska (24 days ago)
Who wants to be a model but is short as fuck ??
MyPointOfView (24 days ago)
Proportions are off? They're human fgs
Emma Flynn (24 days ago)
I’d love to be an angel but I’m 5”6. Hopefully modeling will become more diverse 💕
Melissa (24 days ago)
1:29 Is kaya scodelario from Skins?
aya. (24 days ago)
Theyre not even healthy lol ew
svrvq covers (24 days ago)
Every single girl is perfect. U don’t have to be a vs angel to be beautiful
Lily Cassandra (24 days ago)
This sucks because I have the face and body type just not the height :/ I’m 14 and 5’4 btw
zahra Darivandi (24 days ago)
Every girl wants to do this? No thanks! I don't like to be respected for my body and my looks. there are much more important things to spend my life on... and I like to eat :))
Gettin BeyWay (24 days ago)
The president doesn’t even need to be there. He does look for what model they need. It looks like he just there to look for his type and who’s next.
TANISHA AHMED (24 days ago)
Not saying this to be rude at all, but I genuinely don’t find skinny pretty, like having a womanly curvy body makes me feel like a women, when I had to get skinny when I was little because that was in then, I felt so ugly because I felt like a skinny tall man. Having thick thighs and a stomach, boobs and butt made me feel more feminine. I get that this company only shows skinny women but I don’t know....I can’t find it attractive. But they are beautiful women on the inside
Ruby Whitfield (24 days ago)
This is so disgusting and de-humanising. Fuck Victoria’s Secret.
princessppink (24 days ago)
I think they are very beautiful but I don’t think they have the “most beautiful” bodies or are the most beautiful to be honest their waist to hip ratio is seemingly 1:1 and they don’t have boobs or butt. Still gorgeous , but I don’t think the most beautiful. there are a lot of beautiful girls out there and not every beautiful girl wants to be a model . There are a lot of doctors , teachers, or even general labourers that are gorgeous and beautiful ... the Victoria secret name makes them a little cocky in my opinion .
Alexis Martin (24 days ago)
"We're looking for the 'right' proportions"
Tina 3 (24 days ago)
They are not even that pretty like i seen so much prettier girls in rl
Duet shade (25 days ago)
Downvoters are fat bitches.
Moon moon (25 days ago)
ѕυиfυииу Xo (25 days ago)
This makes me feel like an orangutan.
I B (25 days ago)
look at that those male's are thirsty ew!
ReRe_19188 (25 days ago)
How silly this is.... Specially calling those models angels...
A_Socialist_Channel (25 days ago)
Making of an angel — 1. Be hot and have a Eurocentric type of beauty which depends on global imperialism to maintain and reinforce subliminal standards of beauty on the global population 2. Sleep with top brass at Victoria’s Secret 3. Starve yourself or be skinny , and of course don’t be trans because it’s not about representation and style it’s just about being hot and white

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